Moving from Florida to New York 101

Moving from Florida to New York is quite a journey, one that you need to prepare for. You will need to know the pros and cons of both states, as well as how different life might be in each of them. Furthermore, you will need to hire a quality moving company for the relocation process. If you want to save some time on hiring the ideal movers, you might want to utilize the services that Best Cross Country Movers offer. We will match you with trustworthy movers in no time whatsoever! But that is just the start. Knowing more about the relocation process, as well as the state you are moving into is of the essence. And that is what this article will be dealing with. We will provide you with all the necessary information for a smooth, enjoyable, move to your new home!

Moving from Florida to New York 101

Relocating is much more than simply moving your belongings from one place to another. You need to get ready for a different lifestyle, especially if you are moving from two such different states. You might want to know as much about them as you can. It will make adapting so much easier. However, you can’t neglect the moving process either. While doing your research, you might want to read up on a long-distance moving guide or two. We will provide you with some critical information in this article, as well, but the more you know the better. But before you start doing that, the first thing that you will want to do is:

Moving from Florida to New York – get to know the states

The states of Florida and New York are quite different from one another. Each state boasts a different lifestyle, as well as weather conditions and the like. It can be really difficult to adapt if you don’t know what you will be getting yourself into. You might also want to pick a perfect city to move to with your family while you are getting to know the states. While you might think you know everything it is to know about Florida, chances are you might not be aware of everything. Before we get to the relocation process, we will take a look at the following:

  • Florida
  • Life in Florida
  • New York
  • Life in New York

By knowing as much about both of the states, you will be much better prepared for what is to come. We will take a look at the statistics of each state and how they might influence your day-to-day life.


The state of Florida attained its statehood in 1845 and slowly worked its way to be the third-most-populous state in the entire country. A huge part of its phenomenal growth is thanks to more than 100 million visitors each year, who come to enjoy the amusement parks, cruise ships, and world-class beaches. Tourism is one of the largest contributing factors to Florida’s GDP, alongside agriculture. Florida produces around two-thirds of the oranges in the entire United States, as well as a large share of winter vegetables.

moving from Florida to New York - NYC skyline
The Sunshine State has plenty to offer.

Statistics and rankings

Florida spans 71,404 square miles, with a population of almost 22 million. It is ranked as the #10 overall state, according to Its capital is Tallahassee and the state sports a GDP of #1,107 billion! It ranks third in education, with many affordable colleges around the state. In fact, when it comes to higher education, Florida is second to none! This means that if you are looking for great, affordable, colleges, you might want to consider staying in Florida. While New York has some great opportunities of its own, it simply is not as good as Florida.

The next highest rankings are Economy and Fiscal stability, both ranked at number 8 out of 50 states. The median income is a bit short of $30,000 but there is no income tax. This means that if you are working in a high-income field, you might get more “bang for your buck” if you are living in Florida. You will be able to afford more conveniences on the same salary, such as storage services, childcare services, etc. Some of the other rankings include #25 in health care, #20 in infrastructure, #33 in overall opportunity, #26 in crime/corrections, and #18 in the natural environment. Florida is a great state to live in, especially for retirees.

Moving from Florida to New York might not be the best decision if you are close to retirement, to be completely honest. But let’s take a look at what the pros and cons of living in Florida are like

Life in Florida – Pros and cons

The sunshine state has always been known for its tropical climate, plentiful beaches, as well as diverse wildlife. But that is not everything the state has to offer, as living in Miami almost feels like living in “The Caribbean” New York. There are “tourist” cities, such as Orlando, and some unique places such as the Florida Keys. Life in Florida comes with some distinct advantages and disadvantages.

thumbs up, thumbs down
Every state has its own pros and cons. Weigh them carefully.

If you are looking to relocate to another state, you will do well to weigh the pros/cons of both states before you hire a mover. Speaking of which, you may also want to know what are the traits of reliable moving companies in Florida so you can come to the best decision. Your movers will be a great asset so choosing the right one is in your best interest. But, for now, let’s take a look at what life in Florida is all about:

Pros of living in Florida

Without further ado, here is why you may want to consider staying in Florida:

  • Lots of sunshine
  • No state income tax
  • Reasonable living costs
  • Great economy
  • Amazing recreational options

Lots of sunshine

Florida is not called “The Sunshine State” for no reason. This state averages around 2,800 sunlight hours each year, almost 8 hours of sun on an average day. It is also the warmest state in the country, with an average daily temperature reaching 71 degrees. There will be no snow to shovel whatsoever and you will be able to enjoy outdoor activities all year-round. You might want to prepare your car for an interstate move and visit some of the places you haven’t previously when moving from Florida to New York. It is a good chance that you will miss the sunshine and all it offers when living in your new state. Therefore, soak in the sun as much as you can before you relocate!

moving from Florida to New York means less sunshine
If you want to spend most of your days on the beach, don’t move from Florida.

No state income tax

Another major benefit of Florida is that there is no state income tax. In fact, the tax benefits on a whole are quite excellent. Florida repealed estate taxes in 2004, and investment taxes on stocks and bonds in 2007, as well as other intangible assets. If taxes are a huge part of your daily life, staying in Florida might be advantageous. Hiring commercial movers to relocate you to New York only to figure out that you are able to afford a lower standard might not be in your best interest, after all. Of course, if you are not working in an extremely high-personal-income field, it might not matter all that much to you. But if you are, there are few states where you will have it as good as in Florida.

Reasonable living costs

Now, saying that Florida’s living costs are low would be a lie. However, given the state’s popularity, the cost of living has not followed suit. Florida ranks in the middle of 50 states when it comes to affordability but is a lot more popular than most. Of course, a big part of your costs is based on where you live. For example, Miami is one of the most expensive cities in the entire country and you can even lower the costs when moving from Florida to New York if you don’t relocate to another large city. Most of the best US cities to start a business in do have steep living costs, after all. But living in the rural North Florida area is much more affordable.

Moving from there to NYC will come as a shock. Everything will be so much more expensive. But on average, Florida’s living costs are, well, average! And since the state is so popular, that is actually a really good thing.

Great economy

Florida boasts one of the strongest economies in the country, together with Texas. If you imagine that Florida was a country of its own, it would be ranked within the top 20 in the entire world! But the best part of it lies in its diversity. Apart from Tourism, of course, there are several notable sectors that do really well such as financial services, aviation, agriculture, and even technology. The unemployment rate is low, well below the national average, which may come as a surprise due to its reliance on tourism. Granted, it took a large hit during the COVID-19 pandemic but it is starting to get back on its feet. In fact, if you are considering hiring residential movers due to the pandemic, you might want to consider enduring a while longer. Florida’s economy is rapidly recovering, with indications of it being stronger than ever!

calculator on a few spreadsheets
Florida’s economy requires fewer calculations.

Amazing recreational options

The residents of Florida really know how to play. With more than 1,200 miles of coastline, you will find world-class beaches to enjoy. On the western shores, there’s the Gulf of Mexico where sunsets are absolutely gorgeous. The range of water sports is unsurpassed in any other state, as well, and you can enjoy yachting, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, canoeing, sailing, etc. If it’s a water sport, you can be sure Florida has amazing opportunities for it! Furthermore, there are plenty of great golf courses as well as tennis courts and breathtaking hiking trails. If you like spending your time outdoors, Florida is one of the best states for it!

But the fact of the matter is that you can enjoy similar activities in New York, as well. Perhaps you will not have as many options but there are some great ones to be had. If you are wondering when should you hire specialty movers for your equipment, the answer is usually sooner than later. If you have an expensive aquarium, for example, contacting those guys is the best thing to do. It will allow you to focus your attention on more important matters.

Cons of living in Florida

But there are some drawbacks to this state, too. And here is why you might want to move away from the sunshine state:

  • Occasional extreme weather
  • Overurbanization
  • High insurance costs
  • High fees and sales tax
  • Dangerous wildlife

Extreme weather

Life in Florida means that you will occasionally be subjected to spots of really bad weather. Heavy rains are somewhat common and thunderstorms can be particularly brutal. Furthermore, high temperatures in the summer combine with rainfall to create serious humidity. Then there are the tornadoes and hurricanes. Florida is 3rd in the country when it comes to these phenomena, and they can occur all year-round. They are not as severe as in some other states, luckily. But the hurricanes can be particularly troublesome.


Since the state is so popular, residents are joined with tourists to create heavy traffic and a higher than average crime rate. The state of Florida consistently ranks high on traffic accidents. However, it all depends on where you live. In rural areas, this is not really a concern but when visiting or living in a large city such as Miami, you will feel the full brunt of it.

High insurance costs

It comes as no surprise that insurance costs in a state that is ridden with hurricanes, lightning strikes, traffic accidents, and the like, are really high. Moving from Florida to New York might be a welcome reprieve from these expenses.

person fanning several $100 bills
A lot of your funds will go to cover insurance costs.

High fees and sales tax

Even though there is no individual income tax, and the corporate tax rates are low, the state tax its residents with some nasty fees and taxes. The combined average state and local sales tax is over 7%, for example. It is not the worst in the U.S., but it is still high. There are numerous small fees that add up quickly, such as renewing your driver’s license, registering your vehicle, even filling your tank!

Dangerous wildlife

Lastly, Florida is home to many nasty bugs, critters, and other wildlife. You need to be beware of snakes and alligators, as well as deal with mosquitoes, bees, ants, and wasps on a daily basis. There are around 1 million alligators in Florida, for example, but they are not particularly aggressive. Even so, there are people suffering from alligator attacks every year, despite the low odds.

New York

New York was originally a Dutch settlement alongside the Hudson River. It was founded in 1624, on the island of Manhattan and was given the name “New Amsterdam”. In 1664, the British took control and renamed it New York. The state joined the USA in 1788, and NYC became its first capital, with George Washington as its president. The state offers vast wilderness regions, such as the Adirondack Mountains, and its economy is strongly rooted in tourism. Other notable sectors are financial services, health care, retail trade, professional services, manufacturing, and education. Wall Street is in NYC, which is a financial world of its own.

moving from Florida to New York - New York City
Life in a big city might be quite different than what you’re used to.

Statistics and rankings

The state of New York might not have an overall ranking like Florida does, but it has its own share of benefits. According to, New York’s overall ranking is 21 out of 50. New York ranks highest in health care and natural environment, being the 7th highest-ranked and 5th highest-ranked state in these two categories. However, the opportunity and economy sectors are somewhat lacking, ranking at #46 and #43 respectively. But the median income is around $40,000, quite a bit more than in Florida. The state also ranks highly in the crime/corrections department, snagging 11th place.

Education ranks 16th, and fiscal stability 20th. However, the state is so much more than simply a set of numbers. By moving from Florida to New York, you will be able to enjoy many other benefits that the state has to offer. There are drawbacks as well, of course. Let’s take a look at both.

Pros of living in New York

Here is why you may find moving from Florida to New York particularly attractive:

  • Entertainment, culture, and art
  • Crime rate
  • Four distinct seasons

Entertainment, culture, and art

New York is one of the best states in the country to enjoy live entertainment, as well as its culture and art scenes. In the NYC area of New York, you can find more opportunities to enjoy theater, music, art, and dance shows than in most of the other states in their entirety. The main reason for this is that NYC has a rich history of immigrants using this particular state as their “ticket” to the U.S., bringing the best of their culture alongside them.

Living in this state means that you always have something new to experience, from large-scale shows to street performers. You might want to add some free time to your complete moving day checklist, as you will definitely want to stroll around and experience some of these things. Just make sure that you put a time limit on it, as you may find yourself entranced with all the splendors that the state has to offer!

Crime rate

Overall, the state of New York has a lower crime rate than most other states in the country, according to the FBI. This might come as a shock to everyone that is not keeping with the times, as NYC was not really known for the low crime rate in the past. However, the property crime in NYC is far lower than the national average, but the violent crime is slightly higher. The most heinous crimes are significantly lower, as well. The state, as a whole, boasts some of the safest cities in the entire country. Of course, there are some cities with high crime rates, so you need to choose your new residence carefully. But the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of safe places to live in, and this might be one of the most important factors when deciding whether you want to relocate or not.

two people in an interrogation room
New York has some of the lowest crime rates in the country.

Four distinct seasons

Now, it might be somewhat controversial that the weather found its way to both pros and cons. This is due to the simple fact that you can experience all four seasons in the state of New York. Living in Florida, you are most likely used to hot and humid Halloween, for example. To put it frankly, it is just not it. Wearing shorts outside on Christmas is also not that iconic and robs you of that quintessential “Christmas feeling”. Another interesting fact about the state is that it has more ski areas than in any other state! If you like to spend your time skiing, then the weather might just work in your favor!

Moving from Florida to New York – Cons of living in New York

Here are the three main drawbacks of living in New York:

  • Bad weather
  • High taxes
  • High cost of living

Bad weather

Even though there are those four seasons we talked about, the fact of the matter is that the state does not have that many sunny days. The humidity can also be outside comfortable levels but if you are arriving from Florida, you may not even notice it. Ideally, you will spend most of your winters elsewhere, especially as you get older. But on the other side, the cold weather does provide snow for all those amazing ski areas.

High taxes

According to the Tax Foundation, New York is one of the states that collects the most tax from its residents. In a few years, it was actually ranked #1 in this regard. However, the tax rates themselves are progressive which means that your actual circumstances might not be as bad as you might think. In any case, you would do well to carefully examine the differences before you move from Florida to NY.

High cost of living

Lastly, the cost of goods, services, housing, utilities, groceries, and transportation are all overall higher in New York than in most other states. However, the healthcare costs are slightly lower to compensate. Again, it depends on where you choose to live. But if you plan on moving to NYC, you need to realize that it is one of the most expensive cities to live in in the entire world!

Moving from Florida to New York – The relocation process

  • Choose a moving date before moving from Florida to New York
  • Start looking for the moving company
  • Think about your well-being during the move
  • Start collecting packing materials
  • Start packing

Choose a moving date before moving from Florida to New York

Before you even begin planning your relocation, you must be absolutely certain that you are moving to New York. Once that is decided, you should think about the date of the move. There are several reasons that are good or bad for relocation. The best time you can choose for your relocation is late spring or early autumn. Definitely not during the holidays or summer vacation. Because that is also the season when a lot of people will also be thinking about moving from Florida to New York! Off-season period is much easier because you will have enough time to cooperate with your movers and plan your relocation well.

Long distance relocation requires some significant moving budget. Because there are a lot of things you need to think about, you can end up losing a lot more than you wanted! There are ways you can make moving from Florida on a budget much easier! Just make sure you learn more about them!

Start looking for the moving company

The main tip you can get in this chapter is to start looking ahead of time! Meaning, if you start searching for the movers couple of months before moving from Florida to New York, you will have higher chances of hiring good movers! And also, because you leave them with enough room to organize other relocations, they will be able to negotiate a better price with you! There are several factors that can help you choose the right moving company such as:

  • Positive reviews from former customers will show you just how much reliable they are! This can make moving from Florida to New York a lot easier!
  • Good customer support means that they are very invested in their business!
  • Recommendations from friends! If they are satisfied with them, you will have no issues also!
  • They are experienced and have a long history of working in the field!
People shaking hands
Get only experienced workers for your relocation

These are the traits that make reliable movers, well, reliable! The professional long distance moving companies Florida you can find for your relocation is just the thing you will need!

Think about your well-being during the move

In the upcoming weeks before the move, you will have more and more tasks to complete! Sometimes this can be really stressful for some people! Which is why it is a good idea to rest for a while and take some time for yourself! That way you won’t get stressed finishing some tasks you have to do. For instance, you can make some good food for yourself that can help you regain some energy and leave you healthy during this period!

a healthy salad
Make a meal for yourself from time to time

Start collecting packing materials

The next thing on you moving from Florida to New York to-do list is to find proper packing materialsRemember, the safety of your items depends on how good the packing materials are! Luckily for you, you chose to do this task weeks before your move so you have enough time to search for packing materials. Some of the supplies you already have in your home such as:

  • Old newspapers
  • Blankets
  • Ropes
  • Duct tapes
  • Labels
  • Markers
markers and sticky notes
Use markers and sticky notes to label your moving boxes

These are just some of the basic items you will use in your packing process. During this time, you should think about making a good moving checklist! It is a simple tool that will help you a lot when it comes to moving from Florida to New York this year!

Moving from Florida to New York – Start packing

Now that you have all the materials you need, hired movers, it is time to start packing for your relocation. But the very first thing you can do before moving to New York is to try and declutter your home! This will have a lot of benefits for you! Because you will have fewer items to transport, the cost of relocation will be lower as well! Also, you can either donate your items or organize a yard sale! There, you can sell them and get some extra cash you will need for your relocation and other services!

The first thing you should do is to pack off-season items before moving. Because they are not the items you are using often, it will be easier to pack them first, so you can have more room in your home! It is very important to remain calm and not panic when preparing for the move! Because that is the main reason why people make mistakes when they are moving! Just make sure to be patient and everything will go smoothly.

Packing services for maximum convenience

Alternatively, you can always hire movers to do your packing for you. If you want to have more time to explore your new state, hiring packing services is just about the best thing to do. By doing so, you will have more time and energy to indulge in various shows that New York is so famous for.

There are a lot of things people overlook when they have to plan their relocation. And skipping over these tasks while you are preparing to be moving from Florida to New York is just one of them. Meanwhile, if you read this article carefully you will have a clear idea of how to plan your move. Also, there will be little or no stress involved since you already finished all the tasks you will need for your relocation! All you have to do is wait for the movers to arrive and leave for your new home. We hope we helped you with your moving preparation! And if you wish to add something, feel free to leave us a comment!

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