How to pack winter clothes for moving 

Do you know what it is like when you have to pack for a winter holiday? Your luggage is enormous, but it feels like you only brought two sweaters. Now, imagine that you need to pack your entire winter clothes for moving. You need to learn the best space-saving way to do so. It will be useful to know as many hacks as you can to pack efficiently and successfully.

Roll instead of folding when you pack winter clothes for moving

First rule or hack, whatever you like to call it, is to roll your clothes, don’t fold them. This sounds simple, maybe simple enough to skip it. But try this method of packing. You will see, you will pack like this whenever you are traveling somewhere. If you hire a long distance moving companies Tampa to pack your belongings, they will pack clothes in boxes. Instead, do it yourself. Leave them to pack furniture and other items.

By rolling your clothes, you will save much more space. You can take one box and test this method before packing day. Use a smaller box just to see how much you can fit inside with rolling and then try to fold the same clothes. A smaller box is more convenient because you won’t have to spend too much time on test packing. You will be able to fill it faster than the large one. 

Rolled red fabrics and piled up
If you haven’t tried already, then roll all your clothes and pack like that – it saves space

One additional benefit of rolling clothes is that it stays unwrinkled. So when you think about it, you will also save time on ironing clothes once you unpack everything. 

Use vacuum bags for bulky clothing

Vacuum bags are another excellent space saver. You can place bulky clothes inside, for example, ski suits or winter parkas. When you pack your suits or jackets in a box, you won’t be able to cramp much more clothes besides them. They use too much room. Vacuum bags are large before you suck out the air from it. Ski suits and jackets will be well preserved packed like this. Just be careful how you pack them in the bag and try to use every corner of the vacuum bag. Use a home vacuum to pull out the air and it will flatten the bag so much, almost triple from the beginning size. These bags are a perfect solution to pack winter clothes for moving because they will be nice and fluffy again when you take them out of the vacuum bags.

Pack winter clothes for moving using vacuum bags
Vacuum bags are particularly good to pack winter clothes for moving.

Remember to wash your clothes before you pack them. They will be clean and fresh and ready to use.

Wash your clothes before you pack them

As a matter of fact, you should clean and wash everything before packing. Wipe out and treat wooden furniture, clean your sofa and bed and wash your clothes. Of course, it isn’t necessary to wash your entire wardrobe. Just wash the clothes you will be wearing soon. If you are moving to a colder climate, make sure that you prepare clothes for the winter season.

Especially if you are moving from the Sunshine State, like long distance moving Sarasota. Ask your movers to load the last clothes you want to wear when you arrive. Everything they load to a moving truck, in the end, they will unload first once you arrive.

Use garbage bags for packing purposes

Plastic garbage bags are great for packing long coats or dresses. You can easily slide them onto your dress or coat so you can pack hanging clothes. When your clothes are on a hanger place the bag on them, so you start from the downside right up to the top. Then use a little tape or rubber band and tied the bag around the hanger. This way you can simply strip the garbage bag of the hanger when you unpack. 

Various Dresses on hangers
Save time by packing clothes that are still on hangers, using garbage bags.

Another efficient way to pack winter clothes for moving is in bulk. Again use large garbage bags and stack a couple of hangers on top of each other. Then do the same thing as you did with coats. Pack them together in one large bag, from the bottom to the top. Secure the hangers together with string or tape them together. This way they won’t disassembly during transport. You must always find more ways to simplify moving in winter.

Use multi-purpose rubber bands

If you decide to roll up your winter clothes, use rubber bands for a little more extra space. Rubber bands seem to be quite useful for packing, right? Use them to secure rolled clothes. Especially large and fluffy sweaters. They take up so much space just because they are fluffy. When you roll them to tie them with rubber bands. You will manage to pack a little more in a box, using rubber bands. They will squeeze your clothes a little bit and allow you to use every square inch of free space.

When you pack winter clothes for moving use them for filling the empty space

Nobody says that you have to pack everything in one place. Sure, it is easier to unpack if all your winter clothes are packed together. But, if you are struggling with space, this will help you pack more efficiently. Use clothes to fill the empty space in other boxes. Just make sure that you don’t use delicate clothes for this purpose. Also, avoid packing your clothes together with jewelry or makeup. Moving long-distance means a lot of handling and transport, so they could damage each other if they are packed in the same box.

If you have some other smart solutions for packing when you travel, use it to pack winter clothes for moving. The main point is to pack them to save space. Sweaters and other winter wear aren’t usually heavy, they just use too much space because they are bulky.

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