The unplanned office moving expenses

The stressful and complicated process of moving an office can be even more overwhelming if unplanned office moving expenses suddenly pop up. No matter how well you have planned office relocation, there is always something you haven’t included. But it is alright, there is a way to move your office successfully, without breaking the bank.

Plan your budget and then plan to spend more

The simplest way to overcome any potential bumps, like spending too much money where you don’t have to, is to set a budget. This is applicable for both residential and commercial relocation. 

Decide in advance what you need to repair, replace or buy for your new office. A new office has a different layout, it is bigger or even smaller space and therefore you need to plan and prepare for a new setting. Use the time before relocation to check your IT equipment, chairs, desks and everything else. Plan all the things you want to replace or buy, and set a budget. When you hire a long distance movers San Antonio, you can have them organize your office relocation tailored to your needs. This is a good way to have experienced professional help especially if you are moving for the first time.

Once you set a budget, you can set a budget for additional expenses. This is part of your budget relocation, just in case, you don’t have to necessarily spend it. 

Inventory is a very important step in office relocation.

Make a detailed inventory

Office supplies and materials are something you are going to buy anyways, at some point. But in order to spend as little as you can, try to stay on top of this situation. To do so, you need to make an inventory so you avoid any loss of office supplies. With larger companies and many employees, there is often a chance for items to be stolen or misplaced. Let one of your employees to do this inventory and be responsible for it. This may seem like a small part of your expenses, but in the end, everything adds up. 

Common unplanned office moving expenses

Office supplies are just the beginning of the list of unplanned office moving expenses. Although it is a small part, every dollar counts. When you have a couple more expenses it adds up. 

Various office supplies in vivid colors
The unplanned office moving expenses only start with a small thing like office supplies.

Good planning and moving organization should allow you to avoid any larger additional expense. Surely, you will try to calculate the cost of moving the office.

There are some unplanned office expenses that you can consider before you relocate:

  • Utilities in a new office space
  • Changing the address and updating online information
  • Loss of productivity
  • Storage cost

Renting an office space well in advance

When you are renting an office space well in advance, you will also have to cover utilities and other services, besides your rent. Electricity, internet, security and similar things. Plan your move around these expenses and try to move your office with the smallest time gap possible. Also, you need to choose the right office space for your future needs. Check if you need to pay any other property taxes in a new office and include it in your moving budget.  You can’t avoid some of these expenses, but you can expect them and prepare your budget accordingly. 

Informing everybody about office relocation

Usually, we only think about changing the address on important documents and business cards. There is much more work than that. If you have a business based on online sales as well, you will have a lot of work with updating your online information. If you don’t have somebody who already works for you to do this for you then you need to hire. This is yet another unplanned office moving expenses, potentially a big one. That depends on your business and your online appearance.

Staff meeting at office table talking about unplanned office moving expenses
Keep your staff up to date by organizing frequent meetings

If one of your employees will change your online information, you have to count you will lose on his daily job. Since they will spend working hours on other tasks, they won’t be able to finish their own job.

Loss of productivity is one of the most common unplanned office moving expenses

When your employees are consumed with the relocation and its organization, they will probably fall behind their work. Loss of productivity is very common for commercial relocation. If you include a moving company and have them organize and move your office, your employees will be able to be more or at least as productive as they were. This is mostly the case with smaller offices. They rely more on their employees to handle and organize a move. They will certainly spend more than a few weeks in planning and therefore they won’t be able to concentrate on their work as much as you would like them to. 

Hiring professional help will be good for business in more ways than one. First, your employees will continue to work without losing time on relocation planning. They can focus on your clients and customers and be more productive. 

Second, you will have an experienced and trained long distance movers Dallas organizing your relocation. Yes, you will have to spend more in the beginning but you could save a lot in the long run. Movers’ experience will help you avoid any unplanned office moving expenses. Especially when moving long-distance for the first time. You simply don’t know what to expect from this process, so it can make your relocation more difficult without professional help.

Don’t forget about storage costs

Long-distance office relocation sometimes lasts days or weeks. It depends on how you have planned your move. In case you aren’t moving your entire office at the same time and you have to leave old office space, you might need a storage unit. It is perfect to store everything you will need.

shelves in file storage
Use the storage unit for documents and files that you have to keep for a while

It is cheaper than one more month of renting an office. Just don’t forget to include the cost of a storage unit in your budget.

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