Help me find the best cross country movers!

Help me find the best cross country movers!

Moving across the country for college tips

So, you have decided to leave your home and to make a new fresh start in another city with a better education? Columbia, SC is a city you should consider. Moving to Columbia, SC brings you a lot of great opportunities for better education. Moving across the country for college isn’t an easy task like you might think. If your friends are going in the same state and city for school, packing up alone for the long distance move can be even more difficult. Preparing for the cross-country move is preparing for the unknown and adventure of life. Leaving home is a fresh start but it is also a complicated task that requires serious planning and preparation. You have endless possibilities if you know how to use them properly. We bring you tips for moving across the country for college and surviving your first semester away from home. Continue reading “Moving across the country for college tips”

Tips for a smooth delivery day

Having a smooth delivery day is surely a dream of every person who is planning to move. Even though you have prepared all you will need, you want to make sure that the day when your stuff is traveling is successful and calm. You may be surprised, but preparing for that day starts long before moving. As a matter of fact, a good preparation for it is a very important requirement in order to provide a smooth delivery day. Continue reading “Tips for a smooth delivery day”

Why move with portable storage containers?

When it comes to moving, there are so many things you need to take into account. One of the biggest parts of the whole moving process is packing your things and figuring out how you will transport them. Let’s assume, for an example, that you are moving to Florida with a family. This means you will need to pack a couple of bedrooms, your living room, kitchen, dining room, as well as anything else you have in your home. Where will you store these things? How will you pack them? One of the options to go for is moving with portable storage containers. In this article, we talk about the advantages of using them during your long distance move. Continue reading “Why move with portable storage containers?”

Moving across the country with kids

Moving across the country isn’t easy, especially when you have children. This complicated process requires a good moving plan and a lot of preparation. Do you remember the time when you could pack a bag and take a road trip? Well, it is not possible when you have children. Having kids is wonderful and lovely, but moving across the country with kids is the most complicated task you have to accomplish. If you want to avoid catastrophe, you should take your move to Florida with family seriously. So, follow our tips to make it successful and comfortable for the entire family. Remember to stay focused and organized during every step of the way. Continue reading “Moving across the country with kids”

Benefits of moving during the summer holiday

If you’re moving during the summer, then you’ve probably thought already about the sweltering heat. Of course, there are other unpleasant things that come into play, for example, the mosquitos. However, moving during the summer is not all that bad, no matter what the naysayers say. Benefits of moving during the summer holiday are many and varied, so let’s review some of them. Continue reading “Benefits of moving during the summer holiday”

How long does it take to move cross country?

If you ever had to pack your belongings and move across the country, you know how much work that is. Even if you had to do it across the town, it might have included a lot of planning and a lot of work. Simply, there are just so many things you need to do. You need to deal with all the paperwork, you need to think about packing, and you need to find the best cross country movers Florida to take you to your destination. So, the question a lot of people ask is how long the process will take them for all the planning that you need. In this article, we discuss how much time you need to move cross country, as well as the things you should always keep in mind during the process. Continue reading “How long does it take to move cross country?”

How to stretch your moving budget

If there is one thing about moving that is universally known is that relocating is expensive. Even if you do everything right, and find the best and most affordable movers in your area, you will still have to make some cuts here and there to make ends meet. However, not everything is lost, since there is something that can help. Learning how to stretch your moving budget can be precisely what you need to get you through this challenging period. So, if you are facing relocation in the foreseeable future, you are in the right place!  Continue reading “How to stretch your moving budget”

How to choose your moving date?

The moving day is a very important day in your life and it should be the carefully chosen. That’s why it is so important to know what should influence your decision when you are choosing a moving date. The moving date should not be picked randomly, there are many logical explanations why should be chosen carefully. We bring you a few factors you should take into consideration before choosing the final date. Continue reading “How to choose your moving date?”

How to do a long-distance house hunt

To an average person, a long-distance house hunt may look like an impossibility. I mean, just look at all the time and effort! Well, turns out, this isn’t completely false, but it’s not completely true either. With the help of the internet, and a good agent, you can do a long-distance house hung without many problems. Without further ado, here’s how to do a long-distance house hunt from the armchair in your home. Continue reading “How to do a long-distance house hunt”

How to prepare your car for a cross country move

You’re going to take your car for a long distance ride and you know it. That’s why you want to minimize the risk of mechanical failure. Of course, there are several steps that you should cover in order to do this to its full extent. Here’s how to prepare your car for a cross country move, and how to do it reasonably well. Your Sarasota long distance movers are here to help you put your car in order for long distance move ahead:

Prepare your car for a cross country move by checking the engine first

An internal combustion engine is one of the most complex, sophisticated items that you will own. It consists of thousands of parts, some of them moving. Naturally, it’s also very prone to breaking down, of course, this depends on the engine type, mileage, maintenance, and other stuff. Normally, to prepare your car for a cross country move, you want the engine to be in good shape. Nothing good will come out of an engine breakdown halfway during the trip. Some of the things that you should check which relate to the engine are:

To fully prepare your car for a cross country move, the engine - such as the v8 on this Ford Mustang, must be in perfect order.
To prepare your car for a cross country move, you have to take care of the engine first.

Don’t forget to check the timing belt

Or a timing chain, whatever is it that you have. Usually, timing belts are replaced every 37-50 thousand miles or five years, whichever of the two comes first. If you see signs of fraying on your timing belt, replace it. If the timing belt snaps, you will probably have to buy a whole new engine, due to a new engine head, carburetor, pistons, and cylinders. Of course, if you have a chain, make sure it’s undergone maintenance because it is not indestructible as many people believe. In case of breakdown, repairs will take a lot of time and money.

You have to make sure that no harm comes to the sensitive components, such as this engine head with a turbocharger.
A car engine has numerous components, and it’s vital to take care of them.

Another important checkpoint is the situation with the oil

Engine oil is extremely important. It reduces friction between the moving part of the engine. If you haven’t replaced the oil in a long time, do it. Also, make sure you replace the pollen filter, the air filter, and the fuel filter (the last one applies to diesel engines only). The best part about this is that you can do it yourself hassle free. Sure, it takes some time and effort, but it’s not so much of a big deal. To replace the oil, do the following:

  • Run the car in idle mode for about 10 minutes – this gives oil the time to heat up and reduces viscosity;
  • Remove the lid on the lower side of the oil container and let all the old oil spill out;
  • Insert new oil on the top of the engine;
  • Run the car again for 5 minutes, and check the oil levels. If below maximum, add more oil.

You’ll need some spark plugs and a water pump

The maintenance of an engine is best left to a professional, but it doesn’t hurt to know the basics. If anything else, you’ll know what exactly to buy. This especially rings true when it comes to stuff such as spark plugs and a water pump. They’re part of regular maintenance but are extremely important. For example, if the water pump doesn’t work properly, the engine might overhead and suffer a breakdown. Damaged spark plugs will, at best, make the engine lose a lot of horsepowers, and give it a breakdown at worst. You have to check all the components of an engine before embarking on any long trip.

Changing the oil on a regular basis is extremely important when you prepare your car for a cross country move.
Don’ forget to change the oil from time to time.

Doesn’t hurt to check the fuel injection systems too

This mostly applies to diesel engines. If you’re on petrol, you should be fine. Diesel engine commonly has two primary methods of injecting fuel into the pistons. These are the fuel pump (the Pumpe Duse, or PD for short) and common rail. Broadly speaking, PD offers better fuel economy and runs more smoothly, while CR engines are more durable. If you have a PD car, check the fuel pump before embarking on such a long trip. In CR engines, it’s regulated via the electronic control unit. While PD has it’s advantages, there’s an awful lot that could go wrong.

Prepare your car for a cross country move by checking the suspension

You’re in for the long haul, and you know it. That’s why to prepare your car for a cross country move, you need to check the suspension on your car. The suspension is there to absorb the shock that the road will certainly deliver. Some cars, of course, have much stronger suspension than others. A GMC truck or a van will have stronger shocks than, say, a small city car. But whichever of these you’re using, you would do well to check the all four shocks, as well as the discs for any signs of wearing. This is because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, examine the other components as well

For example, the transmission. For example, if your car has a double mass flywheel, replacing it would be good. However, it’s a very expensive part, so a temporary remount will have to do if you’re looking to cut costs. Of course, if you can afford a full replacement, then why not. Another thing that you should take a look at is the electronics.

The timing belt, such as this sideways black timing belt on a chrome gray engine is extremely important during long distance trip.
The timing belt is one of the things you absolutely must check in order to prepare your car for a cross country move.

This especially applies if you have a newer car, with a lot of electronic components. However, the main point is that in order to prepare your car for a cross country move, you have to take care of all the vital aspects – some rust on the roof, while hardly pleasant to look at, will not make a difference during the moving. If you think there’s a way to circumvent all this hassle, well, there is: just hire the best cross country movers out there, and you won’t have to give the mechanic an early visit!