Allstate Moving and Storage Review

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Nationwide Moving and Storage Coordinator

Allstate Moving and Storage is a licensed and certified moving brokerage business that coordinates local and long distance moving projects across the US.

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SPECIALTY – Long Distance Moves

Allstate Moving and Storage is seemingly a logical choice for customers looking for stress-free long distance moving services. This is a company that has marked a lot of success among nationwide moving companies, given that most of the moves they take on are intrastate or interstate in nature. And the diversity of their offers is all the stronger with the fact that they handle both household and office moves.

Allstate Moving and Storage provides site visitors with a rough estimate of their moving needs through a one-step moving quote form on their website. The form covers basic contact information (Name, Email, Phone) and move-related data (Current Address, Moving Date, Home Size, New Address) with an input field for any particular details that users can point out.

Once filled out, the form is processed and users can expect to receive an estimate via email. Because you’ll be using a moving brokerage company, you’ll pay your overall cost to Allstate Moving and Storage, which will be split into three payments: initial deposit, pickup day payment, delivery day payment.

Other services Allstate Moving and Storage offers

Whether you are in the market for a specific type of move or a move with a short deadline, this is a company that has the resources to meet those needs. With its network of professionally vetted and licensed carriers, Allstate Moving and Storage matches customers with nationwide moving service providers. Other services that they offer include:

  • Local Moving
    Although this is a company that specializes in long-distance/interstate moving jobs, it doesn’t fall short of accepting to take on local moves as well. Allstate Moving and Storage has the means to make any short-distance move a stress-free experience with their network of licensed carriers.
  • Residential Moving
    Most of the moves that Allstate Moving and Storage handles are residential relocation projects. They have the industry connections and experiences to follow through with a household relocation from start to end. Whether you are moving a house or apartment down the street or across the nation, this is one of the companies that can match you with the right moving company.
  • Commercial Moving
    Allstate Moving And Storage will help you find a convenient storage solution that suits your needs in the best way. If you need a climate-controlled storage unit with maximum security, their staff can find it for you. The company also offers affordable options for customers in need of bigger storage spaces and warehouses for our business clients.
  • Packing & Unpacking
    For an additional fee, Allstate Moving and Storage offers quality packing materials and techniques that can make a real difference during transport. This moving brokerage business upholds high industry standards when it comes to packing methods and materials.
  • Storage Solutions
    If you decide to move within state lines, Allstate Moving and Storage offers 30 days of storage space for free. If you are planning a cross-country move, the number of free storage use days goes from 30 to 60 days.
  • Military Moving
    The range of all these moving and storage services extends to mainland US states and offers discounts to military personnel and their families.

The story behind Allstate Moving and Storage

Allstate Moving and Storage appears to be gaining favor with customers swiftly given its status as a newly established moving brokerage company. As a family-owned and operated South Florida business, the company has already managed to make a strong case for its brand among moving and storage service providers.

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So far, Allstate Moving and Storage is demonstrating a strong performance in terms of coordinating full service moves, no matter the distance or size. Although not a motor carrier itself, this is a company that is bonded and insured as a moving broker and logistics coordinator that works with an entire network of moving companies.

Advantages & Disadvantages:


  • Local and Long Distance Moving Solutions
  • Climate-controlled Storage Options
  • Household & Office Moving Services
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Flexible and Competitive Rates
  • Network of Licensed Carriers



  • Use of Third-Party Moving Crews.
  • International Moving Jobs Not Included.
  • Packing and Storage Cost Extra.


General Opinion – Allstate Moving and Storage shows promise

Allstate Moving and Storage offers the perfect balance as a mediator between customers and moving companies. Still new to the game, it does have a staff of experienced moving consultants to maintain a high standard of service with accuracy and professional understanding. Every step of the moving process follows moving industry guidelines to ensure a stress-free process for each customer. The services the company provides cover all types and sizes of moves across the US, with the addition of packing and storage solutions. Once you come to terms that you are in fact dealing with a licensed moving brokerage company, Allstate Moving and Storage is a promising choice with lots to offer.

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