Packing your entire home or office and relocating to a different city or state is never an easy task. Therefore you need the expertise of the best cross country movers Missouri to help you with the move. You need a team of experts that know how to deliver a high-quality moving, packing, and storage service in record time. Best Cross Country Movers will make sure you find both reliable and affordable cross country movers. We are here to make your moving process stress free and positive experience.

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Cross country relocation has plenty of challenges. Not only do you have to plan your future life in your new town, but also arrange for the transport of your work, school, and everything else for that matter. As if that task alone is not enough, you will have to take care of packing, loading, and moving your belongings. As you can imagine, this is not a task you can take care of in a day or two. It is a process of a couple of months, should you tackle it on your own. And let’s not forget that you need to fit all of these obligations into your already set daily routine.

It goes without saying that entrusting one of the best cross country movers Missouri with handling your move is one of the best things you can do to save both time and nerves. True professionals in the field will know just how to address every part of your relocation, leaving you nothing to worry about. Yours will be only to state your needs, and they would make sure you enjoy the process from start to finish. However, how does one find such a team?

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We will find you the professionals who can take care of your move from start to finish.

This is where Best Cross Country Movers come into the picture. Our name says it all. We will go through the trouble of finding the perfect interstate movers Missouri prides itself in. We will spare you the hassle of finding best cross country moving companies Missouri has to offer, checking their credentials, and comparing their estimates. With us by your side, you will truly get to enjoy this big step in your life, and focus on things that really matter.

Best cross country movers Missouri can take care of your whole relocation

The moving professionals we find will be able to adjust their service to your needs. Here is what you can look forward to:

  • Interstate movers Missouri offer you full or partial residential moving. They will make sure to safely transfer your household.
  • They provide commercial moving with maximum efficiency and minimum business interruption.
  • You can count on professional packing services. Hence, you will not have to think about how to label moving boxes properly or which packing supplies you should get. They will be there to do that for you.
  • Whether you need a place to store your belongings between the moves or just de-cluttering your home, storage will make your life easier. Therefore, cross country movers are here to provide you with premium storage services.

Remember, the more information you provide us with, the easier it will be to find one of the best cross country movers Missouri has, ones that will be perfectly fitting to your situation. We believe in honesty, and invite you to share your ideas and give us your input.

Welcome to Missouri

Missouri residents have the opportunity to experience each distinct season. You can enjoy mild autumns, rainy springs, hot summers, and cold winters. In the state’s northern counties you can also expect snow between December and February. But most noteworthy, this state is a great place for those who love sunshine. Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis, and Columbia are some of the sunniest cities in the U.S.

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Interestingly, some of the best places to live in the U.S. are in Missouri. Columbia and St. Louis are some of the most attractive cities thanks to their incredible amenities, high-ranking healthcare system, and affordability. Missouri’s major industries are health care, advanced manufacturing, social assistance, retail, financial and professional services, agriculture, and bioscience. Top employers in this state include Washington University, Mercy Hospital Medical Centers, and Boeing. The unemployment rate in Missouri is very low, lower than the national average. Most importantly, you can live comfortably in Missouri. The state’s median home price is less expensive than the U.S. average. Consequently, Missouri is one of the 15 cheapest states in America, according to experts. Furthermore, transportation and grocery costs are also slightly below the national average.


Missouri is the home of the University of Missouri, also called “Mizzou”. This is the state’s largest and most comprehensive university and offers more than 300-degree programs. Additionally, it is one of only six public universities nationwide that has a medical school, veterinary medicine college, and a law school on the same campus. Also, Missouri has amazing public schools. Two high schools in St. Louis received gold medals from U.S. News & World Report. Overall, the state’s high school graduation rate is significantly higher than the national average.

Major pros and cons

Every state has its fair share of pros and cons. Before you relocate to Missouri, you might want to know about the most influential ones.

Pro#1 – Low housing costs

The first thing that you will notice is that the price of homes in Missouri is a lot lower than in the rest of the country. In fact, housing prices are 30% lower than the national average, making this state one of the cheapest places in the U.S. You can rent single-family home for no more than $1000 a month, as well. If you are not yet committed to ownership, this might be the best idea for the short term. The living costs are also quite low, and you will be spending less of your salary on utilities, healthcare, as well as transportation and groceries.

Pro#2 – Thriving job market

The state of Missouri has an exceedingly low unemployment rate, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As far as unemployment is concerned, this state consistently ranks in the lower quarter of all 50 states. There are several large, well-known, employers, such as Washington University, Walmart, BJC Healthcare, and Mercy Health System. An occupation in health care is particularly lucrative, as you can see.

The state’s business climate is quite strong, as well. Even during the recent pandemic, Missouri’s businesses are still going strong. You may even say that it boosted the state’s economy, due to the prevalence of healthcare companies.

Pro#3 – Amazing Barbeque

If you are a meat lover, you are going to love Missouri. Specifically, Kansas City and St. Louis are the places that are widely recognized as the 2 major barbeque hubs. There are differences between the two, as Kansas City barbeque is cooked in large pits over a long time, at a low temperature. The burnt ends are considered a specialty but everything is top-notch.

Over in St. Louis, barbeque comes off the smoker or the grill, with spare ribs and pork steaks being the delicacy of choice. Also, Missouri’s barbeque sauce has a personality of its own, with its thick and sweet taste that comes from a tomato base. This is true both in St. Louis and in Kansas City.

tasty, delicios, barbeque
Welcome to barbeque land!

But there are some drawbacks to the state as well.

Con#1 – Lower wages

The median household income in Missouri is around 12% lower than the national average, and this state used to have one of the lowest minimum wage rates in the entire country. However, in recent years, the situation changed and now it is a lot more competitive across the board. It is still not up to California’s levels, of course, but it is getting better all the time.

Con#2 – High taxes

It is really good that living in this state comes with low costs, as taxes tend to chip away a considerable part of your income. Missouri uses a progressive income tax system, starting at 1.5% and ending at 5.4%. It actually does not take all that much income to qualify for the highest tax rate, as it applies to all income over $8,000 or so. The sales tax is over 4%, as well, and the average local tax rate adds another 4% on top of that. Therefore, every purchase will be taxed by approximately 8%.

However, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks, making Missouri one of the better states to live in. It all comes down to your personal preference, of course. And if you do decide to relocate there, you will want help from some of the best:

Best cross country moving companies Missouri are your best ally

Long-distance relocations require experience and knowledge. The team handling them needs to be well-coordinated and fully equipped with all the necessary tools. Do not waste your time and nerves on finding them, but rather let us present you with the best cross country movers Missouri residents enjoy having. Best Cross Country Movers will find the moving crew that will see to your complete satisfaction. Make sure to contact us today and state your needs, wishes, and possibilities. We will take it from there and ensure you have an amazing moving experience with one of the best cross country moving companies Missouri has to offer!

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