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Expert Coordinator of Local and Nationwide Relocation Services

My Best Mover LLC is a professional and accredited moving brokerage company that handles both local and long-distance moves across the United States.

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Their area of expertise is cross-country moves

My Best Mover LLC specializes in cross-country relocation – equipped with a network of carriers and a staff of skilled workers that have perfected managing long-distance moving operations. The organization has assisted scores of clients in need of customized moving services over the course of years in the field. They are devoted to connecting their clients with the most suitable moving service providers regarding residential and commercial moves, as well as packing and storage services.

On its website, My Best Mover provides a one-step estimate form. The form, which you can find on their homepage, requests basic contact information as well as important details about your relocation (from/to, moving date, and the number of rooms). The form is sent to the provider when you fill it out and submit it. Soon after, a representative from My Best Mover gets in touch with you to offer a ballpark estimate of the relocation depending on current industry-regulated pricing. In-home or video estimates are not available via this provider.

My Best Mover LLC also provides a variety of other services

My Best Mover aims to satisfy client demands, whether you’re looking for a specific type of relocation or a move on a tight schedule. They connect customers with worldwide moving service providers through a network of professionally verified and certified carriers. The brokerage also provides the following services:

  • Local Moving
    This brokerage caters to both local and long-distance moving needs through its database of accredited moving and storage providers. My Best Mover can identify the best options for your relocation, whether down the block or across town.
  • Nationwide Moving
    Moving miles across the country is always a challenge when considering a move. The greater the distance, the more complex the planning. My Best Mover has carriers across the United States, allowing them to connect clients with verified and dependable interstate movers.
  • Residential Moving
    Even though it is common, moving a household takes a devoted and cautious effort. My Best Mover takes pride in customer satisfaction rate due to its years of expertise and specialized approach to each relocation.
  • Commercial Moving
    Moving a business requires even more preparation and coordination than a typical residential relocation. As a licensed commercial moving coordinator, My Best Mover recognizes how critical it is to plan out every element of office relocation to prevent affecting the business activities and achieve minimal downtime.
  • Packing and Unpacking
    Cutting corners during the packing process is one of the most prevalent ways for products to be damaged during transit. My Best Mover provides its customers with expert packing and unpacking services as well as high-quality packing supplies. Although it may involve additional costs, this function will ensure that your belongings are safe during the relocation process.
  • Storage Services
    My Best Mover, as a nationwide moving brokerage company, also provides secure storage solutions you might require for the safekeeping of personal items and commercial goods.

The story behind My Best Mover

My Best Mover, founded with the objective of exceeding clients’ expectations by adapting its moving services to each relocation venture, is putting the effort to become one of the most recognized and established moving brokerages in the United States. The organization takes pride in its experienced team and a broad range of expert local and long-distance moving companies, which would happily take on any residential or commercial relocation project.

A bridge in Florida

The company is located in Florida, but it offers professional moving services in all 50 states – all over the U.S. Every one of the carriers they collaborate with is subjected to a thorough verification procedure. When you combine this with a high level of client satisfaction and recommendations, you have a firm that could be well up to your standards.

Advantages & Disadvantages:


  • Services Available in all 50 U.S. states
  • Local and Long Distance Moving Solutions
  • Skilled in Both Residential & Commercial Moves
  • Reliable Storage Services
  • High-Quality Packing Services and Supplies
  • Responsive and Reliable Moving Coordinators


  • Extra Costs for Specialty Services
  • Moves Handled by Third Party Companies

General Opinion – My Best Mover can connect you with the best movers for your relocation

My Best Mover is a reasonable choice for anybody looking for professional local or long distance moving services. The brokerage provides a database of vetted carriers to handle any home or commercial relocation task in the United States. Despite the absence of extensive information on their official website, we know that this is a regulated brokerage company with a long history of positive feedback and satisfied clients. If you’re about to go into the process of hiring movers, this is one of the better options available.

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