Relocation is a process that takes a lot of time and effort to prepare and execute. Plus, too often people feel stress is what marked their relocation. At the Best Cross Country Movers, we are proud of our reputation for quality services and dependability. Our safe moving partners take moving services to a whole new level. Together with our immaculate customer service, you will realize why we are on top of the moving industry. So, if you are moving to or from Delaware, hire quality interstate movers Delaware so everything can be done with utmost care. With us in the mix, stress is the last thing that you are going to be thinking about after moving. We are going to connect you to some of the best cross country movers in the area. Just give us a call and we will find the most suitable moving company for your needs.

interstate movers Delaware navigating a highway
Interstate moving is something that we can help become a reality for you

Hire cross-country movers Delaware to feel the magic

Hiring a reliable interstate moving company in Delaware can help you feel the magic during the transition. After all, you do not have to pack up everything alone and load the truck yourself. Our partners’ professionals are capable and skilled in loading, driving, and unloading your items at your new home. Quickly, you will be settled in your home so you will have enough time to explore your new place of living.

With our partners’ professional moving services, you can be sure your items are safely transported and delivered without any damage. From complicated DIY to easy and professional relocation, soon you will realize that trustworthy Delaware interstate movers can make your relocation a magical experience.

One of the best things about this process is the fact that the best cross country movers Delaware have very affordable rates. We know how making ends meet can be difficult nowadays. Therefore, we do everything we can in order to make sure that all of our customers receive the top moving service at bargains pricing. Therefore, we would love to help you find the right moving company for your needs. Let us take an active part in this process and facilitate the move for you.

Comprehensive long-distance moving services you can count on

Whether you are moving your household or business, we have services customized to satisfy all your needs. Long-distance moving can be a pretty stressful experience, but with the right movers on your side, it can be a lot easier. Long distance movers Delaware is a team of highly-trained and skilled agents who are capable and equipped to handle every moving task you have. You don’t have to worry about packing your fragile items, loading into moving the truck, and dealing with heavy lifting. Best Cross Country Movers provide you with the best cross country moving companies Delaware has, dedicated to helping you every step of your way. The timely efficient delivery is guaranteed the same as professional packing services and storage solutions.

Life in Delaware

The second smallest state of the nation, Delaware’s official nickname is “The First State”. This is due to the fact that it was the first to ratify the constitution, all the way back in 1787. It has over a million people within its borders and is a wonderful place to live. It features gorgeous beach towns, rich history, as well as stunning natural beauty.

Living in Delaware allows you to see and experience everything it has to offer much sooner, due to its small size. The best places to live in are Wilmington, the most populous city, Dover (the capital), Lewes, Milton, Bethany Beach, Camden, Rehoboth Beach, and Newark. Each of these cities offers something unique to its residents and they are all amazing places to relocate to.

Job market

Over half of all of the Fortune 500 companies call Delaware their home. The main reason for this is the extremely generous business tax rate, as well as a political consensus that is favorable to corporation laws. What this means for an average resident is that there are countless job opportunities in the state. However, the unemployment rate is still higher than the national average, sitting at 4.3%. The major “players” are the software development and business analysis industries, as well as healthcare and traditional occupations (electrician, plumber, etc). The largest employer in the state is the Dover Air Force Base, which employs around 13,000 people at any given time. Then there is the Christiana Care Health System, with more than 10,000 employees, as well as Amazon, Mountaire Farms of Delaware, and Du Pont De Nemours.

choppers in an air force base
Dover Air Force Base employs almost 13,000 people!

Real estate

Delaware’s housing market is something that you may want to get accustomed to. There are fluctuations in prices and a savvy individual can take advantage of that. For example, August has the highest prices on homes, and it will see you spend upwards of $15,000 more than the usual price. But if you shop anywhere between December and April, you will be able to purchase a home for lower than the average closing price. 

Cost of living

When it comes to overall living costs, Delaware features reasonable utility costs, only slightly higher (around 4%) than the national average. The transportation costs, however, are below the average, which will make up the most of your savings. You can expect to pay anywhere between 5-14% less than the national average on transportation. A monthly bus pass will set you back around $80, and the gas prices are very reasonable. The price of groceries is largely the same as in most of the nation, with 12 eggs costing about $3, for example.

However, the healthcare costs are a lot higher than in most of the country. They are around 16% higher than the average, which can be a real show-stopper for people who want to retire in this state. But there is no sales tax, nor retirement income tax (below $12,500) which makes Delaware a great shopping state for tourists and residents alike, as well as a great place to retire in, despite the healthcare costs.

Aside from everything above, Delaware is one gorgeous state. There are amazing beaches, towns have a unique charm about them and there is always something new to explore. Philadelphia is close by, so you can always head out there if you somehow get bored.

Make your relocation simple and easy

To make your relocation simple and easy is something that you owe to yourself. After all, moving can be too difficult too often. In fact, in most cases, it will be just that – pretty hard to handle. Still, this does not need to be your reality.

With the Best Cross Country Movers and our professional team, things can and will get simpler for you. Our partners, some of the best cross country movers Delaware has, are here to handle all the hard work for you. And that will save you a lot of time and energy. Both things are considered a luxury when moving across the state lines. But, you deserve your new beginning to be enjoyable. Therefore, bring us on board, find reliable movers easily, and enjoy your process of relocation.

In fact, it is important to know that we choose our moving partners carefully. In order for them to find their place on our list, they need to showcase to us their trustworthiness. Simply, we work with the best companies out there. Nothing less than perfect is not going to be good enough for us, therefore, for our customers too. So, if safety and security are what you are after, we are the long-distance movers Delaware to get in touch with.

a large road
Moving to a different state has never been easier than today

Make a move on a budget with interstate movers Delaware

The price of interstate moving services with our partners varies from move to move. It depends on many factors. From distance to weight and size of your move. Usually, the moving price is based on the amount of furniture and boxes you have to transport. So, the final price of your interstate move includes the cost of fuel, the weight of your load, and what additional services you have requested. To know the exact price of your relocation, you should give us a call or request a free moving quote. In the case that you do not like what you hear, which we are very confident is not going to be the case, you will have every opportunity to pull out before signing any contracts.

Avoid moving mistakes and stay safe every step of the way

Moving problems and mistakes are quite common. After all, moving is a complex process that has many layers. It can be just too confusing. Especially if you do not have enough experience, time, or energy to handle your cross country move. And trust us, moving across the state lines is everything but a simple task. That is why you need all the help you can get. All hands on deck. And that is precisely what our partners in cross country moving Delaware are here to provide you with. We are here for you. Wherever and whenever you need us to be. Every step of the way.
Let us know what kind of moving help you need. In no time, we are going to make sure that you are able to make a selection of some of the best long distance movers Delaware has to offer. We are in the business of making moves easy. So, this is exactly what we would like to help you achieve – a stress-free move.

image of a park
Choose a place filled with greenery and let our partners help you relocate easily

Our partners for interstate movers Delaware are here to help you plan

Yes, planning a move is a serious task to take on. And the longer the distance, the more time you will need to do it. That is precisely why you need our assistance. We are here to provide you with all the information and advice that you might need when preparing for a cross country move. Once you have chosen the moving company that should help you relocate, your move is going to be so much easier to plan and prepare.

Let our team handle your specialty items

Moving furniture seems like an easy task. You don’t need all that experience. But, no. That is not quite true. You actually do need it. And a lot of it. Let our professional interstate movers Delaware handle your piano, billiard table, and hot tub. Make sure to avoid moving injuries. Because your own well-being is what matters the most and it will always be on top of our list. That is why we only recommend the best cross country moving companies Delaware has.

Moving scams are real

Yes. They really are. And that is precisely why you need our cross country movers Delaware by your side. At all times. You need a mover you can trust and rely on. And that is precisely what our interstate moving professionals can provide you with. So, wait no more and give us a call today! Learn more about the services we can provide you with and enjoy your move!

interstate movers Delaware can help you relocate to any city
We can help you relocate where you decide to

Why choose interstate movers Delaware to guide your way?

You must have been searching for the best cross country moving companies Delaware has to offer, for a long time. If you are tired of research, you can put trust in our professional agents. We are the most reliable moving company you can find to guide your way:

  • Our movers are registered: All the best cross country movers Delaware must be registered with the Federal Department of Transportation and have a U.S. DOT number.
  • We offer you different types of moving Insurance: The law requires moving companies to insure only $0.60 per pound, but with our cross country movers Delaware you can have better coverage.
  • Level of experience: We are a reputable moving company with a long history and experience. You can put trust in our services and capable hands of movers.
  • Check out our great reviews: Reading our reviews you can have insight into our services. Take a look at the positive stories of our customers, and soon you will realize we are your best choice.
  • Comprehensive Services you can count on: Besides traditional services such as loading boxes in a truck and transporting them to your new home or office, we offer additional services such as professional packing, crating, disassembly, storage, auto transport, etc.
  • Easy and Pleasant Communication with our representatives: Not only we are proud of our professional moving services we also put all our resources and efforts to provide our customers with great customer service.

We are your best option to get in touch with the top interstate movers Delaware

As you have seen, here at the Best Cross Country Movers, we know what needs to be done in order for a move to take place easily and efficiently. We can fulfill all your moving needs; the only thing you have to do is to fill out our online free moving quote form.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you relocate with no stress. We are going to help you get in touch with the best interstate movers Delaware. One phone call is all that stands between you and a successful move.

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