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A Nationwide Moving Service Provider & Coordinator

Progressive Van Lines is a professional moving brokerage company that accommodates local and long-distance moves within Florida, as well as interstate moves across the US.

Some of the movers that work with Progressive Van Lines

Long Distance Moving is their SPECIALTY

Despite their ability to take on and organize local moves across South Florida, Progressive Van Lines shifts most of its focus to long distance moving projects. Having successfully conducted over 15 thousand moves during its time in the moving industry, a majority of which were long-distance moving projects, this is a moving brokerage company that has a lot of experience that it can bring to the table. And since they handle both residential and commercial moves, it opens up a lot of diverse options for customers that are looking for a professional experience.

Progressive Van Lines implements a one-step moving quote form on their website to gather the fundamental information needed to provide site visitors with a rough moving estimate. The form covers basic contact information (Name, Email, Phone) and move-related data (Current Address, Moving Date, Home Size, New Address) with an input field for any particular details that users can point out. Once filled out, the form is processed and users can expect to receive an estimate via email. Because you’ll be using a brokerage company, you’ll pay your overall cost to Progressive Van Lines, which will be split into three payments: initial deposit, pickup day payment, delivery day payment.

Other services Progressive Van Lines offers

With its network of professionally vetted and licensed carriers, Progressive Van Lines can broker and coordinate moves all across the US mainland. Whether you are in the market for a specific type of move or a move with a short deadline, this is a company that has the resources to meet those needs. In addition to its’ local and long distance moving expertise, this certified moving brokerage company also has other services to offer:

  • Residential Moving
    From manors and penthouses to rental homes and condos, Progressive Van Lines is equipped to plan and put together all sizes of residential moving jobs. This is a moving business that has the most qualified team for the job, with mid-level prices and flexible moving coordinators.
  • Commercial Moving
    Executing a business relocation is always a more complex undertaking due to the multitude of internal and external factors that influence it. Progressive Van Lines portrays a wide network of professional moving companies that can not only handle a large-scale office move but do so with the utmost professionalism. And with a designated moving coordinator that is assigned to each move, you get full coverage with your commercial moving needs.
  • Packing & Unpacking
    Having that added protection with quality packing materials and techniques definitely makes a difference during transport. Progressive Van Lines is a company that charges additionally for professional packing services and supplies, but it is an investment that tends to pay off at the end of the day. The company upholds high industry standards when it comes to packing methods and materials.
  • Storage Solutions
    If you decide to move within state lines, Progressive Van Lines offers 30 days of storage space for free. If you are planning a cross-country move, the number of free storage use days goes from 30 to 60. With its network of carriers, the business can accommodate both residential and corporate storage needs.

The story behind Progressive Van Lines

Progressive Van Lines is a moving brokerage company based in South Florida. This family-owned and operated business has been connecting its clients with professional and licensed US moving service providers since the day it was founded. Although not a motor carrier, Progressive Van Lines is a fully certified moving broker and logistics coordinator.

Person with a tablet and a hat on a map of the USA.

With a well-trained team of employees and a wide network of certified motor carriers across the US, Progressive Van Lines continues to demonstrate a strong reputation among US citizens looking for a smooth moving experience. Fair pricing for quality relocation services with a very accurate and professional approach is the foundation of this brand.

Advantages & Disadvantages:


  • Local, Long-Distance & Interstate Moves.
  • Full-Service Residential & Commercial Moving.
  • Up to 60 Days of Free Storage.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • On-time & Adaptable.
  • Professional Moving Carriers Across the US.
  • Packing Services & Materials Up to Industry Standards.



  • Use of Third-Party Moving Crews.
  • International Moving Jobs Not Included.
  • Packing Solutions Cost Extra.


General Opinion – Progressive Van Lines shows potential

With a team of professional movers with experience and the proper equipment necessary for the services they offer, Progressive Van Lines showcases a well-thought-through and detailed approach to the moving process as a whole. Although primarily focused on long distance moving jobs, Progressive Van Lines also provides local moving services. The company accommodates both residential and commercial moving services, with packing and storage solutions to complement them. Reviews and testimonials from customers portray satisfaction in terms of the services this company offers.

As far as moving brokerage companies go, this is definitely among the finer choices. Their prices are mid-level and they do charge extra for packing services. And, of course, there is always the option of getting additional charges for specialty services based on the carrier that ends up moving you.

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