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Professional Local & Nationwide Moving Business

Empire Moving Group is a licensed and certified moving service provider that coordinates local and cross-country moves in the US.

Empire Moving Group customer in the middle of his move.

The company specializes in Corporate Moving

With corporate office relocation being much more challenging and complex than everyday household moves, it takes a lot of experience and resources to pull it all together. As a professional moving and storage coordinator, Empire Moving Group has the network and skills to create detailed commercial moving plans. Given its role as a certified moving brokerage company, Empire Moving Group has access to larger crews, larger trucks, better insurance, and even special equipment for handling a large-scale office move. The personal moving coordinator that this company assigns takes care of navigating all participants in corporate relocations, from property managers and department heads to the nationwide moving crews.

Empire Moving Group has a one-step moving quote form on its website. The form covers basic move-related information (moving from/to, moving date, moving size) and contact information (first and last name, phone number, email). The form is very straightforward and easy to fill out within minutes. Once submitted, the information is forwarded to Empire Moving Group, where it is processed to find the best match and price for the services required. A company representative then reaches out to potential customers to discuss the specifics of the move.

Other services Empire Moving Group offers

As a fully licensed moving brokerage company, Empire Moving Group has an extensive network of motor carriers that can accommodate a variety of services. These solutions include the following:

  • Local Moving
    This is a company that uses its network of licensed moving and storage companies to cater to local moving needs just as much as long distance ones. Whether it’s a move down the street or across the city, Empire Moving Group can find optimal solutions.
  • Nationwide Moving
    Distance is always a concern when planning a relocation. The longer the distance, the more challenging the planning and coordination are. Empire Moving Group has active motor carriers across the US, making them capable of matching customers with vetted and reliable interstate moving companies.
  • Residential Moving
    Common as it is, household moving still requires a committed and careful approach. With its years of experience and tailored approach to each move, Empire Moving Group has a very good customer satisfaction rate.
  • Commercial Moving
    With years of combined experience in the moving industry, the employees here understand what it takes to ensure the success of each move, especially corporate office ones. As a result, Empire Moving Group enjoys the trust of many businesses when looking to relocate office spaces.
  • Car Transportation
    From vintage car shipping to multi-vehicle shipping, Empire Moving Group has the resources to handle vehicle transport across the country.
  • Packing & Unpacking
    The company can arrange for packing and unpacking services, as well as disassembly/reassembly, which may influence the price of your move.

The story behind Empire Moving Group

As a locally owned and operated Florida moving and storage business, Empire Moving Group is a company with a well-established presence in the moving industry. With a rich network of motor carriers and thousands of satisfied customers, the company shows a lot of potential when it comes to offering optimal moving and storage solutions.

A mover carrying a sofa.

Empire Moving Group is a licensed moving brokerage through the Department of Transportation. This enables the company to work with many different moving companies while providing it with the ability to negotiate competitive prices for your specific needs. With thousands of successfully executed moving jobs, this is a moving coordinator with a strong foundation and an even stronger customer base across the US.

Advantages & Disadvantages:


  • Nationwide and Local Moving.
  • Quality Packing and Wrapping Services.
  • Professional Auto Transportation Services.
  • 20+ Years of Moving Industry Experience.
  • Competitive Moving Quotes.
  • Certified Brokerage Solutions.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction.
  • Short-term and Long-term Storage Solutions.



  • Storage & Packing Cost Extra.
  • Disassembly and Reassembly Cost Extra.
  • No International Moving Jobs.


General Opinion – Empire Moving Group offers tailored solutions

With its rich portfolio and years of experience in the moving industry, Empire Moving Group definitely has the resources and knowledge you want when planning your move. Although the company doesn’t handle the actual moving labor, they make up for it with their planning and coordination activities. The company can handle both local and nationwide moving needs, with additional services such as storage, auto transport, packing and unpacking, etc. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial moving solutions, Empire Moving Group has a diverse selection of professional moving companies to meet your expectations. Based on all this and the testimonials of customers, we can conclude that success is a guarantee with this moving brokerage company.

Every company has its limitations, and Empire Moving Group draws the line at national borders. International moving services are not something that customers will find here. Additionally, any special requests such as last-minute packing and moving, furniture reassembly, cleaning, junk removal, etc. will incur additional expenses.

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