Where are New Yorkers moving to?

The past year has been rough on the entire population, and the citizens of the Big Apple are not an exception. As popular as New York is in the world, plenty of its residents decided to look for a better place to live. So, where are New Yorkers moving to? Is it another state with a similar lifestyle or a city with lower costs of living? In order to get the answer to this question, make sure to keep reading. Before you pack your things and call the best cross country movers in New York, take a look at the following article. Here are some of the most popular places New Yorkers are looking forward to calling their homes.


We could easily say that Florida is just as popular as the state of New York. However, these two states have plenty of differences, especially when it comes to lifestyle. So, if we ask – where are New Yorkers moving to – the answer is probably Florida! The answer to this question is not so surprising. South Florida, especially Miami, is a mecca for young professionals who are looking for a laid-back lifestyle. Year-round sunshine and plenty of job opportunities make Miami one of the most popular destinations for New Yorkers this year.

Besides different lifestyles, Florida has another upside. If you ask New Yorkers, most of them will agree on how expensive it is to find housing. This might be one of the biggest reasons why New Yorkers decide to move to Florida. In comparison, housing rental is about 30% cheaper in Miami than in NYC. If you decide to move to Miami, make sure to look for the best cross country movers in Florida. Professional movers can help you move affordably and organize your relocation with ease.


So, if not to Florida – where are New Yorkers moving to? The second place on our list is Philadelphia. This city’s metropolitan area is full of ex-New Yorkers. Just like it’s the case with Miami, Philadelphia is way more affordable to live in than New York. When it comes to housing prices, they are significantly lower. This city has an average rent of $1,400, which is less than half of what you’ll pay in New York.

Just like it’s the case with Miami, Philadelphia is way more affordable to live in than New York.

When it comes to the current year, the pandemic has become one of the main reasons New Yorkers move to other states. More than 300,000 New Yorkers found their new home in Philadelphia this year. Some of the reasons could be the lower incomes since living costs in Philly are lower. If Philadelphia is the place you want to move to, consider looking for the best cross country movers in Pennsylvania. Moving there can be much easier with the help of reliable moving assistance.


Another popular destination New Yorkers chose this year in Boston. In 2021, more than 80,000 people moved to Boston from New York. Even though it’s obvious that Boston is way more affordable to live in than New York, income is not the only reason why New Yorkers are moving to this city. Boston has become a place of great job opportunities and a growing job market. Even during a pandemic, the unemployment rate in this city dropped. Great education, career opportunities, and lower costs of living are the reason for New Yorkers moving in.


The last, but not the least important on our list, is California. Whether we mention Los Angeles or some other city in California, they are all popular with New Yorkers. If one asks – where are New Yorkers moving to – California is probably the most common answer. People who are moving from NYC to LA have lots of different reasons for making this decision. First, these two cities have plenty of things in common – busy lifestyles and jobs in the entertainment business are just some of them. New Yorkers who move to LA are usually looking for a laid-back lifestyle but similar (or better) job options.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities where New Yorkers want to move.

How to organize a relocation to another state?

Moving to another state is anything but simple, especially if you have a tight time frame for planning the move. In order to relocate from New York like a pro, you should consider making a detailed moving plan. Considering the ongoing pandemic, it could be wise to find a new job and housing first. Once you decide on the location, you should make sure to calculate your costs in advance. The good news is – New York City is most likely more expensive than the city you plan to move to. These are the most important tasks that should be on your to-do list:

  • Explore different cities and neighborhoods
  • Find a new home and a steady job
  • Set the moving date
  • Contact a reliable moving company
  • Organize the packing process
  • Plan your moving day
  • Get to know more information about the new city

Before you make a plan for moving out of the Big Apple, all you need to do is choose the city that matches your lifestyle. So, where are New Yorkers moving to? There are so many places they choose for their new home, but we made a list of the most popular cities in the US. Hopefully, this article helped you get a bigger picture and decide where you would like to live after a busy life in NYC. Whether you choose Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, or Miami, you should expect quite a change in your lifestyle. Find a few options, compare cities and find the best place for your new home.

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