Moving from NYC to LA

It is time to move again and this time you are moving from NYC to LA. And same as before, you must work on your moving checklist, budget, logistics, packing process, and search for the best cross country movers in NYC to assist you. But for some of you, this might be the first relocation ever. If that is the case, do not worry at all. We assembled a step-by-step guide that will allow you to relax and walk through the whole process successfully. Let us take a look.

Moving from NYC to LA with a perfect relocation plan

The first step is to figure out the moving date and the budget you can dedicate to your moving project. Let us start with the budget first. To figure out how complex your move is and how much it will cost, you must inspect the whole environment. This way you will know how much furniture you have and note down all other household items you must pack. This will give you insight into the number of boxes you’ll have and if your home is a safe place to work in. Then you will know how many hours you will invest, how many packing materials to purchase, and how much time it will take to pack everything. This will bring you closer to your moving date and the final moving price.

a man thinking about moving from NYC to LA
Sit down and create a comprehensive and detailed relocation plan to follow until the end.

Now when you crunched your numbers, bring the info you gathered to one of the best cross country moving companies Los Angeles and let them assist you by creating a comprehensive moving guide. They will help you calculate everything even better and provide more precise moving estimates. The final result will be affordable, safe, and much efficiently moving from NYC to LA.

A search for a trustworthy moving company

You will find your best cross country movers on the internet. There is no better way to do it but you must know how to search for them. Simply browse a bit until you find a few viable choices. Compare prices and services but do not hire the cheapest or the most expensive ones. Usually, the best movers are somewhere in the middle. Just because they are building their business and always giving their best to keep their customer satisfaction to the highest level in order to climb the ladder. So, read a few moving reviews and social media groups to find out whatever there is about your moving company. Once you are ready, give them a call to ask a few mandatory questions.

Ask them if they are licensed and if they have all the tools for the job. Also, you want to know if they have enough knowledgeable manpower and sizeable moving vehicles. Finally, ask about moving insurance, onsite estimates, and moving services. Communicate a bit and if you are satisfied with the outcome, schedule a visit and move forward with your plans. If not, move on to the next company and repeat the process. You’ll find one soon enough.

Downsize thoroughly before moving from NYC to LA

There is an amazing way to make your relocation easier, cheaper, and much faster. You’ll be packing without stress and you’ll even enjoy in the process. Yes, we are talking about decluttering and downsizing. So, when inspecting and shuffling through your items, you must check out all your rooms, loft, garage, and basement and set aside unused items. Sometimes we have some broken, old, unused, outdated, or simply forgotten items stashed away and maybe this is the time to get rid of it all. Once you have a nice pile with all those items, you can do the following:

  • Donate to local church or charity organization
  • Sell online or at a garage sale
  • Recycle or throw away
  • Give to neighbors or friends
old items on the table
Shuffle through your old stuff and get rid of the clutter. It will do you good.

Or you can rent a storage unit and keep it all there for the better days to come. But we strongly advise you to take a couple of hours of your time and sort it out. You will spend fewer materials on packing and with it, you’ll spend less money on the whole relocation. Amazing, right?

Let’s pack together!

Before moving from NYC to LA you must ensure your packing process is handled professionally. You can make the DIY process out of it or purchase packing services NYC from your movers. Whatever is the case, you must know you’ll need at least 30 carton boxes, some labels, adhesive tape, cellophane, and blister packs. Use bubble wrap to make a cushion inside your box and wrap items with it as well. Use cellophane to wrap furniture and protect it against surface damage and scratching.

Then, after you place items inside your box, you can close it, apply tape, and wrap your box in a few layers of tape as well. It will give your box additional strength to survive the journey ahead. Finally, apply labels on each box with the description or at least with the name of the room it belongs to. It will be easier for everyone involved. Repeat the process for each box and you’ll be packed within a day.

Get familiar with the new environment

Surely you have visited your new home several times by now. But, if you haven’t taken all the measurements, you must do it now. Work on your furniture layout and measure everything properly so you can know right from the start where to place all the bulky furniture while your movers are still on site. Just tell them where to position your items so you won’t have to do any hard labor later.

a family with kids sitting in the park
Visit the local park and get to know the neighborhood.

Also, guided by your labeling system, all your boxes will find their way to their designated rooms. Hence, cover the new home inspection and put it all on paper so you can organize it beforehand. While you are at it, you can bring your family and roam a bit in your new neighborhood. Check out the local park and have a picnic or check out a few restaurants, shopping places, or coffee shops. Start getting used to your new environment, it will do you good.

Final inspection before your moving day

The night before the move, you must take your moving checklist and go over the details once more. Check your moving contract and focus on your legalities. Ensure all your personal documents are in place and your ID, passport, medical records, credit cards, and other personal documents are valid and ready to be used at your new address. Make sure there are no loose ends and sleep tight for the night because tomorrow is a big day.

Now you know how to prepare for moving from NYC to LA. If this is not your first move, then this was a friendly reminder. If it is, then hopefully we provided enough info for you to create a comprehensive personalized guide to follow until the end. We are sure you’ll have a wonderful and pleasant relocation. Good luck.

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