Top interstate relocation routes for 2021

Coronavirus pandemic has affected every industry on the planet and shifted the way we operate. Now it’s more than obvious that people’s lives have significantly changed. Daily lifestyle isn’t quite the same as it used to be, and many plans are disrupted by various changes that followed the pandemic. However, the moving industry had to adapt to new circumstances and learn to provide moving services differently. The year 2020 has kick-started rapid changes and influences moving trends that continued in 2021 as well. We at Best Cross Country Movers have created this ultimate review of top interstate relocation routes for 2021. This will give you a better insight into all the main factors affecting relocation trends.

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Many factors and people’s preferences contributed to the new top interstate relocation routes for 2021.

Since the ongoing uncertainty has propelled the loss of jobs, skyrocketed prices, and migrations, Americans have changed their moving preferences accordingly. It’s not certain whether these changes are temporary or permanent. Nevertheless, the moving industry has a task to adapt to changes and possible surprising circumstances that may show up. On the other hand, cross country relocations have remained one of the most profitable. Regardless of current changes, people haven’t completely given up on having a fresh start somewhere else. Past and current moving trends are significantly different mainly due to changing migration patterns. Some are more popular than others, depending on economic situation, preferences, and cost. However, since the pandemic is still an ongoing process, different strategies are much needed. Marketing needs a new way of reaching those who think about moving long distances. 

The factors influencing interstate relocations in 2021

Many interconnected factors such as job losses, real-estate price changes, and health issues have impacted interstate moves. Due to the outbreak, many states have faced drastic changes in migrations. Some of the common reasons for moving were and still are:

  • Housing changes and the inability to pay for it due to job losses and evictions. As a result, many moved back with their families or sought accommodation at friends’ homes.
  • The advantage to the housing market allowed many to sell their homes and move to more affordable and peaceful places.
  • Density in urban areas, therefore possible health risks. This resulted in the sudden popularity of less dense areas, with fewer reported cases COVID-19 cases.
  • Many decided to relocate to states with less strict COVID-19 regulations. Stay-at-home orders have significantly impacted people’s daily routine and contributed to depression and mental health difficulties.

The ongoing influence of COVID-19 and regulation changes on the popularity of relocation routes in 2021

Like it’s mentioned, the magnitude of COVID-19 influence on nationwide moving patterns has set up some new rules. Migration patterns from 2019 have shifted completely. For example, residents of densely populated areas quickly moved to less crowded and more peaceful states. Urban surroundings seemingly posed a greater risk of infection. Therefore, the list of popular interstate relocation routes has also significantly changed. First, let’s take a look at the top interstate routes of 2020:

  • California to Idaho
  • Oregon to Idaho
  • California to Arizona
  • California to Texas
  • New York to South Carolina
  • New York to Delaware
  • California to New Mexico
  • Louisiana to Texas
  • New York to Maine
  • New Jersey to Florida

The relocation trends are influencing the popularity of  interstate relocation routes

It’s evident that the most popular states were those with fewer restrictions, smaller population density, and less noisy hectic lifestyles. However, since daily life has started to slowly get back to normal, the trend also has changed. Currently, these are the popular interstate relocation routes in 2021:

  • Boston to Florida
  • California to New Jersey, Washington DC, North Carolina, and Arizona
  • San Diego to Seattle
  • Chicago to Austin

Moving from Boston to Florida is a popular relocation route among those who lean towards a warm climate, beaches, and a welcoming culture

Around 566,476 people moved from other states to Florida during the recent year. That’s why  Florida is the number one state with the most domestic movers in 2021. The weather in Florida is attractive for those who appreciate sunny days spent at the beach. Warm climate lifts the mood, and it’s not surprising why Florida residents are one of the happiest in the US. Many decided to change snowfalls in Boston for Florida sunshine. For example, you get more sunny days in Miami than in Boston. That was one of the main factors for people to move to Florida and avoid the monotonous urban vibe caused by the pandemic.

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Many find their new place of Residence in Florida due to various benefits.

The next important factor is definitely the culture. For many, Florida is still one of the top cultural melting-pots where everyone fits. The environment is diverse and people bring pieces of their cultures with them every year. Different flavors from all around the world are highly favored by the people of Florida. Also, each popular destination for new residents – Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville – has something unique to offer. If one of the potential new residents is you, then don’t hesitate to contact some of the best cross country moving companies in Florida and start your moving journey.

Costs of living in Florida are much more affordable

Although Florida is known for higher living costs, it’s still 8% less than in Boston. Paired with arm climate and vibrant lifestyle, this plays a significant role when people decide to move to Florida. Rent prices are way more acceptable considering the overall environment. In addition, the Florida job market offers more opportunities for job-seekers, with better payment.

Some of the top interstate moving routes are those from California to other countries

Once a sought-after state to move to, California is now experiencing a so-called California Exodus. The number of residents has been dramatically reduced in recent years. One of the most common reasons for moving from California are: 

  • The highest income tax brackets in the country
  • Fewer job opportunities 
  • High rental and buying expenses

On the contrary, the tax situation in New Jersey is much more stable. Living costs are affordable. In addition, those on the hunt for jobs have better chances.

Life in New Jersey is affordable and perfect for raising a family

Before you pick your new place of residence in New Jersey, do thorough research. Inquire about work-life balance, crime rates, neighborhoods, and so on. If you decide to move here, get in touch with some of the best movers in New Jersey to help the newcomers pack, move and start fresh.

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Affordable housing is one of the main reasons for relocation.

These are currently the best places in New Jersey to purchase a home:

  • Mountain Lakes – a suburb
  • Princeton Junction – a suburb
  • Robbinsville – a suburb
  • Springdale – a suburb
  • Englewood Cliffs – a city

Washington DC is another popular choice for Californians

This state is one of the most popular by newcomers from California due to many reasons. The excellent school system, vibrant lifestyle, and entertainment, green surfaces are among the main motivations for moving. Additionally, Washington DC does not impose either personal or corporate income tax. Certainly, Washington DC isn’t that cheap for living. However, it’s approximately 13.1% cheaper to live in Washington.

If you’ve decided to move, some of the best interstate moving companies in Washington are there to handle every task for you. A new life chapter is much easier to achieve with a professional and friendly team of movers at your disposal.

North Carolina is also gaining popularity among those who seek a new place of residence

North Carolina is way cheaper than California. Food, drinks, utilities, and even healthcare costs are more affordable. The astonishing data is that the approximate cost of living in North Carolina is 35% lower than in California! Additionally, housing prices are around 350K,. Moreover, the taxes are quite lower. Another determining reason why Californians choose North Carolina is an expanding job market with more opportunities. North Carolina is a growing economy, supportive of career growth. It’s important to mention that the tech industry is growing in NC. That’s why IT experts and software engineers also leave the expensive and hectic environment of California. Next, the climate is balanced, with not so harsh winters and mild summers.

In general, cross-country moving routes from California to other states have definitely seen a rise in popularity this year. Accordingly, many long distance movers in North Carolina have witnessed an increasing number of scheduled relocations and storage services.

The calm atmosphere and proximity to various natural landscapes make Arizona a desirable place for living

Arizona is definitely much hotter than California. However, this doesn’t change the fact that many Californians opt for Arizona due to the slower pace of life and low housing prices. It’s quite easy to find family-friendly neighborhoods with low crime rates, jobs and live decently in Arizona. These are all strong reasons for people to move here. Also, some of the best interstate movers in Arizona are there to execute the relocation day stress-free!

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The influx of newcomers in Arizona has increased.

Many pleasant places in Arizona offer various benefits. For instance, Gilbert is close to Phoenix and a famous Grand Canyon. If you seek a city with a great school system and overall high quality of life, Scottsdale is your best choice. It’s also a paradise for start-up companies. Next, Chandler is also a notable business center. The city is affordable and has many excellent perks. Another great place for living in Arizona is Tempe. The influx of big tech companies is on the rise. The city attracts aspiring young entrepreneurs and job-seekers. Also, Tempe is great for those who prefer an outdoor lifestyle. Activities like hiking, bike riding, or kayaking are among the most popular ones. There is so much to see and do in Arizona in general.

A pleasant environment is another trait of popular interstate moving routes in 2021

Besides education, housing prices, and job opportunities, the environment plays an important role in relocations. The pandemic has pushed people to seek better neighborhoods. That also includes healthier lifestyles. Many relocate to places with cleaner air and more green surfaces. In addition, these places are also perfect for raising a family and developing a strong sense of community with friendly residents.

The route from San Diego to Seattle is attracting more attention of those who opt for a pleasant and more affordable living situation

Due to increased concerns for health and safety, people have chosen to leave San Diego for Seattle. Compared with Seattle, pollution in San Diego is extremely high, and the number of people suffering from respiratory problems is increasing. Crowded traffic and rushed, fast-paced life significantly contribute to this problem. On the other hand, Seattle is known as The Evergreen State. Clean air, national parks, and green surfaces, in general, are the key reasons to move there. The weather is varied, with all 4 seasons. Also, the costs of living and tax rates are much lower than in San Diego.

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Different job opportunities have also motivated people to change their location in 2021.

Since the pandemic has shaken the job market, there’s been a noticeable lack of employment opportunities in San Diego. In contrast, Seattle is a much better choice for job seekers.  

Austin TX is a quite popular relocation option among Americans

It’s known that big tech and corporate giants such as Apple, Space X, and Amazon are shifting to Austin. As a result, more job opportunities are available to Austin residents. A growing job market attracts newcomers from all over the US. Housing prices are quite affordable. People have a great sense of community, and their overall lifestyle is less chaotic than in Chicago. 

The decision to move to Austin is the best possible. The routes to Texas from other countries are in close competition with top interstate relocation routes for 2021.  However, you will need a reliable team of movers. Their crew will help you settle into your new home. Therefore, get in touch with one of the best cross country movers in Texas! You will have a great moving experience without worries.

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