Moving From Tucson to Sacramento

Moving from Tucson to Sacramento is an exciting change. With new opportunities awaiting, it’s important to plan carefully. Start by organizing your belongings and creating a timeline. Research neighborhoods, schools, and local amenities to find the best fit for your lifestyle. Best Cross Country Movers can simplify the process by helping you with finding the right moving company. We offer expertise and reliability, making the move less stressful. Proper preparation and professional help are key to settling into your new home quickly and comfortably. Follow these steps to make your move from Tucson to Sacramento successful and enjoyable!

Sacramento Has a Growing Economy

Sacramento’s economy is dynamic, contributing significantly to California’s financial landscape. Key industries include government, healthcare, education, and technology. The state government is the largest employer, offering numerous job opportunities across various departments. The healthcare sector is substantial, with major employers like Sutter Health and Kaiser Permanente providing a range of medical positions. Education also thrives, with institutions like Sacramento State University and the University of California, Davis, driving job growth. The tech industry is expanding, attracting startups and established companies. For businesses moving to or within the city, hiring experienced commercial movers is vital to ensure an efficient and successful process.

two people shaking hands when moving from Tennessee to Rhode Island
Job seekers will find areas economy lively, with booming sectors in all kinds of industries.

Salaries and unemployment rates

Sacramento offers competitive salaries and a stable job market. The average salary in Sacramento is approximately $66,000, reflecting the city’s strong employment opportunities across various industries. In contrast, Tucson’s average salary stands at around $51,000. While Tucson’s lower average salary might be notable, the city benefits from a lower unemployment rate of 2.6%, compared to Sacramento’s 4.5%. This indicates a healthy job market in both cities, with Sacramento providing higher earning potential and Tucson having lower unemployment. When planning a move, understanding these economic factors is crucial. For an easy move, working with interstate movers Tucson ensures your belongings are safely transported, allowing you to focus on starting your new job and settling into Sacramento’s dynamic community.

a man counting money after moving from Tucson to Sacramento
Sacramento offers a lot of possibilities with great pay, from government jobs to private job sector.

Cost of Living in Sacramento Vs. Tucson

The cost of living in Sacramento is higher than in Tucson, but the price is following the standard of the city. As we have already discovered, the city of Sacramento has significantly higher pay and amount of possibilities for businesses and people looking for a job. Here is a bit more detailed comparison so you can see the bigger picture:

  • The cost of living for a family of four comes at a bit over $6,100 in Sacramento; in Tucson, a family would spend around $4,800 per month;
  • A single person would need around $2,700 in Sacramento, while in Tucson, it’s about $2,100;
  • Food costs approximately $660 in Sacramento and $620 in Tucson;
  • Utility expenses are similar in both cities, at about $260 for a family of four;
  • Gas prices are a little higher in Sacramento at $4 per gallon, compared to $3.80 in Tucson;
  • A doctor’s visit will cost you around $110 in Sacramento and close to $100 in Tucson.

These figures highlight the higher living costs in Sacramento compared to Tucson. When planning your move, consider these differences. Hiring best cross country movers Arizona ensures your belongings are safely transported when moving, allowing you to focus on adjusting to your new cost of living.

The Cost of Moving From Sacramento to Tucson

The cost of moving can vary significantly based on several factors. Generally, moving expenses range from $2,000 to $7,000, but it could be more, depending on the specifics of the move. The size of your home and the volume of your belongings play a major role in determining the price. Larger homes or more belongings require more resources and time, leading to higher costs. Distance is another key factor; long-distance moves are typically more expensive than local ones. Additional services, such as packing, storage, or special handling of delicate items, can also increase the overall cost. To get an accurate estimate and make the process efficient, it’s important to book moving services that can cater to your specific needs.

a couple having fun while packing
Professional movers can ease your moving process!

Housing Costs

Housing costs in Sacramento are generally higher than in Tucson. An average home in Sacramento costs about $480,000, while a similar house in Tucson costs around $385,000. For those renting, more expensive options in Sacramento range from $1,700 for a single-bedroom apartment to about $3,000 for a three-bedroom apartment per month. In contrast, Tucson’s costs for similar rentals range from $1,200 to $2,000. Affordable rental options in Sacramento go from $1,400 for a single-bedroom apartment to $2,250 for a three-bedroom apartment. On the other hand, in Tucson, a family would spend around $1,000 for a single-bedroom apartment to $1,800 for a three-bedroom apartment monthly. These differences in housing costs highlight the financial considerations when moving. If you’re planning a move, consider hiring interstate movers Sacramento to handle the logistics and make your transition easier.

a key in a keyhole, when moving from Tucson to Sacramento
Sacramento offers a lot of options when it comes to housing, as well as neighborhoods, from suburban to city center, you will find your new nice place.

The Best Neighborhoods in Sacramento

Sacramento offers a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own unique appeal. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento:

  • Midtown is known for its active arts scene, all kinds of restaurants, and walkability. It’s a popular choice for young professionals and those who enjoy urban living. You can find a home here for a median price of $680,000;
  • East Sacramento, Features tree-lined streets and charming homes. It’s close to downtown and popular among families for its excellent schools and parks. Here the median price rises to $820,000;
  • Land Park offers a suburban feel with spacious homes and green spaces. It’s ideal for families and outdoor lovers, thanks to its proximity to William Land Park. Prices here tend to be around $750,000;
  • Natomas is a growing area with new developments, shopping centers, and convenient access to the airport. It’s great for commuters and families. This suburban neighborhood comes at around $515,000;
  • Pocket-Greenhaven is known for its quiet, residential atmosphere and good schools. It’s a favorite for those seeking a peaceful, family-friendly environment. Last but not least, here you can find yourself and your family home for about $610,000;

These neighborhoods highlight Sacramento’s range of living options. To make your move easier, consider using the help of professionals. So be wise about your move, and make sure you get yourself some help that you and your family deserve.

Schools in Sacramento

When moving from Tucson to Sacramento, you will notice that this city offers excellent educational options for all ages. For preschool, Fairytale Town Preschool in Land Park provides a nurturing environment with a focus on play-based learning. For elementary education, Crocker/Riverside Elementary in the Greenhaven area is highly rated for its strong academic programs and community involvement. Sutter Middle School, located in East Sacramento, is known for its rigorous academics and diverse extracurricular activities.

a graduate of school when moving from Tampa to Austin
There are a lot of schools that are worthy, your job is just to pick.

High school students can attend C.K. McClatchy High School, also in Land Park, which has a strong arts program and advanced placement courses. West Campus High School in South Sacramento is renowned for its academic excellence and college preparation programs. Let your kids know what is waiting for them, they will love it! Also, don’t forget that you should take some time to visit these schools and talk to your kids, see what they like the most!

Higher education

Sacramento provides a range of higher education institutions catering to various academic interests. Sacramento State University, located in the heart of the city, offers over 150 undergraduate and graduate programs, emphasizing hands-on learning and community engagement. For those pursuing technical and vocational training, American River College in the North Highlands area provides comprehensive programs in fields like healthcare, technology, and business. Cosumnes River College in South Sacramento offers a variety of associate degree programs and strong transfer pathways to four-year universities. The University of California, Davis, located nearby, is renowned for its research programs and excellence in fields such as agriculture, biology, and engineering. These institutions provide a solid foundation for career advancement and personal growth. You should take some time to visit these colleges and universities to see which one best aligns with your educational goals.

Lifestyle of Sacramento

Moving from Tucson to Sacramento opens up a world of exciting activities and attractions. The California State Capitol Museum offers a glimpse into the state’s political history with stunning architecture and beautiful gardens. For art enthusiasts, the Crocker Art Museum houses an impressive collection of California art, European masterpieces, and contemporary pieces. Families will enjoy the Sacramento Zoo, home to over 500 animals, and Fairytale Town, a whimsical park designed for young children. The American River Parkway is perfect for outdoor lovers, offering biking, hiking, and water activities along its scenic trails. Old Sacramento, a historic district with wooden sidewalks and gold rush-era buildings, provides unique shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences.

people siting on the grass
Make sure to have fun after moving from Tucson to Sacramento!

The city also has a big food scene, with the Midtown and Downtown areas offering a variety of restaurants, cafes, and farmers’ markets showcasing local produce and culinary talent. Sports fans can catch a Sacramento Kings basketball game at the Golden 1 Center. City adds even more to the list of things to do and see with numerous festivals and events throughout the year, such as the California State Fair and Farm-to-Fork Festival, to celebrate the region’s culture and community spirit. Moving from Tucson to Sacramento will immerse you in an energetic city with endless opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

Couple More Tips for You Before You Move

Moving from Tucson to Sacramento requires careful planning and preparation to ensure everything goes well for you and your family. Here are some essential tips to help you get started:

  • Create a checklist that will outline all the tasks you need to complete before, during, and after your move. This will help you stay organized and ensure nothing is overlooked.
  • Sort through your belongings and decide what to keep, donate, or discard. This will reduce the number of items you need to move and make packing easier.
  • Using professional packing services can save you time and ensure your items are securely packed, reducing the risk of damage during the move.
  • Mark each box with its contents and the room it belongs to in your new home. This will make unpacking more efficient.
  • Pack a box with items you will need immediately upon arrival, such as toiletries, clothes, important documents, and basic kitchen supplies.
  • Notify all your important parties, and inform your utility companies, banks, insurance providers, and the post office about your move to ensure an easy changeover of services.
  • If possible, take a trip to Sacramento before the move to familiarize yourself with the area, explore local amenities, and meet your new neighbors.

By following these tips and hiring best cross country movers California, your move from Tucson to Sacramento can be more organized and less stressful, allowing you to settle into your new home efficiently.

Sacramento Awaits!

Moving from Tucson to Sacramento is a significant step, filled with opportunities and new experiences. Sacramento offers a variety of neighborhoods, excellent schools, and numerous attractions, making it an ideal place for families and individuals alike. The city’s strong economy and higher salary potential provide a promising environment for professional growth. When planning your move, consider the differences in housing costs, the benefits of professional packing services, and the importance of thorough preparation. Creating a moving checklist, decluttering, and familiarizing yourself with your new neighborhood can make the process easier. By taking the time to plan and organize, your move from Tucson to Sacramento can be well-managed and enjoyable, allowing you to quickly settle into your new home and start exploring all that Sacramento has to offer.

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