How to stretch your moving budget

If there is one thing about moving that is universally known is that relocating is expensive. Even if you do everything right, and find the best and most affordable movers in your area, you will still have to make some cuts here and there to make ends meet. However, not everything is lost, since there is something that can help. Learning how to stretch your moving budget can be precisely what you need to get you through this challenging period. So, if you are facing relocation in the foreseeable future, you are in the right place! 

Do your research on time

If you are trying to save money while moving, time is of the essence. If you wait for the last minute to book your movers, you will be left with only a few options, as reputable movers are always booked in advance. With so little options, you will have to pick among the average moving companies, that may even turn out to be fraudulent. However, if you act quickly, and start researching the moving companies at least two months before the moving date, you will get to pick among the best relocation professionals out there. It does not matter whether you are looking for long distance movers Florida, or local movers to relocate you next door. Your best chance of saving money while moving is by acting in a timely manner.

A black alarm clock on a desk.
Organizing your relocation from start to finish takes time.

Compare a couple of moving quotes

As people should never put their eggs in one basket, you should not opt for the first moving company you think is reliable. To save money during your relocation, the best thing you can do is ask for a couple of moving quotes. And, if people knew how easy it is to get a price estimate, they would do it in a heartbeat. Whether you decide to schedule an in-home estimate or get your moving quote online, it makes no difference. All you need to do is compare the prices with the quality those movers provide. By choosing the most quality movers, who also offer the most affordable prices, you will save a lot of money. And, that is your goal, isn`t it?

To stretch your moving budget, don`t be ashamed to ask

You would be surprised how easily you can get something you want just by asking nicely. Bear in mind that relocation is no different. Let`s say you have found your perfect movers, who offer great moving services and have positive moving reviews. However, there is only one small matter you are not in agreement with – the price. If the price is higher than you can afford at the moment, you could ask your movers to meet you half way. Some of them will have no problems lowering the prices. Of course, you also need to stay realistic and humble in your requests. You cannot ask for a price that is hundreds of dollars lower than the moving quote. No moving company, no matter how good they are, will agree to this.

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Being polite to your movers can be the best way to stretch your moving budget.

Pack wisely

If you have ever relocated, you must know that movers charge based on the weight of the cargo. That is, it is only one of many important factors that affect your moving price, such as:

  • The distance of your move
  • The complexity of your relocation
  • The number of heavy items

If you are moving to Florida with a family, there is a big chance you will have to pack plenty of possessions. And that is okay since both you and your kids will have to live in a furnished house. However, there are also ways for you to pack everything you need, and still be practical. 

Sometimes, relocating some old and worn-down piece of furniture will be much more expensive than replacing it with a new one. If you have any items that are visibly run-down, you should think whether leaving them behind would be a better financial decision. Also, you need to deal with your wardrobe. A closet can easily become overstuffed, and it presents a place for you to get rid of some items. As you already know, fewer items equal less money, which is sure to stretch your moving budget.

The moving date is an important factor

Did you know that the moving date can help you significantly to save money for your relocation? Of course, that goes for those situations when you are not forced to move at a particular time. Thus, if you are contemplating changing your surroundings, the best time to do it is during the winter. Winter is the season when not a lot of people decide to move. Hence, the movers are not so preoccupied as they are during the other seasons. That will result in the price being lower, which works perfectly for those who are trying to save some money.

The month of August on a calendar, that will not help you stretch your moving budget.
To save money, avoid moving during the summer.

Moreover, moving during the workweek will help you stretch your moving budget. Since the weekend is the time when people are free, most of them make Saturday and Sunday their moving days. If you act wisely and move during the workweek, not only will you save money, but also the time you would otherwise spend being stuck in a traffic jam.

Finally, when speaking about a favorable moving period, there is one more thing we must mention. The start and the end of a university year are always the busiest times. To save some money, as well as patience, avoid these few weeks.

The conclusion

Even though moving is a difficult and expensive period, there are still ways of surviving it. As you can see, to stretch your moving budget is not impossible. Moreover, by following our tips, it is easily manageable. Of course, for any moving-related help, you can always find help by contacting us. Best Cross Country Movers are here to help you any time of the year.

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