Moving to Florida with a family

Moving to Florida with a family is a big step. Leaving your current place of residence and starting all over somewhere else as a bachelor can be taunting. Doing the same with more people than yourself depending on your means that the stakes are rising sometimes even more than what we are ready for. However, exploiting the most of the opportunity that is presented is the most important thing. You will not exploit it by being shy and reluctant to take action. Therefore, Best Cross Country Movers are here to help you prepare for what is ahead and do not let be caught off-guard. When it comes to moving, here are some of the stuff that you should know before relocating to Florida with a family.

The weather is amazing throughout the year

One of the reasons for moving to Florida with a family is to enable your kids to live in such weather that going out wearing anything more than shorts and a t-shirt is too much. Florida provides that kind of weather exactly. If you reach the decision of moving to Florida with a family, we’d suggest you look for a home close to the beach. After all, living in the sunny area such as FL would be a waste without being able to go to the beach on a daily basis.

Beach in Fort Myers
Moving to Florida with family is great because your kids will get to be outdoors and grow close to some of the best beaches in the country

Humidity is unbearable

The issue with weather in Florida is that not only is it sunny, but it is humid as well. Therefore, living without A/C is not advisable. Furthermore, hurricanes are a threat that is not going to disappear. If you or anyone in your family can’t cope with either extremely high temperatures or high humidity, you might want to rethink your decision.

Do you have a secure job in Florida?

In case you are not moving for work purposes, you will have to make sure your family has enough money to provide for all the living costs in Florida. If you will be looking for work in Florida, we have some great news for you! Unemployment in Florida has fallen to 3.8%, which is 7% better than where it was eight years ago.

State’s policy to invest in family-oriented assets and improving investment atmosphere is apparently giving results. What this means for you is that you will probably be able to find work pretty quickly. What you could also do is look for work before you move. In case you manage to get your foot in the door of a business that you like, they will probably to able to give you some time to arrange the move and come into work on a daily basis.

The housing market in Florida

You are going to need a roof over your head in Florida. Have you decided already whether you are going to rent or your goal is to buy a house right away?

Buildings and roofs
The housing can be affordable or expensive depending on the area you are moving to

Our suggestion would be to rent first. This will allow you to check out the community and the state itself before you invest a lot of money on such a big project. You should be ready for the possibility that life in Florida may not be for you. You may decide that moving there was not a good idea. If that happens, you would not want to be bound by a property together with an inability to relocate once again. Nature is so much different in Florida and insects are larger than what you’re used to. Therefore, keep your options open. Rent first and after a year of living in Florida, make an assessment. If the result is positive, you should start looking for your permanent home.

How expensive is housing when moving to Florida with a family

Accommodation in Florida can be both expensive and cheap depending on the area you are looking to live in. Thanks to a Forbes magazine report, we can say that Miami and its suburbs are some of the most expensive areas in Florida to live in. On the other hand, living in Tampa is still very doable for the conditions in Florida. If you decide to buy a house, make sure you do it during the off-season. During the season housing prices go up, but they do decline when the tourists are gone. You would not want to end up buying an overpriced house and being unable to get the money back once you decide to sell it.

Find schools for your kids

You should start looking for schools for your kids before you move for work to Florida. Finding the right school can take time. It might be difficult to enroll your kids if you don’t do it right away. Here’s what you need to do to enroll them:

  • Get transcripts from their current school; they should include notes, certificates, diplomas and other extracurricular activities – you’ll need them in order to enroll the kids
  • Write down a shortlist of potential schools for your children
  • If your child is gifted in a particular subject, you might want to look for a school that has a good track record of teaching that subject
  • Do they provide transport to and from school free or charge?
  • How tech savvy is it? You’ll want to enroll your kids in a school that will teach them crafts of the 21st century
  • What language courses do they offer? You’ll be moving to Florida after all, have your kids learn as many foreign languages as possible. Spanish and Portuguese speakers are abundant in Florida an your kids could really use that knowledge and ability to practice it outside of school

Also, be mindful of the quality of private schools in Florida, or better put, the lack of thereof. Keep your eyes wide open when looking for a school for your kids.

Some downsides to living in Florida

Expect traffic jams when moving to Florida with a family
Traffic is awful in Miami

Prepare to meet tons of tourists during the vacation season when you decide on moving to Florida with a family. If you are living close to the Keys or Miami, your town could be swarming with tourists. Bear in mind the fact that transportation system is a wreck as it is. Add the seasonal influx of tourists arriving by cars and you’ve in for an even worse surprise.

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