Things people often forget when moving

You have probably heard a million times now just how hard the moving process is. You can think of it as a machine with thousands of smaller cogs running. If only one isn’t in the prime condition, then the whole thing will be tough and exhausting. However, probably the biggest stress people have when moving with long distance moving companies Tampa is forgetting an item back home. Because once you move, you are most likely done. There will seldom be a chance to go back and pick up the things that you left. This is why it’s important to carefully plan for the move. Only with thorough lists of items will you evade leaving something behind. And in this article, we give you the list of things people often forget when moving.

Personal documents are the first among the things people often forget when moving

A bit paradoxically, people often forget the things they fear forgetting the most. Of course, these are the personal documents and file you have with you. They can be anything, from your employment records to your housing and vehicle documents, over financial and medical records – and even birth certificates and school records for your kids. This is why all cross country moving companies highly advise you to carefully pack these in advance in your essentials box, and keep them nearby.

binders with documents
Keep your documents in one place and pack them up early!

Why does this happen though? How can people forget something so important? Well, it is not in spite these items are important – but because of it. Moving brings with itself a lot of hustle and bustle, so people try to protect their paperwork. So, they lock them up in a safe place, away from the people. However, when the moving day actually arrives, you will have your hands full of things to do. With all of that work, you forget to check up on your safe place – and pick up your documents. Keeping this in mind is important because they can often be hard to get back!

Always think about your medicine

Another one of the things people often forget when moving is their medicine. Almost the same thing happens like with the documents. You usually keep your medicine stored away somewhere, in a locker or a cabinet. You do not want to pack them too soon because you might need them, and so you just keep them under the key. And when the moving day arrives, you will be moving the boxes around, and you forget to actually open your cabinets. This is why it’s important to remember to always check your storage spaces one last time because calling it a day.

a bottle of pills
Remember to take your medicine with you!

Remembering to pack up your medicine is important. We don’t really need to explain just how important it is. Forgetting your medicine means you will be getting into trouble since sometimes you need to take your dose daily. You do not want one of your first experiences in your new place to be in pharmacies or visiting the doctor’s office. This is especially true with prescription drugs. You don’t know how the new environment will work – and you will need to find a new doctor. So, you should have your dosage already prepared for the move.

The toolbox is one of the things people often forget when moving

Your toolbox is something really important. Not only does it have all your screws and screwdrivers, nails and hammers, as well as an assortment of different tools, but it is also an item that you should have in your house no matter what. They help us fix things easy and with no hassle – or need to call for an extra set of hands. This is why it’s a shame that it is one of the things people often forget when moving.

A toolbox is small and rather uninteresting. We usually keep it somewhere where we don’t really need to look at it too often – like your attic or having to pack your garage. This can be at the bottom of a storage unit, or in the back of your closet. Because of this, when the moving day arrives, we often forget to pick it up and move it with us. We remember only when the time comes to actually use these tools.

the toolbox is one of the things people often forget when moving
Don’t forget your tools – you will need them in your new home!

And during the moving process, the time to use the tools will come multiple times. You might need your tools to assemble a furniture item like your coffee table or your bed. You might need to screw some cabinets up more tightly or to fix a door hinge. Your new home will have a lot of things you need to touch upon, so you need to take your toolbox with you in the new place.


To conclude, this is a list of three things people often forget when moving. They might seem like odd items, but they might be the most important things to have with you on moving day. Your documents are very important for setting up into your new home, your medicines are important to keep you healthy, and your tools will help fix things around the house. We can also mention other items you should keep your eyes on – like the keys to your new home, cleaning tools or your book collection. The first two you will need to settle in, while the last one might be an odd one until you remember all the books you lent to people. Just keep organized, and forgetting something will not be an issue for you!

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