List of important moving documents

Every big life event requires a lot of engagement and a lot of hard work, especially if it entails relocation to another place. Sometimes people do not have much time for preparation, so moving in a hurry is the only option. Even if you end up in such a situation, one thing that you should not forget about is a list of important moving documents which you need to have with you during your relocation process. This article will try to help you find out what are the most important items this list should contain.

Where to start?

A question that is always on our minds when we start something new is where to start. As a complex process with a lot of tasks, relocation can be stressful and an energy consuming job. Making moving plans is something that you would not like to forget about. As it can guide you through the whole preparation process and be a reminder about which steps to take. Especially if you are moving from Florida on a budget, a good plan can be of great help. Setting the budget for moving and sticking to the plan will make moving much easier. By monitoring the costs, you will be able to manage not to cross the limits that you’ve already set. With this comes along gathering information and finding out all the possible costs, so that you can fit everything in your budget.

Calculating the cost of moving is important part in organizing a move
Setting the budget requires careful calculations.

Parts of preparation for relocation

Relocation is a great adventure, an opportunity for starting something new in your life. Putting effort in this adventure is an inevitable part hence good preparation is crucial. There will be a lot of tasks in front of you when you start planning your relocation. One of the most important is to find a reliable moving company, which can guarantee you the safety of your belongings. With a lot of experience and good remarks, Florida cross country moving companies can help you with their service. All the companies that are members of this network are licensed and professional companies and are at your disposal.

What are important moving documents that you should have with you

Apart from finding the right moving company and packing your possessions properly, do not forget about your important moving documentation. Perhaps this part of the preparation for moving seems like something you will always remember about.  But with the dynamics and the bunch of other tasks, it can easily happen that you overlook the most important ones.  This is why we will try to herewith provide you with a list of all the important moving documents you should have in mind.

Sorting and organizing important moving documents

To have a clear picture where you important moving documents and other personal documentation is located, organize them properly. Divide them into groups and label them. You can also purchase banker’s boxes for storing them. There you can place papers of importance, bills, passports, even the whole folders with documents. Do not forget to sort and separate them in different categories. Some of them should be with you all the time, and other you can pack in the boxes for moving. It is important that personal documents and those with sensitive information be well protected and not disposable to others. We also recommend you to have copies of all your important moving documents as in case of loss during the move, you will have a backup document and proof if needed.

Label the important moving documents with sticky notes
Separate and label your important moving documents.

The importance of organizing your documents during moving is significant. Less time spent in searching for the paperwork will give you more time for other moving tasks. And you will always know where your documentation is and easily find it when you need.

The list of important moving documents

As we already mentioned, separating them is an inevitable part of the process. So let us see which documents you should pay particular attention to when moving.

Property-related documents

This group contains the documents related to all your contracts with real estate agents, selling and buying documents. Do not forget to include the documents about the insurance of your home, your car, tax papers and registration documents of your vehicle. Do not forget about the lease copies/mortgage of your new and old home.

Moving documents

We will give you an insight into the most important moving documents one by one.

  • Bill of lading – is a document that presents a contract between you and your moving company. It normally includes the specification of all the items that you are moving. The content should be the same as those on the order of services (includes pick-up and delivery dates, estimate details, and special services).
  • Moving estimate is a document that you will receive from your moving company. It contains transportation charges, parking services, labor, insurance, and any special services. There are three types of such documents: non-binding estimate, binding estimate, and binding not-to-exceed estimate. Look carefully what is included before agreeing and making a contract.
  • Inventory documentation – After packing your items, you will have an inventory form issued by your movers. There will be a description of all your inventory on the truck and note of item condition. Take a careful look at the list and compare it to your list of inventory.
  • ‘Rights and responsibilities’ document- Every moving company should provide you with a copy of ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities when you move’, according to FMSCA. This document should provide you with the information on how to handle complaints and questions regarding your move.

Personal documents

Make sure to have your personal documents on you such as your social security card, birth certificate, passport, and visa. If you are moving with kids, make sure you pack all their personal documents too. It is important to have your child’s documents from the school, especially the school records. There will be a lot of paperwork when transferring to a different school. In the group of personal documents, you should include your marriage certificate, death certificates, and military attendance records if applicable. Do not forget veterinary documents for your pets. Medical records of the whole family, prescriptions, vaccine information, organ donor cards, and driver’s license should be here too.

Passport and other personal documents are on the list of important moving documents
Personal documents are important to have at all times.

Financial documents

In financial documents folder, you should ensure to have items such as credit card bills, income tax papers, bank account statements. Do not forget about saving and bank transaction statements and tax deduction bills. These are the documents with very sensitive information, so try to keep them only for yourself and the members of your family. The same applies to your personal documents.

We hope this list of important moving documentation will help you in organizing your move without much stress. Having them all together will for sure make your relocation much easier. So start making your checklist, gather all the important items enjoy your move. Best Cross Country Movers are here for you to give you the answers to your questions and to help you have a great moving day.

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