Top Christmas destinations In the USA

Christmas is a holiday that everyone looks forward to, especially the youngest. Where to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays is one of the questions people start thinking about in the middle of November. The USA is a country that can offer you some of the incredible Christmas destinations in the USA where you can spend the Christmas holidays, but which can also become your home. So, today’s topic of this story will be Christmas destinations that can be your new home and place for holidays. If you decide to move, you still have a little time left! Therefore, choose your favorite place and contact Best Cross Country Movers. We guarantee you good fun and an unforgettable Christmas holiday if you choose one of our places. Let’s welcome Christmas!

Christmas in the USA

If you’ve seen at least one American Christmas movie, then you know what we’re talking about. Christmas is one of the most important holidays of the year for the citizens of America. And the tradition is to gather friends, family, and relatives. Also, one of the traditions is preparing and organizing the Christmas table, as well as parties. One of the most frequent questions is when the Christmas preparations begin. In America, they start on the fourth Thursday in November, when Thanksgiving Day also begins.

Christmas family dinner
Family Christmas dinner is one of the most important things in the USA.

What is also characteristic of Christmas in the USA is that Christmas spells, decorations, and music begin right after Halloween and last until the 5th day of the new year. So, if you are thinking about moving, hurry up and choose one of the best cross country moving companies because you still have a little time left. And if you do it now, the whole of December awaits you to enjoy all the Christmas magic.

In America, Christmas is celebrated on December 25. It’s usually celebrated in the family circle, where, like Thanksgiving, we eat roasted chicken, various savory appetizers, and Christmas cookies. Also, this day is the most joyful for the youngest because Santa Claus arrives then! After Christmas, comes the celebration of the New Year. And this celebration is something different. It’s usually celebrated with friends in home versions or in some of the popular clubs, restaurants, or bars. For the new year, the custom is fireworks, but there is another interesting custom, which is to kiss the first person you see. It’s believed to bring luck in love and life.

Do you want to welcome Christmas in another city or a new home?

If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place! We will introduce you to several Christmas destinations in the USA. But at the same time, we will help you make the best choice when it comes to choosing a new place to live and your move. When it comes to moving, you must have already heard that moving, just like the new year, means a new beginning. And maybe even now is the right time for your move. Because that way you will welcome the new year and Christmas in your new home, which is an excellent combination for a new beginning. If you want to welcome this Christmas in a new home, then you need to stay with us and start preparing for your Christmas move.

new home and Christmas tree
If you decide to move at Christmas, the arrangement of your new home will be much more interesting.

Whether you want to move or find yourself the perfect place to spend your New Year and Christmas holidays, this story is for you. And when it comes to moving, the most important thing to pack is the Christmas tree, lights, decorations, fireworks, and holiday clothes. Also, after the move, the decoration of your home can be in Christmas style, and your home will look divine with lights and decorations. And when Christmas is over, you will need a place for all those Christmas decorations, and at that moment, storage services can be the best option. Your things will be safe until next Christmas. So, now that we have solved that question, let’s get to know some of the top Christmas destinations in the USA.

Top Christmas destinations in the USA that can be your new home

There are 25 cities on the list of the “best Christmas cities in the USA”. All cities in the USA during the Christmas and New Year holidays look divine with all those beautiful decorations. And we are sure there is nothing better than walking around a town decorated in Christmas style. So, if you are thinking about moving to one of these cities, we have selected a few for you that can be a good choice.

  • Aspen, Colorado
  • Ogunquit, Maine
  • Nantucket, Massachusetts
  • Orlando, Florida
  • San Francisco, California
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico

Did you know that the Christmas tree in the city center is about 25 feet tall and that it takes about 15 meters of light to light it up? So, decorating the Christmas tree is one of the favorite activities of children, and the cities we have singled out have the most beautiful New Year’s decorations. Also, lots of adventures await your little ones, taking pictures with Santa Claus, presents, and if you’re lucky some snow.

Aspen, Colorado – One of  the favorite Christmas destinations for people

Aspen is one of the smaller cities in Colorado, but it’s also one of the most expensive to live in. About 6,000 inhabitants live in this less urban town, but it’s also visited by tourists and seasonal workers throughout the year. What is characteristic of this city is that it has a very beautiful culture and that people from this city want to share their beautiful natural environment with all the tourists who come here.

This city has a luxurious way of life, but also its irresistible charm as well as the irresistible nature of the rocky mountains on which this city is located. And that’s exactly what helped this city become one of the top Christmas destinations. Also, Aspen is known for the annual film festivals held here. During the year, this city hosts a large number of artists and holds screenings for over 200 films. Also, 90% of this city’s content is free at film festivals.

After the first visit, Aspen will become a favorite Christmas destination for your children!

If you are thinking about a small family place, the best cross country movers Colorado recommend this small town as one of the top Christmas destinations to move to. One of the main attractions of this city during the holidays is Cooper Avenue where you can meet elves and enjoy cookies. And if you want to see this city from a bird’s eye perspective, on-high at W Aspen’s sky residences is the right choice.

Ogunquit, Maine

Ogunquit is a very special small town in Maine. Only 900 residents live in this town, and what this town hides is real natural wealth. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the best cross country movers in Maine really recommend this small town. The greatest beauty of this city is its sandy beaches where you can enjoy various activities throughout the year. In addition, this city offers a large number of restaurants, shops, and art theaters. Also, if you decide to visit this place, there are numerous possibilities for independent accommodation at your disposal. And when it comes to real estate, house prices are a little higher, around $650,000, but that’s negligible, 85% of people own their own homes.

a couple exchanging Christmas presents.
Christmas is the time for presents, isn’t it?

This city is an ideal place to escape, but also one of the best Christmas destinations with numerous activities during the winter and holidays. The main Christmas attraction in this small town is the Christmas by the Sea Festival, which is organized in mid-December and includes an obligatory visit to Santa Claus. In addition, this city offers you two shopping centers, Kittery Outlets, and Freeport, where you can buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones. And for all gifts, do you need the perfect holiday gift box? You can buy it at one of the local stores, Harbor Candy Shop.

Can the island be one of the top Christmas destinations In the USA?

Nantucket is an island that belongs to the state of Massachusetts. This island also includes two smaller islands, and all three together make up Nantucket County. Nantucket is a place with an interesting history, and it was once the world capital of whaling from the 1690s to the 1800s. And another interesting piece of information is that on this very island there are over 800 houses that were rebuilt after the civil war. Nantucket is also one of the top tourist destinations, visited by people from all over the world. But it can also be one of the best places to live.

Maybe the island seems inaccessible to you, but our long distance movers in Massachusetts can successfully handle moving across the sea. This island also has two ferry lines, Hi-Line Cruises and Steamship Authority, so you don’t have to think about how to get to the shore. And the ferry ride takes only 1 hour.

Red ship in Nantucket that is one of the best Christmas destinations In the USA
A Nantucket red ship is the trademark of this island and is one of the must-visit places.

When we talk about the Christmas attractions of this city, we can single out some of the interesting things to do. Be part of the annual Christmas walk that takes place in the first week of December. During that time, downtown is decorated with 7-foot Christmas trees, and you can do your holiday gift shopping and enjoy wine tastings, ghost walks, and house tours. Also, one of the must-visit places is the Whaling Museum, which during the Christmas holidays displays an exhibition of 80 trees decorated by local artists, merchants, and children. This can be a real adventure for the whole family!

Christmas in Florida

Christmas in Florida is an unforgettable experience and every time is different. Whether you are looking for a holiday destination or a new place to live, Florida can be an ideal choice. When it comes to living in Florida, best cross country movers in Florida revealed to us that about 330,000 people move here every year. And we all already know for sure that Florida is one of the more favorable states to live in, with its affordable cost of living and affordable real estate prices at $350,000.

Beach in Florida that is one of the best Christmas destinations In the USA
If you want to celebrate Christmas on the beach, Florida is one of the best Christmas destinations in the USA for that!

When it comes to Christmas in Florida, you can experience a real adventure here. It starts with the event where Santa Claus jumps with a parachute and surfs in Pensacola. Also, there is an unmissable visit to the largest sand fir tree in the world in West Palm Beach, as well as a snow slide in Sarasota. One of the reasons why people choose to spend Christmas in Florida is actually the favorable weather conditions. And here mostly those who don’t like snow come. Also, best long distance in Tampa advises you to visit Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa which runs from November 14, 2022, to January 9, 2023.

Orlando is one of the top Christmas destinations in Florida

Orlando is also one of the best Christmas destinations In the USA. But, in addition, because of all the life benefits it offers, Orlando is also an ideal place to live. If you are thinking of moving to Orlando and celebrating Christmas here, we guarantee that you will fully experience the Christmas magic of this city. And besides, every year you will have a different experience. Best long distance movers in Orlando revealed a lot of interesting things to do on Christmas days in this city. Don’t worry, we will reveal them all to you.

  • Be a part of the Eola Wonderland Christmas Tree Show
  • Walk the Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs
  • Visit the Winter Park Christmas Parade
  • Wait for Christmas at the Hotel Hop and See the Decorations at Disney Resorts
  • Visit Light Up UCF
  • Visit the Festival of Trees at the Orlando Museum of Art
Disneyland in Olrnado that is one of the best Christmas destinations in the USA
Christmas in Disneyland is an event you should not miss.

Every Christmas in Orlando will be unforgettable. And you must not miss a visit to the main theater park. Disneyland you can attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party from December 8 to 22. But you can also be a part of other festivities, the theme of which is the magical world of Harry Potter and Grinchmas at Universal Studios. Also, the weather in December will serve you well and you will enjoy pleasant days. In addition, you can welcome the new year in one of the elite clubs in Orlando, or have Christmas dinner in one of the best-rated restaurants.

Let’s go to California!

A lot of movies have been filmed on the theme of Christmas in California. Some of the most famous are California Christmas 2020, California Christmas: City Lights 2021, and California Christmas 3 will be soon, until the end of 2022. So, if you decide to move to California, you should not miss the premiere of this film. If you are wondering what to do for Christmas in California, then you are in the right place. Say, life-size gingerbread houses and an 83-foot-tall Christmas tree sound like something you need to see? But if you choose California as your new place to live, we’re sure you won’t go wrong. And if you decide, the best cross country movers in California are at your service.

Cafes decorated in New Year's style.
In California, you can find a lot of restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy during the Christmas holidays.

If you are looking for an ideal Christmas destination, consider San Francisco. This city is decorated with the most beautiful decorations and holiday lights and it’s almost impossible not to feel this festive atmosphere. In addition, San Francisco is one of the ideal places to live. Therefore, if this city wins your heart, long distance movers in San Francisco are ready to move your Christmas tree to the address of this city. And also, San Francisco is an ideal Christmas destination in the USA.

Even three days in San Francisco are enough to feel the magic. In addition, the must-sees in this city are the life-size two-story gingerbread house at the Fairmont Hotel and afternoon tea in front of the Christmas trees at the Palace Hotel. But you can’t miss the performance of the San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker. By the way, this classic was performed in America for the first time in San Francisco!

New Mexico – One more top Christmas destinations

New Mexico is a very different place that is based on Spanish and Mexican culture. And the culture has greatly influenced the shaping of holidays in this state. When talking about Christmas in this state, everything is based on the story of Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter and the birth of Jesus. After that, in the 18th century, the early settlers of New Mexico celebrated Christmas religiously and observed what was called a novenario, a symbolic holiday. Today, this holiday is known as Las Posadas. This is a nine-day celebration that lasts from December 16 to 24, and it represents the nine months that Jesus was in the womb.

Organized hot air balloon rides in New Mexico
If you have time during Christmas, one of the main adventures will be a hot air balloon ride through Albuquerque.

What is also interesting is the food during these holidays. Dishes that you may try here for the first time in your life are Tamales, Posole, Red and Green Chili Stew, Biscochitos, and Pastelitos. These dishes are their tradition, and their recipes are passed down from generation to generation. If you ask long distance movers in New Mexico, they will tell you that the most important event is the family party. Families get together and organize their own private parties with family and friends. So, the conclusion is that New Mexico can be also one of the best Christmas destinations In the USA.

Santa Fe – the most beautiful Christmas place in New Mexico

This place is ideal if you are planning a perfect winter vacation with your family during the Christmas holidays. The city itself is uniquely decorated and unlike any other, and at the same time it always respects tradition. The most beautiful place in Santa Fe is the Canyon Road Farolito Walk. In this place, small Christmas lanterns leave a unique mark on visitors. But that’s not all. If you want to celebrate a white Christmas in Santa Fe, do it by heading to Santa Fe Ski Resort in the Rockies and enjoying a variety of activities with the whole family. If you want to experience Santa Fe in a special way, long distance movers in Santa Fe advise you to watch one of the more famous movies such as “Holiday in Santa Fe”. This is a love story where you will experience all the charms of this city.

Let’s prepare for the Christmas move!

What’s left for you to do is make your final choice. So, you need to choose one of these Christmas destinations in the USA. It’s important to choose based on your wishes, possibilities, and needs. Because that’s the only way you’ll make the right decision. So, now you can start preparing for your move. And at that moment, you will need moving services very much. But don’t worry. We can take care of everything.

Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Finally, don’t forget that the Christmas holidays are the most important for your family. As if it’s the moment when everyone gathers. Also, whichever destination you choose, you will make a good move. Because all the destinations we have presented to you have been chosen carefully, in order to complement everyone’s taste. So, choose and start preparing for your Christmas move. A lot of work awaits you. And yes, don’t forget to take gifts and Christmas decorations with you. And if you get stuck somewhere, contact us! We are at your disposal at any time!

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