Moving from NJ to FL – simple guide

Sunshine State attracts many people all year round. Whether you want to live there, go as a tourist, or explore a new job offer. Moving from NJ to FL is difficult like any other relocation. However, you are not to think of difficulties. With the help of a professional moving company and relying on their knowledge, experience, and professionalism there’s no place for worries and stress. After all, moving to Florida has its own benefits, you just need to understand what to expect before you make a final decisionMake your relocation as smooth as it can be. Most importantly, compare the two states and be ready for positive and negative experiences. After all, this is all life.

What you need to know before you decide on moving from NJ to FL

Besides the fact you need to pack your belongings and move across the country with the kids, learn what are the most important reasons in favor of this relocation.

  • cost of living
  • taxes
  • traffic and public transportation
  • landscape and weather
  • retirement in Florida
  • animals and insects
  • employment market
  • outdoor recreation
  • cultural diversity
  • entertainment opportunities
  • food and drinks
  • crime
  • education
  • permanent resident of the USA
  • costs of moving
  • best cities in Florida
  • tasks related to the move
  • getting from NJ to FL

New Jersey
NJ is one of the priciest states to live in.

If you are moving from NJ to FL you will be joining an army of people who are, unfortunately, running from NJ. Florida is attractive for NJ residents mostly because of the lower cost of living. This is a significant amount when you are looking at it through your savings or budget. Even if you have a good salary, you will probably be spending a lot on taxes, utilities, housing, and other living expenses. New Jersey has rents well above the national average, so if you are not an owner of your home, this is where most of your money is going now. Research what are the most affordable cities in Florida, before you decide where you will relocate.

Remember, the overall cost of living in FL is maybe 3% above the national average while the housing costs are just 1% above. The median home cost is about $295,000 which is quite cheaper in comparison to NJ. In case you plan on renting a two-bedroom apartment in FL the average price is $1,372 on a monthly basis. Hence, moving to Florida could be your best solution regarding the costs of living.

When you put everything on paper you will be able to see for yourself that is quite a difference between NJ and FL monthly cost of living. It is the most usual reason for the move, but it is also very relevant to the quality of living. So the question is, what are you still waiting for? Find good quality nationwide movers Florida and head out in search of a better life.

Miami Beach, Florida
Florida is the Sunshine State and the atmosphere is often laid back and relaxed.


Taxes are another great thing that is beneficial for Floridians. If you have a job waiting and expect a high income, moving from NJ to FL is the right move. Florida has no state income tax, so most of your earnings will stay yours, unlike in New Jersey. Florida also has below-national-average property taxes. Moreover, if you are investing in stocks or bonds it’s good to know Florida has no investment tax on your income earned this way. On the contrary, New Jersey has investment taxes. All things considered, when it comes to taxes, FL is definitely a better choice for you.

Traffic and public transportation

This is something that you need to be concerned about if you are used to public transport. Moving from NJ to FL will bring you a lot of different positive things, but as interstate movers Miami will certainly claim traffic is not one of them. New Jersey has a good public transportation system. Living there without a car doesn’t mean you can’t get around easily. On the other hand, Florida will make you want a car. It is not quite the same in every city in Florida, but in general, they lack good public transport. Still, some cities like Miami will show you that a need for a car is unnecessary.

traffic in Miami
Be prepared for traffic jams especially when the weather is rainy.

Overall, traffic is awful in Florida. Best cross country movers Tampa will surely testify that the public transportation system in Tampa is one of the worst in Florida. According to some calculations, commuting is shorter in FL than in New Jersey. But traffic can be really terrible. There are some major highways where you can sometimes get stuck in traffic for hours if there is some kind of accident because it is crowded.

Landscape and weather

Florida is a vast state, there is no fun for mountain lovers. It is equipped with excellent cities, beaches, and golf courses but all in all, it is very flat. You will see that there are so many attractions in Florida that you can visit. This is why it attracts tourists from all over the world. Attention is focused mainly on Orlando because it has a lot of tourist attractions like big theme parks. Beaches are another reason for moving or visiting Florida. There are harbors and large ports, the beginning point of various international cruises.

Weather is excellent all year round, a good reason why it is called a Sunshine State. Moving from NJ to FL will provide you more sunny days and less rain. It is warmer and you won’t get to see much snow. Summers are more humid so it will feel even warmer than it actually is. Besides that, you can also expect a lot of hurricanes and tornadoes, unfortunately. Hurricane season starts in June and ends in November. This is a good reason to get good insurance for hurricanes and floods. It is better to be safe than sorry. Thus, when using the services of interstate movers Tallahassee and organizing your move don’t forget to prepare for different scenarios in terms of weather. Florida has also tornadoes, but it is not as bad as it is in the Midwest.

Retirement in Florida

Florida is a very popular destination for retirees. Because of its friendly politics regarding taxes, it is inviting to elderly people. If you are searching for a place to retire, know that this is the number one choice for most retirees. With this in mind, the best cross country movers St. Petersburg will make sure your relocation goes without problems. After all, Florida has a lot to offer to retirees but to all other people as well. Homes are affordable if you are not intending to buy a waterfront villa.

older woman sitting on the beach enjoying nice weather
Retirement will be even better here in Florida.

Keep in mind that those things that make Florida interesting to you are also inviting to many tourists and other retirees. Residents say that in some parts of the year you will see more tourists than you want to. Usually, they are focused on major attractions, so it is crowded on the way there. It also has one of the highest percentages of elderly people. Exactly because it is popular for retirement.

Animals and insects

One other thing you have to prepare for is animals, like alligators and large insects. Furthermore, residents are used to having termites and as they say, huge cockroaches. The lack of a real winter season is convenient for termites. So the best way to prepare for moving from NJ to FL is to get a thorough house inspection before you move. Also, invest in termite treatments or a termite program and you are good to go.

an alligator with an open mouth could be a potential treat when moving from NJ to FL
Alligators sometimes wander on golf courses, don’t be surprised if you see one of them.
Furthermore, don’t be surprised by the lower household income in the Sunshine State. The average household income is $55,660 while NJ can brag with a median income of $82,545. However, don’t forget that the costs of living in Florida are quite lower than those in NJ. Therefore, you will be just fine. Just make sure to find a job on time. Maybe even prior to your changing residence from NJ to FL.

Outdoor recreation

What is certain is that leaving NJ for FL with the assistance of best cross country movers Newark is an excellent opportunity for recreation for people and children of all ages. The opportunities are unlimited. Landscapes are absolutely wonderful. Not to mention the amazingly diverse wildlife. A similar situation could also be found in some NJ cities like Newark where endless opportunities for outdoor activities and beautiful parks are outstanding. Still, we do think Fl prevails in terms of outdoor fun and recreation.  Hence, enjoy everyday activities depending on your desires.

  • boating
  • swimming
  • snorkeling
  • biking
  • fishing
  • sailing
  • jet-skiing
  • bird watching
  • golfing
a man fishing on the beach
Enjoy a variety of activities in Florida. Every single day is a new adventure.

Cultural diversity

One thing that will make you fascinated about making FL your new home after leaving NJ using the professional help from interstate movers Elizabeth is definitely Florida’s cultural diversity and rich culture. Many cultures have influenced Florida such as Native American, Hispanic, Cuban, and African American. Thus, here everyone will respect each other’s differences. Also, diverse culture results in various cuisines, festivals, and carnivals. Not to mention, unique neighborhoods where you can settle with your family.

Entertainment opportunities

Of course, NJ is full of entertainment options for everyone. Nevertheless, living in Florida will be completely exciting for you. Best interstate movers in Sarasota will relocate your things successfully and give you the chance to revel in various festivals, concerts, theatres, restaurants, high-thrill roller coasters, and sports activities. Some of the main attractions are right here and provide opportunities for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Walt Disney World
  • Universal Studios
  • Sea World
  • the Kennedy Space Center
  • Busch Gardens
  • historic St. Augustine
  • Everglades National Park
  • the Florida Keys

Food and drinks

As mentioned earlier, the cultural diversity of Florida is amazing and it also influences its cuisine. Hence, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of food and drinks. Florida’s tropical climate will bring you fresh products such as world-famous oranges, sugarcane, tomatoes, watermelon, avocados, strawberries, etc. Also, you have delightful seafood such as shrimp, crab, lobster, and a variety of fresh fish. Moreover, you may feel the influence of Cuban culture and eat delicious empanadas, sweet plantains, Cuban coffee, and an authentic Cuban sandwich.


Maybe it will be a disappointment for you, but we must tell you that the crime rate is a lot higher in Florida than in New Jersey. Of course, it all depends on the city. Even in NJ, the best interstate movers Paterson will confirm that the crime rate is high. However, observing the situation in the entire state, Florida is the leader. As a matter of fact, the crime rate in FL is at the rate of 4.3 per 1,000 residents. Also, the property crime rate is pretty high at 26.87/1000. On the other hand, NJ has a lower crime rate of 2.45/1000 and a property crime rate of 15.45/1000.

two policemen search the the man next to the car
The crime scene is something Florida can’t brag about.


In case you are moving to Florida with school-aged kids you should research what school districts are the best. Altogether, Florida has excellent school districts. Some of the best top-rated universities in the nation are located right here. Also, Florida has improved high school graduation rates and this is considered to be a huge achievement. For now, we can say that the top-rated school district is St. Johns County in St. Augustin. A problem could be the lack of teachers which has gotten worse since the beginning of the pandemic.

On the other hand, we must admit that education is at the highest level in New Jersey. The state is number 1 after observing early childhood education. Also, here is considered to be the number one public system in the country. Some of the best schools are located in Jersey City. The graduation rate is more than 90% which is absolute proof of how much the state invests in the future of the students. Nevertheless, have no worries after hiring the best cross country movers Jersey City since your kids will have excellent educational opportunities in Florida as well.

Becoming a permanent Florida resident

When you decide to move from NJ to FL bear in mind that additional costs as a result of reassigning the title from NJ to FL. According to the laws in Florida, you must do certain things in order to become a permanent resident. For a start, you must acquire a Florida driver’s license, title, or registration for all automobiles and boats transferred to Florida. Also, sign all new estate planning documents implemented in NJ such as wills, health care directives, and powers of attorney. Still, the best would be to seek advice from an attorney to see if you obey both FL and NL laws.

Costs of moving from NJ to FL

Are you interested in knowing how much will it cost you to move from New Jersey to Florida? Well, to tell you the truth it’s not cheap especially when you move a long distance. Though it may seem possible for you to execute the relocation on your own in order to reduce the costs we wouldn’t advise you to do so. The endeavor of moving long distances is definitely complex and requires genuine professionals.

Hence, the average cost of the move ranges from $3,000 to 7,000. The price differs from company to company. Hence, it would be best to find adequate movers and demand a free moving estimate to see how your move will affect your budget. Still, the final price will depend on various factors such as the exact distance of the move, the number of items being moved, the weight of the items, and additional services such as packing/unpacking, and assembling/disassembling your furniture.

What are the best cities in Florida?

Florida is truly a state with numerous amazing cities where you can settle with your family. Each city has lots of positive and negative sides. Thus, you must know what you are looking for. Then, study the cities and the most suitable one will be just there. Still, we will suggest several cities that stand out with their standard of living and amazing opportunities.

  • Naples – Slow down in this beautiful city full of green spaces. A relaxed atmosphere and friendly communities are perfect for those who prefer peace.
  • Orlando – In case you prefer a lively and sociable place, Orlando is perfect for you. Also, you may visit your family and friends in NJ easily since the international airport is very close to Orlando. One more thing to point out is the abundance of employment opportunities.
  • Jacksonville – Search for better career opportunities right here in Jacksonville and use the excellent housing market in search of a new home.
  • Tampa – What is certain about Tampa is that there is no chance of getting bored here. You will be thrilled with a variety of entertainment opportunities and proximity to the ocean.
  • Petersburg – This is also an amazing place where you can enjoy the outdoors and multiple activities with your family.
the Main Street Bridge in Jacksonville Florida
Whatever city you opt for, be certain of the benefits of living in Florida.

The tasks when moving to Florida

As with any move, you are to prepare thoroughly and complete all the tasks to make sure your relocation from NJ to Fl goes without complications. Among the usual things of finding a moving company and packing there are many paperwork and administrative tasks to complete. 

  • Florida DMV change of address – In case you plan on moving to FL you must notify the Florida DMV of the change of address in order to drive your car legally in Florida. There is a timeline you must respect. Thus, notify the Florida DMV within 30 days of your move.
  • utilities – Make sure to handle all the tasks related to electricity, water, gas, internet, and cell phone in Florida.
  • insurance – You are to get car insurance, health insurance, and property insurance for hurricanes in Florida. The insurance is a bit higher than in New Jersey. Still, it would be good to have insurance. Not only to protect your health but also to protect your car and property in case of hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, and floods.
  • change of address – Make sure to change your address with all providers to avoid any delays in receiving certain documentation or setting up your home services.

Getting from NJ to FL

In case you decide to drive a car from NJ to FL the distance is 1100 miles and you need a bit less than 17 hours to arrive at your destination. The average cost of driving a one-way route is approximately $140 if we count your hotel stops on the way. Also, if you want to explore beautiful places on your way to Fl, we suggest using the I-95 route.

a man driving a car while the woman is sitting next to him
Prepare your car for moving from NJ to FL. Pack your essentials bag and you are ready for the journey.

On the contrary, you may opt for flying to Florida. In that case, you will arrive at about 2h40min and the plane ticket will cost you around $85. The cheapest tickets will be in January and September. If you are a car owner and you need to transport your car to Florida, then find a reliable shipping company. The cost of transporting your car will be around $900.

Now is the right time to start enjoying your move to Florida

Altogether, thorough preparation will make moving from NJ to FL a successful endeavor. First, you must find a reliable moving company and make detailed arrangements. Handle all the tasks with utmost care. Also, make sure to compare the two states to know what to expect from your relocation. Although NJ has truly amazing opportunities wherever you come from be certain Florida is the right destination for you and your family. Especially because the costs of living are quite lower in comparison to NJ. Not to mention other features of Florida such as entertainment, recreation, job opportunities, weather, retirement conditions, and many other things as well. Of course, Florida has its downsides like any other state but what matters is that the positive ones prevail. Hence, find the right city and neighborhood and start enjoying your new life in the Sunshine State. 

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