Moving from NJ to FL – simple guide

Sunshine State attracts many people all year round. Whether you want to live there, go as a tourist or exploring a new job offer. Moving from NJ to FL is difficult like any relocation is. Primarily because of the long-distance and secondary it is hard when you need to move anywhere, it is a complicated and stressful process. Moving to Florida has its own benefits, you just need to understand what to expect before you make a final decision. Make your relocation as smooth as it can be.

What you need to know before you decide on moving from NJ to FL

Besides the fact you need to pack your belongings and move across the country with the kids, learn what are the most important reasons in favor of this relocation. 

Jersey city NJ
NJ is one of the pricier states to live in.

If you are currently living in New Jersey, you know what the cost of living is in NJ. This is one of the priciest states, regarding the cost of living. It is much more expensive than Florida. 

Cost of living

If you are moving from NJ to FL you will be joining an army of people who are, unfortunately, running from NJ. Florida is attractive for NJ residents mostly because of the lower cost of living. This is a significant amount when you are looking it through your savings or budget. Even if you have a good salary, you will probably be spending a lot on taxes, utilities, housing, and other living expenses. New Jersey has rents well above the national average, so if you are not an owner of your home, this is where most of your money is going now. Research what are the most affordable cities in Florida, before you decide where you will relocate.

When you put everything on a paper you will be able to see for yourself that is quite a difference between NJ and FL monthly cost of living. It is the most usual reason for the move, but it is also very relevant to the quality of living. So the question is, what are you still waiting for? Find good quality nationwide movers Florida and head out in search of a better life.

High palm trees
Florida is Sunshine State and the atmosphere is often laid back and relaxed.

Taxes are another great thing that is beneficial for Floridians. If you have a job waiting and expect a high income, moving from NJ to FL is the right move. Florida has no state income tax, so most of your earnings will stay yours, unlike in New Jersey. Florida also has below national average property taxes. All things considered, when it comes to taxes, FL is definitely a better choice for you.

Traffic and public transportation

This is something that you need to be concerned about if you are used to public transport. Moving from NJ to FL will bring you a lot of different positive things, but traffic is not one of them. New Jersey has good public transportation system. Living there without a car doesn’t mean that you can’t get around easily. On the other hand, Florida will make you want a car. It is not quite the same in every city in Florida, but in general, they lack good public transport. 

Traffic is awful in Florida. According to some calculations, commuting is shorter in FL than in New Jersey. But traffic can be really terrible. There are some major highways where if you can sometimes get stuck in traffic for hours if there is some kind of accident because it is crowded.

Landscape and weather

Florida is a vast state, there is no fun for mountain lovers. It is equipped with excellent cities and beaches, golf courses but all in all it is very flat. You will see that there are so many attractions in Florida that you can visit. This is why it attracts tourists from all over the world. Attention is focused mainly on Orlando because it has a lot of tourist attractions like big theme parks. Beaches are another reason for moving or visiting Florida. There are harbors and large ports, the beginning point of various international cruises.

Weather is an excellent year-round, a good reason why it is called a Sunshine State. Moving from NJ to FL will provide you more sunny days and less rain. It is warmer and you won’t get to see much snow. Summers are more humid so it will feel even warmer than it actually is. Besides that, you can also expect a lot of hurricanes and tornadoes, unfortunately. Hurricane season starts in June and it ends in November. This is a good reason to get good insurance for hurricanes and floods. It is better to be safe than sorry. Florida has also tornadoes, but it is not as bad as it is in the Midwest.

Retirement in Florida

Florida is a very popular destination for retirees. Because of its friendly politics regarding taxes, it is inviting to elderly people. If you are searching for a place to retire, know that this is the number one choice for most retirees. Homes are affordable if you are not intending to buy some waterfront villa. 

Keep in mind that those things that make Florida interesting to you are also inviting to many tourists and other retirees. Residents say that in some parts of the year you will see more tourists that you want to. Usually, they are focused on major attractions so it is crowded on the way there. It also has one of the highest percentages of elderly people. Exactly because it is popular for retirement. 

Animals and insects

The last thing you have to prepare for are animals like alligators and large insects.

An alligator in National Park - be aware of dangerous animals when moving from NJ to FL
Alligators sometimes wander on golf courses, don’t be surprised if you see one of them.

Residents are used to having termites and as they say, huge cockroaches. The lack of real winter season is convenient for termites. So the best way to prepare for moving from NJ to FL is getting a thorough house inspection before you move. Also, invest in termite treatments or termite program and you are good to go.

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