The most beautiful spots in Florida

Florida doesn’t need much introduction. However, having that it’s pretty great, it will still get one. This southernmost contiguous state in the United States has water surrounding it from almost every side. This proximity to the ocean has a noticeable impact on many aspects of Florida culture and daily life. If you ponder moving your home here, getting to know some of the most beautiful spots in Florida will surely help you make up your mind. And boy, there are plenty. The following few lines will go into detail about our favorite picks with high hopes of them becoming yours as well.

250 different kinds of seashells

You are probably familiar with the abundance of beach choices Florida offers. Many of them come with crowd and noise. But, before you take off your bathing suit in disappointment, give Sanibel Island a chance. It’s only an island filled with untouched natural beauty and tranquil sandy beaches. But who likes that? No skyscrapers nor fast food chains can be seen in this area.

An ocean wave washing over sand shore and a seashel.
Does this seem appealing to you? It might be time to visit one of the most beautiful spots in Florida.

You will rather be able to concentrate on the sound of wind in the palm trees and the waves washing over the shoreline covered with those 250 different kinds of seashells mentioned earlier. Truly awful, right? A sports enthusiast won’t be disappointed when visiting Sanibel Island. Dedicated bike paths stretching over 22 miles will prove to be most satisfactory. So, if the place, to our honest surprise, lives up to your standards, long distance moving companies Florida will be happy to make any adjacent city your permanent home, while the Sanibel Island can be your weekend getaway.

Right here on the ocean floor

Do you love scuba diving? Do you enjoy exploring the ocean floor? Boy, do we have a place for you. One of the most beautiful spots in Florida, Molasses Reef, has a lot to offer to every ocean lover. Pack your diving gear and head over to the southeast area of Key Largo. Just a few flips of your fins will be enough to take you to the most extensive and beautiful collection of reefs in all of Florida. Be ready to get close and personal with many types of coral reefs. What’s more, do not let the encounter with turtles, rays, and nurse sharks surprise you. It’s their home, after all.

A true sanctuary

It is a known fact that there is such thing as too much sun. However, don’t let the abstinence of beautiful beaches get you down. You can find some of the more beautiful spots in Florida deep inland. Such is Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. Put on some comfortable shoes and set your navigation to just north of Naples. What you are going to hike through is one of the largest remaining areas of bald cypress and pond cypress in North America. A three-kilometer trail will provide a breathtaking view of pine flatwoods, wet prairie, pond cypress, bald cypress, and marsh ecosystems.

An American alligator peeking out of the water
Want to meet this mesmerizing creature? Head up to one of the most beautiful spots in Florida and you will be able to see them strut in their natural habitat.

This sanctuary’s goal was to protect these formidable trees from logging during the 1940s and ‘50s. Nowadays, it not only serves as a safe place for cypress, but also as an important breeding area for some wetland birds, and American alligators and cottonmouth snakes. So, once you hit the road, be aware, cautious and respectful of the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary’s residents.

One of the most beautiful spots in Florida with a small-town charm

Thinking about hiring Miami long distance moving companies for your relocation? The city of Mount Dora is bound to come up the moment you ask them about the most beautiful spots in Florida. And the reasons for that aren’t lacking. Let’s name just a few that will pique your interest:

  • this wonderful town is home to a number of antique shops and boutiques
  • you will be able to find the only freshwater lighthouses in Florida
  • the city is abundant with buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • you can use the Dora Canal and paddle through the city itself

Still not convinced? Just look up Donnelly House in Mount Dora and thank us later.

Do you want to see mermaids?

You are probably thinking about Ariel right now. Well, we’ve had something a tad different in mind. See, upon first landing in Florida, Spanish explorers spotted manatees, who seemed an awful lot like their idea of mermaids. So, yeah, that’s the story of that. Back to the most beautiful spots in Florida. These New World mermaids are now-endangered gentle giants floating in the waters of the Crystal River.

A manatee in deep waters
Possibly not the mermaid you expect, but a mermaid nonetheless.

To many people’s delight, they are here year-round. You can see them from a distance or up close in the water, whichever you prefer. The Three Sisters Springs boardwalk is probably the best spot for this activity, seeing that it’s the most popular. However, you can also get wet and join a snorkeling tour to learn all about ‘manatee manners’.

The biggest jigsaw puzzle in history

Now, this is a fun story, not to mention one of the most beautiful spots in Florida. Ancient Spanish Monastery (St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church) is now located in Miami. However, this was not always the case. See, the monastery was initially built in northern Spain between 1133 and 1141 AD. It remained there until William Randolph Hearst caught sight of it. He liked it so much that allocating a sum of money for it seemed reasonable.

So, the next logical step was to purchase the monastery and cloisters in 1925. It was dismantled stone by stone and shipped to the U.S. The structure we are admiring today was reassembled in the 1950s. As for the subtitle, it is a reference to the name that Time magazine bestowed on this project – the biggest jigsaw puzzle in history. Who would have thought it would be complicated putting such a building back together?

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