The Best Moving Discounts and Deals of 2022

It’s common knowledge that relocating is not cheap to organize. There’s a lot to do, and some of it might even drain your bank account. The costs of hiring a moving company, stocking up on moving equipment, and other related items may quickly pile up. That’s why it’s a good idea to study the best moving discounts and deals of 2022. And we at Best Cross Country Movers can help you find the best bargains and discounts available. Everything you need to know about the greatest prices available for movers is included in this post.

How to Minimize your Expenses During Relocation

There are a few things you should consider before any move, no matter how far away it is. One of these questions is probably something like “How can I reduce my relocation costs?“. Planning out your relocation budget should be one of your first orders of business. Think about what you absolutely must have for the move. How important are services like packing and storage, anyway? Make a list of all the foreseeable expenses.

a girl packing up for the move
Moving doesn’t need to break your budget.

Getting a free moving quote from a business of your choosing is a great method to prepare a moving budget. There are two sorts of estimates offered by moving companies: non-binding estimates and binding estimates, so it’s important to do your homework before committing to either. That way, you can plan accordingly for your upcoming relocation. Once you realize this, you may modify your relocation spending plan appropriately.

What are The Best Moving Discounts and Deals of 2022?

Moving may be expensive, but there are methods to save costs without resorting to extreme measures, such as increasing your budget or doing more of it yourself. The top interstate movers in North Carolina, fortunately, have several attractive discounts available. In 2022, the following will be some of the most often sought-after relocation-related discounts and deals.

a family packing up for a move
Paying for your move upfront and in cash has the most advantages.

1. Off-season Discounts

The moving company will give you a price break if you are able to avoid the busiest times of year for relocation. The busy moving season often begins in April and continues until the end of summer in September. Moving during the off-seasons (October through April) may often result in significant cost savings. A majority of movers provide discounts during the off-season, including interstate movers New York for packing materials and a percentage off your move.

2. AAA Membership Discounts

Over a century after its founding, the American Automobile Association (AAA) is a household name in the United States. Relocating might cost a pretty penny, but with a AAA membership, you can save quite a deal of money. Discounts are available to AAA members from a wide variety of service providers, including those offering storage and vehicle rentals. With many of the best cross-country movers California, members of AAA can get the best deals there are.

If you’re moving over state lines, you may save an average of $500 by using the AAA discount offered by interstate movers Los Angeles, one of the most reputable long-distance moving companies in the United States.

3. Union Discounts

Workers’ unions not only advocate on their members’ behalf but also work in tandem with employers to get agreements and discounts that allow their members to make their paychecks go further. Members of the military and their families may save up to 20% on truck rentals from Budget, plus receive a discount on moving kits, boxes, towing, and even some of their insurance and roadside assistance packages. Union Plus is the only place to get this discount, and it applies to both active and retired members who are moving. Costco offers a 25% discount on budget truck rentals to union members in addition to the discount the union offers. To begin your reservation.

movers moving out the couch
If you’re a part of a worker’s union, ask for a discount.

4. AARP Discounts

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a membership organization that provides its members with several savings opportunities. It’s disappointing that there aren’t more relocation-related perks for AARP members. Budget moving truck rentals and interstate movers Alabama are the only ones where members get a discount; from Sunday through Thursday, they receive a 20% discount on local or one-way rentals, while on Fridays and Saturdays, they receive a 10% discount.

5. Student Deals

The first order of business for every student moving into a new living situation, whether it is a dorm or an apartment with roommates, is setting up a budget. Also, this implies you’re eligible for all the deals that are available to you. Student discounts are available at interstate movers Chicago for 10% off moves, and many of them have a variety of storage containers and summer storage deals to meet your requirements.

Many interstate movers also offer moving packages with comprehensive services, such as packing for a college dorm. Discounts are available for students at both U-Haul and U-Pack. Always verify your eligibility with the business in question before flashing your student ID in hopes of receiving a discount.

students moving into the dorm room
Students can get some of the best moving deals.

6. Teacher Discounts

Teachers are often overlooked despite their significant contributions to society. Teachers may take advantage of special discounts from a number of moving companies such as interstate movers Salt Lake City as a token of appreciation for everything they do. Existing educators may save 15% on one-way transfers and 20% on local moves. If you are a teacher or school employee, you can save 10% on any car rentals as well using coupon codes.

7. Cash Discounts

Almost every relocation business will give you a monetary discount, and that’s the greatest part. The exact amount of the discount is usually negotiated in conjunction with your moving quote. The moving company will likely give you a cash discount to offset the cost of using a credit card. It doesn’t harm to inquire if it’s not advertised. So, if you have the option, use a credit card instead of paper money to cover your relocation costs. Get a receipt and save it as evidence that you paid for the moving service.

9. Senior Relocation Discounts

Numerous moving businesses often provide discounts to customers who are 65 or older. Make sure to inquire about any senior discounts offered while looking for Greensboro long-distance movers. Call the company’s number and ask if you can’t find the answer to your question on their website. Also, if you belong to the American Seniors Association or the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, you have a better chance of receiving a discount.

grandparents searching for movers
If you’re a senior and you plan on moving by the end of the year, you’re eligible for some of the best moving discounts and deals of 2022.

10. Military Discounts

The sacrifices and difficulties faced by military people cannot be described with words. Many businesses provide special pricing and discounts to veterans and active-duty military personnel as a means of saying “thank you” for their service. They are available to all service members, whether they are currently serving, have been honorably discharged, or are veterans.

Several different interstate movers Nevada provide savings of 10% to military members. Whether a discount isn’t advertised, be sure to ask if one is available. Additionally, there are several businesses operated by veterans that provide discounts to active duty and veteran military personnel. If you’re relocating because you’ve been transferred to a new location for work or military service, you may be eligible for discounts or bundles.

11. Discounts for both new and returning customers

If you’re in the market for a moving company, one of the most important things you can do is listen to recommendations from people you know and trust. Since this is the case, many businesses provide referral discounts, even if they aren’t as well-known as the aforementioned offers. If a real estate agent recommends you to a company, they could give you a discount. A personal recommendation may be sufficient in certain situations. Whether you heard about the business through a friend, don’t be shy about asking if they provide any kind of referral discount. When it comes time to relocate again, a repeat customer discount is another option to consider. You will be required to provide evidence on your end to verify your status as a returning client.

12. Discounts for the unemployed

Some individuals are forced to rely on savings when they lose their employment due to adverse economic conditions. Whatever money they have to spend on a relocation, whether it’s due to downsizing or not, must be spent. Many moving and storage companies often offer up to $50 discounts to newly unemployed professionals. If you find yourself in such a predicament, you may take heart in the fact that many other moving firms will also comply with your discount requests, even if they may not publicly promote doing so.

Strategies for Obtaining the Best Moving Discounts and Deals of 2022

Flexibility in your moving date, and especially relocating in the off season, is one of the greatest methods to save money on movers. Also, attempt to find low-cost moving materials and minimize before the big day. Weigh the pros and cons of each estimate or quote you get before settling on a provider. Moreover, when you start searching for good deals on the internet, you should use some of these proven strategies. They will increase your chances of finding the best deals in your area.

See if You Qualify for Discounts

If there’s a bargain you’re interested in, be sure you can really take advantage of it by reading the terms and conditions carefully. Also, gather all the IDs (student, military, veteran) you’ll need to fill out the application. It will only make your move more stressful and time-consuming if you waste your time trying to get a deal.

Feel Free to Ask Questions

Don’t be hesitant to inquire about possible discounts from moving comapnies, regardless of whether or not they are advertised. It’s possible that they provide discounts that aren’t widely advertised, or that you can happen onto a particularly attractive offer by coincidence.

Talk to the Manager

It’s common for representatives of businesses to flat-out refuse to provide discounts. A sales representative can always connect you with higher-ups if necessary. There is a common practice of managers offering discounts to prospective clients.

Surf the Web or Get an App

Numerous coupon-aggregating applications and websites are available. You may save time and effort by using these to get the finest moving discounts and offers without having to visit each and every website individually. You may discover discounts online at places like Groupon and so on.

a man on a phone looking for moving discounts and deals of 2022
There are a lot of secret discounts and deals which you can easily find on apps.

Keep an Eye Out for Matching Offers

While price matching policies aren’t really “discounts” or “deals,” they may nonetheless help you save money on your relocation costs. Companies with price-matching policies are likely confident in their products and services and place a high priority on client satisfaction. Of course, there are requirements, such as having the same stock and proximity, in order to get other bids.

How to make a good relocation spending plan?

You can always find a method to save money on your move, regardless of whether or not you qualify for the best moving discounts and deals of 2022 listed abo. Eliminating unnecessary items from your home will help you save money on your relocation. Take exactly what is necessary, and no more. You may save down on moving expenses by minimizing the amount of stuff you need to transport. A garage sale is another smart strategy to save money on your relocation and boost your moving fund. A garage sale is a great way to get rid of unwanted items and gain some extra cash to put toward moving costs.

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