The most affordable times to move cross country

If you are wondering when the best time to move is, you are in the right place. Here you will find the answer. We will reveal all the details when it comes to choosing the ideal moving day for your cross-country move. Did you know that if you choose the right moment for your move, you can also save money? Cross country is a move mainly based on a long distance, it’s also one of the more complicated types of moves, but also the most expensive. That is why it’s very important to choose the right moment for this step in order to save money. Also, finding an affordable moving company is one of the ways to save money, but leave that work to Best Cross Country Movers. Now, let’s see what the most affordable times to move cross country are.

 Cross country moving – All you need to know

When we talk about cross-country moving, one of the basic characteristics of this type of moving is the long distance. Such a move takes place within, that is, between the states that belong to the USA. Let’s say, an example of a cross country move can be a move from New York to Florida, and then a long distance of about 1,146 miles is covered. Best cross country movers in New York advise for this kind of move to start planning much earlier. Preparations for a cross country move usually last from 2 to 4 months. Also, another important thing that you should know and be informed about is the costs of your move.

Girl want to move cross country
If you decide to move cross country, choose the most affordable time, and be ready!

There are many other things you need to know when it comes to cross country moving. One of the most important things is finding a reliable moving company. Such moves are a big challenge for you. You need to invest a lot of time, work, and effort to complete your preparations on time. Also, if you decide on a DIY move, which the best cross country movers in Florida don’t recommend because it carries a lot of risks, you will need much more time than if you have professional movers by your side. In addition to professional help, you will need to invest a lot of effort in organizing your move, as well as making a good plan. Think of your cross country move as one big project, and you will understand why you need professional help.

Why is cross country moving expensive?

The cost of a cross country move depends on many factors. When you decide to find a moving company for your move, you have the opportunity to get a quote, and based on that find out the average costs of your move. When submitting a request for a moving estimate, you will need to enter several details such as the place you are moving from and the name of the place you are moving to. As well as the limited number of things you want to take with you, and the desired moving services. Based on that, our moving experts will prepare an offer for you that meets your needs.

Cross country moving belongs to the category of the most demanding moving processes, due to its distance. For example, if you decide to move from Maine to California, your move will be based on a distance of 3,232 miles. The price of such moves is affected by the distance, as well as the choice of moving services you need. Most of the best cross country companies in Maine offer partial and full moving services. If you decide to use full moving services, the price of your move will range from $9,153 – $13,138.

budget for moving
If you want to save some money, choose the most affordable times to move cross country.

The main reason why the price of moving long distances is expensive is the large number of things that people want to move with them. In most cases, long distance movers in California advise you to move only what you really need. Because in situations where it comes to moving over a distance of more than 800 miles, moving the entire household inventory isn’t worth it.

Choose the most affordable times to move cross country and save your money

One of the most important things you have to think about when planning your move, but also during it, is your budget. If you are limited with finances or want to save, keep reading and find out how to choose the most affordable time to move. Know that it’s not all about the number of things you want to move with you, it’s also about choosing your moving day. You’ve probably already heard something about the moving season, which is when moving is the most expensive. It’s true. But remember that this isn’t the only period when you can move. There is also an off-season period.

The moving season lasts mainly in the summer months, June, July, and August. But all other months belong to the group of affordable times to move. So, if you want to save money, choose autumn or spring as the time for your move. And if you didn’t know, winter is the cheapest. In addition, it’s very important to pay attention to the choice of the day of your move. Whether you choose a weekend or a weekday can depend on many things. But the most important thing for you to know is that every season has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to cross country moving.

Is summer an ideal time to move cross country?

When it comes to summer, is the peak period of the moving season. During the summer, the largest number of local, international and long-distance moves take place. This may mean that, if you plan to move to Arizona or another state, you may not be able to find a free appointment. Best long distance moving companies in Arizona advise you to schedule your move a few months in advance. Also, during the summer, the prices of moving services are higher than in the autumn months. People most often choose summer because of annual vacations, school holidays, and more free time at their disposal.

Girl in Arizona
Summer can be an ideal time to move to Arizona because you will enjoy the activities that this state offers.

If you are wondering if summer is an affordable time to move, the answer is no. The prices of moving during the summer are very high, and it’s difficult to find a free appointment. Also, if you need last-minute moving services, get ready to shell out a large amount of money. Your budget will not be like that. So, the answer is, no. Summer isn’t one of the most affordable times to move cross country. But if you cannot do otherwise, try to find an affordable moving company that will give you advice on how to save some money.

When is the best time to move cross country?

After we have established that summer is by no means a good choice if you want to save money, regardless of the moving season. Prices are higher in the summer, and it’s hard to get a free appointment. Especially when it comes to last-minute moving. When we talk about cross country moving, we said that this is one of the more demanding types of moving. This means that as such it requires long planning and good organization. That is why it’s important to plan the time of your move in advance. And also, you need to think about how to deal with moving in bad weather.

For example, if you are planning to move from Texas to Montana, which is also a long distance of about 1,400 miles, you need to first determine your moving day. If you are not sure which day would be ideal for your move, you can contact the best cross country moving companies in Texas and consult with moving experts about this matter. They can advise you to choose a period during the spring or autumn when the crowds are less, as well as when the weather conditions are more acceptable. No low temperatures, but no high temperatures either. We can say that autumn and spring are the most affordable times to move.

Spring or autumn move?

Spring and autumn are the two most favorable seasons when it comes to planning a move. Temperatures mainly range from 20 to 30 degrees, which is quite acceptable for work such as tracking. Where, this is the off-season, when moving prices are significantly lower. and we are sure that they can fit into your budget. Let’s say, for your move to Montana, you will need to pass through several states. If you decide on land transport, the roads will be passable, and we believe that there will be no traffic jams or crowds. But regardless, choose the best moving route for your move with your long distance movers in Montana. Or simply leave the work to them, and you think about traveling by plane?

Autumn is one of the most affordable times to move cross country.

Winter moving?

Winter is definitely one of the most favorable seasons when it comes to moving. Prices are significantly lower, discounts are all around you, and you have the opportunity to choose your moving day. But is winter the ideal period for your move? we could give you several answers to this question. Because in some situations this can be an ideal moment, for example when it comes to a short distance, as in local moves, or some short distance within one country. For example, people in Alaska, where it’s cold and snowy almost all year round, are moving.

For example, moving from Wasilla to Fairbanks, based on a distance of about 315 miles is possible. Best long distance movers Wasilla certainly has adequate winter equipment, and they will realize your moving process without problems. But in addition, it will give you a very favorable price. So, if it’s a matter of moving at a distance of fewer than 500 miles, winter can be a good choice, but it isn’t an ideal choice.

Most movers, and even long distance movers Fairbanks will advise you to choose a period when the weather conditions are more favorable. Let’s say, when there are snow storms, it’s clear that your move can’t be realized, as well as when the temperatures are over 40 degrees. When we talk about winter and summer, these are the two times when you should avoid such things. But if you want to know what the most affordable times to move cross country are, it’s winter!

What day of the week is ideal for a cross country move?

If you are wondering which is the best day of the week for moving, we can tell you that it’s the weekdays. From Monday to Thursday. When choosing a moving date, if you have the opportunity, choose one of these days. Many moving companies in the USA suggest that you choose a business day for the move. Then the crowds are less.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are ideal days for your move!

Let’s say, according to the latest data, most people move to South Carolina, which according to the latest data experienced a real boom, and the population of this country grew by a whopping 10.66%. Best interstate moving companies in South Carolina advise you choose Monday and Tuesday as your moving day. Because that way, you have the whole weekend at your disposal to prepare. So, in the end, we can say that summer isn’t one of the most affordable times to move cross country. We advise you choose autumn or spring. Think about that.


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