Moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles

Moving is never easy, whether it involves physical effort or conflicting emotions. And when you’re about to move from the East to the West Coast, these difficulties can become even more pronounced. So, when you are preparing for moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, do not rush. Give yourself some time to get used to the idea. Also, learn as much as you can about your new city. And about the lifestyle in it. All this will help you to adapt to new conditions more easily. Also, make your move as easy as possible by making an agreement with Best Cross Country Movers. They will help you with the move. But, you can also count on their help during the preparation period.

A few interesting things to remember about Philadelphia

Maybe you were born and raised in Philly. Or maybe you were living in this charming East Coast city only for several years. In both cases, you will be bound to it by many memories. And besides, you might miss some of the things that Philadelphia is famous for. Philly is the largest city in Pennsylvania. And, at one point in history, it was even the US capital. So, some of the most famous things to see in the city are:

  • Liberty Bell
  • Independence Hall
  • City Hall
  • Statue of William Penn, a city founder
  • Philadelphia Orchestra
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Comcast Building

And, leaving Philly, you might miss its two unique dishes:

  1. cheesesteaks
  2. hoagie

Additionally, Philadelphia is known for its murals. The trend actually started in 1984. And it was an attempt to combat graffiti. However, with time, they become a massive outdoor art gallery, where artists are constantly adding new works. And interestingly the famous movie “Rocky” was filmed in two locations – in Philly and in Los Angeles. So, before hiring Pennsylvania interstate movers, be sure that you want to change Philly for LA. The move is too long to change your mind later on.

Griffith Observatory right after the sun went down - Moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.
Locals and visitors can spend days exploring interesting LA landmarks.

Moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles

First of all, you have to prepare yourself that LA is a much bigger city. In there, you will share the place with 3,980,000 residents. At the same time, Philly has just about 1,610,000 residents. However, although LA is a much bigger city, you will not feel that it is more crowded than Philly.

On the other hand, there are several things that can surprise you about Los Angeles:

  • people are usually getting used to a climate much faster than expected
  • living without a car in LA is unthinkable
  • people from Los Angeles decide to go on long-distance trips more easily (which is not the case with people living on East Coast)
  • Food in Los Angeles is very different than in Philly, but still very delicious
  • Finding an apartment in LA is not as hard, as many expect
  • LA lifestyle is more laid-back

And, moving to LA with the assistance of cross-country movers in Philadelphia will be a relaxing and stress-free experience.

Comparison of living costs between Philly and Los Angeles

When you first hear that the living costs in LA are 71.2% higher than in Philadelphia, it may come as a shock. But, considering the reason for this high disparity, you will soon realize it is a product of housing costs. Namely, the median home price in LA is $689,500. For the same size apartment, you would pay $153,400 in Philadelphia. However, as in many other cities, the real estate will depend on location. So, you will be able to find some cheaper places. And some real estate with asking prices of several million US$. Also, about 63% of the residents in LA are renting. Contrary to that, in Philly, 53% of residents own the property.

Photo of Living Room.
It is much easier to find an apartment in LA than people think.

Checking the other costs, we can see that utilities are a bit higher in Philly. On the other hand, living in LA, you will have higher transportation costs. The rest of the costs like food, groceries, and health protection are rather similar.

What climate to expect after moving to Los Angeles?

Living in Philadelphia, you are used to having four distinctive seasons. However, after moving to Los Angelis, you can expect a Mediterranean climate. This means that you will have long, hot summers, and very mild winters. This also means that you will not need heavy clothes in LA. So, before moving, get rid of winter coats and boots. Or anything else that you will not need in LA. We could hear many times that long-distance relocation is less costly when you carry fewer things. So, living winter gears behind, you will save up on the moving costs. If you are not sure what to bring along, consult with interstate movers in Los Angeles.

The average moving costs from Philadelphia to Los Angeles

Your average moving costs will depend on the size and distance of your move. So, even when you are moving, for example, to a studio, the cost will defer. In case you are moving more things, the overall moving cost will be higher. Following that principle, we could compose the following costs list for moving from Philly to LA:

  • Studio / 1 Bedroom – between $1,332 – $5,617
  • 2 – 3 bedrooms – between $3,975 – $7,982
  • 4+ bedrooms – between $7,480 – $12,368

Besides the given reasons, the cost of the move will also depend on the time of year. During the peak seasons (May to September), moving prices are higher.

Photo Of People Filming On Set.
In LA, you can find a career in the moving industry.

The most usual reasons why people are moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles

The reason why someone is deciding to cross the continent and move to another city may be various. However, as per the experience of California cross-country movers, there are several reasons which are common to most people. Among them are:

  • joining the family in LA
  • in case you’ve got a better job offer
  • the rich and ever-growing job market
  • specific career opportunities that are not available in Philly (especially a career in the moving industry)
  • welcoming and inspiring communities of passionate artists, which will help you express your creative talents
  • if you are a scientist or engineer looking for cutting-edge work, LA is the right place for you

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Are you looking for a place where you can find advanced knowledge? Or maybe you are interested in work related to pressing social needs. The University of California Los Angeles, known as UCLA, will enable you to enrich your university-achieved knowledge and continue your research, following the various venues. Or, you may simply want to continue your education in one of the top-notch institutions in the country. This can easily be one of your reasons for moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. If so, be sure that you are at the right place.

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