Top places for families in Illinois

What places are perfect for raising a family? Well, numerous factors may help you determine the best places. You are surely looking for a place where the whole family can enjoy family and friendly activities and a variety of amenities. As for your children, you must be searching for a place that offers the best educational opportunities. Also, crime is definitely a point to analyze. Besides all this, you will be interested in knowing the housing costs and overall costs of living. After analyzing different factors, you will be ready to select the best place for your family.  Then, you may contact a professional moving company to complete the move. As for us, we are to present several best places for families in Illinois. Hopefully, it will be of great help in your decision-making.

What places for families in Illinois should you consider?

First of all, you must know that the state of Illinois is certainly worthy of your attention. This is a state with decent wages, good schools, and stability for young families among many other things as well. According to certain features that most families strive for while searching for the ideal place for the family we have made a list of several places you can take into consideration.

  • Naperville
  • Springfield
  • Aurora
  • Chicago
  • Hinsdale
  • Joliet
  • Rockford
  • Bloomington


The first place on our list is one of the busiest suburbs in Chicago with a population of around 147,000 residents. Why would people choose best cross country movers Naperville  to move them there? Certainly, some of the main reasons are excellent schools and a strong economy. The median income is $108,000. In case you plan to buy a home like 76% of people in Naperville you should know the median home value is $416,700. On the other hand, the median rent is $1,516.

Knoch Knolls Park in Naperville, Illinois
No wonder so many families are eager to move to Naperville. Its amazing beauty and opportunities are wonderful.

Your children will surely enjoy amazing attractions such as Naperville Riverwalk and the DuPage Children’s Museum. As for education, the percentage of high school graduates(96.5%) clearly shows the quality of education in Naperville. We would point out one of the top public schools –  Neuqua Valley High School (A+), Naperville Central High School (A+), and Metea Valley High School (A+). The only thing we advise you to consider in order to save money on gas is the commute time which is pretty long – 33.9 minutes.


In case you still have doubts about moving to Springfield, you can contact best cross country movers Springfield, they will clarify all your suspicions. As the capital of Illinois with a population of around 113,000 people, Springfield is an amazing place for families and individuals. First of all, it has a low cost of living, lower in comparison to the U.S. average. Moreover, the opportunities for education are extraordinary since its public schools are rated above the average and it has several top-rated colleges and universities. Also, one of the advantages could be the low commute time – 17. 6 minutes.

Illinois Capital Dome in Springfield
Not just families enjoy Springfield but tourists as well. Thus, give it a chance to prove how great it is.

Furthermore, what makes Springfield so enticing for families is the lower housing costs. Thus, a median home value is $133,000 while the median rent is $805. Still, bear in mind that the median income is $54,648, which is lower than the national average.

While Springfield has many positive features we must warn you about certain things you may not like. For instance, crime rates are higher than the average. Also, employment opportunities are not big. As a matter of fact, you will have difficulties in finding a job here. Finally, the public transportation system isn’t promising. Therefore, you are left to determine whether Springfield is one of the best cities for families in Illinois and how suitable it is to your own needs and possibilities.


If you are interested in a bustling city where you will never get bored, Aurora is the right place for your family. Being a city with 200,946 residents it offers great opportunities for the whole family. To start with, the housing costs are quite decent. The median home value is $213,018 while the median rent is $1,600. Also, you have nothing to worry about your employment opportunities. Certainly, you will find a job as soon as you move here. Make sure to get professional help from the best interstate movers Aurora to ease the transition.

Moreover, great educational opportunities are something you surely search for when moving with your kids. Have no doubts about Aurora and its schools. However, let us not talk about education only. What about fun? Well, Aurora offers tremendous entertainment opportunities for your family. Your kids may show interest in science exhibitions or The SciTech Interactive Science Museum. Sports fans may enjoy the Aurora Skate Center. Also, culture is not lagging behind. Hence, take your kids to one of the city’s leading theater houses – The Riverfront Playhouse Theater.

Well, is there something bad to say about life in Aurora? Maybe a longer commute time of 28.8 minutes. But that is it. Aurora is truly a wonderful place for you.


Unlike the cities we have presented so far, you have the chance to get familiar with life in Chicago, the third most populated city in the USA with more than 2.7 million residents. Still, you may be certain your family will have everything in this amazing city. The cost of living in Chicago is pretty much the same as the national average. Moreover, the housing costs are approximately the same as the U.S. average. Thus, the median home value is $291,200 which is quite decent for such a huge city. Make sure to get in touch with the best cross country movers Chicago to get more info about the moving costs.

Chicago as one of the top places for families in Illinois
Chicago offers numerous opportunities for families and young individuals.

Since Chicago offers a diversity of job opportunities have no worries. Industries such as finance, publishing, manufacturing, and food processing are quite developed and it will be easy to find a job here. As for your children, they will have the best education since there are many above-average public schools. Some of the best schools are Spring Brook Elementary School, Kennedy Junior High School, and Walter Payton College Preparatory High School.

Furthermore, entertainment is at a high level. Enjoy with your kids in numerous cultural activities and sports as well. Garfield Park Conservatory is a place that the whole family will enjoy especially during the harsh winter weather. Also, the Art Institute of Chicago is a place you are to visit.


Coming to a wonderful place like Hinsdale with your family will be an excellent decision for everyone. Especially if you love nature. Beautiful natural landscapes and small-town charm with a population of 17,710 people are definitely what you need. In search of your new home, you will be amazed by the tremendous offer of properties that fit everyone’s lifestyle. Hence, it is time to use the moving services of your Cross Country Movers.

However, be ready for the truly high costs of living in Hinsdale. The overall cost of living is 102% higher than the U.S. average. Moreover, the median home value is $975,000. Even with this price, around 80% of residents own their homes. On the other hand, the median rent is $1,609. Therefore, you must be prepared to put aside a significant amount of money for your property, transportation, healthcare, and groceries. Only utilities will be less expensive.

Furthermore, you won’t be bored in Hinsdale since it has a variety of places to enjoy.

  • Burlington Park
  • Graue Mill & Museum
  • Hinsdale History Museum
  • Katherine Legge Memorial Park


In case you opt for Joliet as one of the best family places in Illinois you won’t be mistaken. This is truly an amazing place with a population of 146,572 residents that offers genuine pleasure for everyone, especially families with kids. What is most interesting is the overall cost of living which is amazing. These costs are approximately 15% lower than the U.S. average. Still, the best surprise comes when you consider buying yourself a property in Joliet. The housing costs are almost 40% lower than the national average. Thus, the median home value is $143,000. You can easily become the owner of your new home. As a matter of fact, all the costs are lower compared to the national average. If you decide to move there, best cross country movers Joliet will help you with the logistics of the move.

children in a classroom listening to their teacher while they are sitting on a floor
Be certain your kids will get the education they deserve in some of the best places for families in Illinois.

Furthermore, your children will have a great education in some of the best schools in Joliet such as Troy Craughwell School, Union Elementary School, Joliet West High School, and Hufford Junior High School. Also, entertainment is absolutely guaranteed. You can revel in numerous places with your children.

  • the Joliet Area Historical Museum
  • Rialto Square Theatre
  • the Inwood Golf Course
  • Pilcher Park
  • Bird Haven Greenhouse & Conservatory
  • Haunted Trails Family Entertainment Center


Don’t doubt that Rockford IL, a city with 143,515 residents is the right place for you and your family. As a matter of fact, Rockford is one of the best Illinois cities for families, according to the experience of some of the best interstate movers Rockford. Similarly to the previous city we have mentioned, the overall costs are almost 15% lower in comparison to the U.S. average. Also, what makes it especially popular for families is the fact that the housing costs are about 40% lower than the national average. In comparison to Joliet, here you can find a property for the average price of $115,100.

Your children will be educated in some of the top-quality schools in Illinois. Thus, wait no more. Rockford is ready for you. Its famous schools welcome your kids. Bear in mind that Thurgood Marshall School, Galapagos Rockford Charter School, Guilford High School, and Auburn High School are just some of the best since the number of great schools is really high.

Enjoy a diversity of popular places and have fun after completing your residential move. Rockford offers tremendous opportunities for family and friendly activities such as the Rockford Art Museum, Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens, Rock Cut State Park, Anderson Japanese Gardens, Magic Waters,  the scenic Rock River, and Burpee Museum of Natural History.


People of all ages will find what they are looking for in this amazing city called Bloomington. It is also known by the nickname The Evergreen City because of its proximity to Evergreen lake. Its cost of living is suitable for families since they are 17% lower than the national average. Also, housing costs are quite low since the median home cost is $208,000.

four boys playing with a ball outside
What matters is to see the satisfaction on your kids’ faces.

Are you worried about whether your kids will be entertained? Well, Bloomington will blow your doubts away. Therefore, you have succeeded in finding the best place for your lifestyle. It offers amazing attractions, local parks, and landmarks where you can spend an enjoyable time. Some of the most interesting places are Miller Park Zoo, Children’s Discovery Museum, Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts, and The Castle Theatre.

Excellent opportunities for education make Bloomington an excellent place for families in Illinois. Some of the best schools are the following.

  • Northpoint Elementary School
  • Pepper Ridge Elementary School
  • Bloomington Jr High School
  • Evans Junior High School
  • Bloomington High School

Don’t be concerned because there are no colleges and universities in Bloomington. Illinois Wesleyan University is very close to Bloomington. Thus, the students have opportunities for education. Also, we must point out the benefits of having a free Bloomington Public Library.

Whatever place you opt for your family will feel all the benefits of living in Illinois

All in all, we have presented some of the best places for families in Illinois hoping you will find what you’re looking for. Hence, now it’s all up to you. The offer is wide. The final choice depends on your priorities, desires, needs, and budget. After all, a family usually searches for an adequate cost of living, good education, and entertainment opportunities, among other things as well.

Following our list of places, you can see that they are truly the best. Most of them have really satisfying costs of living, including housing costs. Still, some of them may seem expensive. However, the main advantages of those places lie in something else. Great education and entertainment opportunities are one of the main things each parent will be interested in. Believe us, all those places offer extraordinary conditions for excellent education and fun. Therefore, the main differences are slight. The final choice is all yours. Be certain you won’t regret it, no matter which place you choose. 

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