Moving from Florida on a budget

Moving from Florida on a budget should represent no feat. After all, moving on a budget basically means that you will have limited funds to spend on moving services. After all, there are certain things that you can do with just the help of your friends. Moving on a budget is one of those things. We would always suggest contracting professional moving service to help you move. In case you had a good experience when you arrived in Florida, it may be a good idea to contract the same company that moved you to Florida when you arrive for the first time.

However, we understand that in today’s economy affording such help can be difficult. Still, when you pay somebody to move you, you are not paying for the muscle. You are paying for the knowledge and resources. People in moving industry in Florida are some of the best professionals you will find in the country. Therefore trust us, you would want them to take care of your items and not Johnny from around the block

Saving money by DIY when moving from Florida

The most obvious way to save money on moving from Florida on a budget is to get your buddies to hop in and help you move. If they are true friends and they probably claim to be, they should be there for you. They should help you pack your stuff, undo your selves, bed, tables, and desks. Also, you can have them disassemble the bed and get it ready for the move. Now, depending on how far you are moving to and the cars that they drive, they may or may not be able to help you.

Counting money
Try to save as much when you decide to do a DIY move

What means of transport are you going to use for moving from Florida on a budget?

In the case you and your friends drive pick-up trucks, many of your potential problems and money-draining situations will be taken care of. If you have a few pick up trucks at your disposal, you can pack all of your stuff in them and drive straight to your new home. However, if pick up trucks in your close surroundings are obsolete, then hiring a moving truck could be the best idea.

A pick-up truck
DIY move will engage many of your friends and their resources

Moving trucks are fairly affordable to hire. Obviously, this will depend on the company you hire them from, truck sizes and the time you need to have them. In case you opt for this option, make sure you book days in advance, maybe even a month ahead. The last thing you would want to happen, in an organizational sense, is to have all of your buddies at your place and be unable to find a way to transport your belongings. Therefore, play it safe and book ahead!

Reduce the load of stuff that you are carrying

One of the most common reasons why people spend too much while moving from Florida on a budget is that they are not prepared to say goodbye to the stuff they do not need. This leads them to hire a bigger truck than they really need. Here are some of the actions that you can take in order to minimize the moving expenditure.

Throw away all that you do not need

This includes all of you bathroom-cleaning and other chemicals. The last thing you would want is to pay a thousand bucks more on the move while the items that you are moving are available at your destination. Take them all out of the moving pile. Few days before the move you can take them to non-profit NGO’s that can make use of them. They can give them away to someone else who cannot afford them. Alternatively, they can use them on their own premises. This will allow them to use more of their funds for the real help.

Throw away everything that you either not need or can get cheaply at your destination

Move in the off-season when moving from Florida on a budget

This is probably the least common way people try to save money while moving. We cannot describe how much cheaper it can be to do it in late fall or early spring. Sure, weather may not be perfect for it, but the rates will be lower. They are so much lower than for the price of renting a truck in the season, in the off-season you may receive a lot of value more for your money. For example, you can hire professionals to execute the move for you and not pay more. Your family and friends will be thankful.

Forget about buying boxes

Seriously. Go to your closest corner shop or a supermarket and ask them to give you some of their used boxes. Tape them up and voila, your pocket remains pretty full still.

Ask for estimates if you decide to hire a professional mover

In order to save money and be sure you are saving, ask for estimates. Even if you think you cannot afford professionals, ask around. You might stumble upon a company that can give you some amazing discount. You will get advises, at least. Nevertheless, whenever you ask for estimates, ask to get them in writing. You would not be the first to settle for a price only to find out that there were some hidden costs customers do not count on. By having an estimate in writing, you will be protected in case anyone tries to rip you off. Furthermore, you will know exactly how much you need to spend in order to get the professional help yo move your stuff.

Look for reviews

Lastly, the most expensive move is the one that gets out of hands. In order to be safe both time and money-wise, make sure you hire a trustworthy cross country moving company. You will do this if you carefully check out experiences of previous customers. In order to avoid scams, search reviews on their website. Also, there are other bulletin boards where you can get recommendations. Whatever you do, make sure you’re moving from Florida with the good guys. Don’t get into a situation to lose your nerves over a few hundred bucks.

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