Moving from Georgia with instruments

Wherever you are moving to or from with instruments, you should pay attention to several key points when you move cross country. In this text, we are going to present some of them, but first, let us point out a few important bulletins that you should bear in mind when moving from Georgia with instruments:

  • You should try and save as much as you can on your move without jeopardizing the quality of the move
  • Protect your instruments when moving them
  • Ask for estimates for moving musical instrument from Georgia

Given the fact that Georgia is known as a musical state and Atlanta, GA has seen a rising trend in the music industry, you can expect a lot of professional moving services to offer to take your instruments from Georgia to where you want to go to. Let’s see what you should pay attention to.

Find out if your potential moving professionals have experience in moving instruments

Moving instruments is not difficult, but it’s far from easy. Given the fact that the music industry has seen development in Georgia in the past years, you should take advantage of the momentum and ask your potential movers whether they have any experience in moving instruments. Now, depending on the type and the number of instruments that you would like to move, you may choose to work both with experienced and inexperienced movers from Georgia. After all, the experienced ones also used to lack experience and expertise in this field. If they were able to learn, sure your preferred company will learn as well. All you need to decide is whether you are the right learning material for them.

Close-up of two electric guitars
Protect guitar so it doesn’t get damaged in the transport

If you do not feel comfortable with other people learning while moving you, then play it safe at stay with the old dogs. They know the tricks of the trade and will surely make your life, but your pocket as well, easier. Still, you know what they say, there is no price tag on having a piece of mind.

Read reviews

Reviews and comments sections today are invaluable sources of information on who actually you are about to work with. Thanks to pages such as Yelp, we are able to find out about good business practices and the bad ones in just a matter of moments. Therefore, do not be lazy. Write down what you need to know and look for answers on the web pages of moving companies and experiences from their previous customers. It’s just like choosing accommodation on Booking. If someone else had a great experience staying in a hotel, you will probably have a similar one. Or, if one moving company did a great job of moving the majority of their customers, odds are that you would have a good experience too.

Get estimates

In moving industry, estimates are everything. They will provide you with an information on how much moving from Georgia with your instruments will cost. Also, you should ask for a written list of what is included in that price and what is not. Ask for at least three estimates before you make a decision. Given the fact that you will be moving from Georgia with instruments means that you will probably need to ask for more estimates than usual. Simply because your baggage is not common, every day, baggage.

Also, asking for written estimates will allow you to try the price-matching technique. Price-matching technique means that some companies will match their price with a lower price provided to you from their competition in order to win a customer and get work. For you as a potential customer, this means that you have options on your hand.

Your negotiation position will be bolstered if you call your preferred moving company and tell them that you were interested in hiring them, but that their price was a bit over your budget. Then, you should tell them that they would be your first choice if you could afford them. Lastly, you should show them the estimate that you had received from the competition and ask them to match it. If they say yes, you’ve got yourself a top-choice moving company. If they refuse, you can either stick with your original plan and go to the competition. Your other option is to accept their quote and spit the money out. After all, they still are your favorite.

Pack your instruments with care

Three men unloading a truck
Unloading instruments is something best done by moving professionals

You can hire the best moving company that exists in the world to move your instruments from Georgia. Still, if you do not pack your instruments properly and with care, there are no good enough professionals in this world that are going to be able to save them from damage during the move. Therefore, no matter who you hire to move your items, make sure it is you packs them. In order to pack instruments properly, you need to understand how fragile they are and what to pay particular attention to.

Your moving from Georgia plan should be made very carefully

Moving is a process that takes a lot of time. The biggest mistake that people make is that they do not leave enough time to prepare for the move. You should not let this happen to you. Learn from the others. We need to point this out because this has been turning into a common practice. If you plan a cross country Georgia move all the way to the smallest bits, there will be nothing to catch you off-guard. You will turn into a fish that is swimming in the sea.

Experienced street musicians know all there is about moving from Georgia with instruments.
Make sure you pack your instruments well

Checklist are your best friends when you are making the moving plan. Plan months ahead. Also, divide your checklist into stages. The first stage should be a macro-move and should contain administrative tasks you should take care of. It should start at least 6 months before moving from Georgia with instruments is due. As the time goes by, tick off items on that list. After you have executed the macro plan, the time will be right to make a more thorough list. Lastly, all that will be left on you list is packing singular items. By that time the beginning of the end of your moving from Georgia with instruments will be in a full swing.

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