Moving from South Carolina with a pet

There are many things you need to think about when moving. Just as well, there are many difficulties and complications that can arise, just from moving with someone else. For example, your significant other can help you with the move, but your kids can be a bit tougher to deal with. You will need to prepare your children for the move correctly. Same goes for pets – your cuddly friends might be pretty good or might be causing trouble. When you are dealing with the process of moving, even the smallest cries for attention can be hard to handle – you are just doing few too many things at once! In this article, we give you some helpful tips and tricks about moving from South Carolina with your pet.

Choose your location carefully when moving from South Carolina with a pet

A child and a pet sitting on a couch after moving from South Carolina.
Choose the location for your move very carefully.

One of the most important decisions you will make when moving from South Carolina is the location. This decision will inform every step you take after that. First, the size of your new lodgings will help you decide how many things you will be taking with you. Some items you had in your three-stories house can’t fit into your new apartment. Then, you will need to figure out what wardrobe you will need from the climate of the area. South Carolina mostly has nice weather, but if you are moving somewhere north, you might need warmer clothes most of the time. This decision also matters when you take your pets into consideration.

Think very carefully about your pet’s needs, as well as the safety of the area. First, if you are renting a home, check with the landlord if they allow pets. If you are buying an apartment, make sure that the building owner allows pets. You do not want to get a place where your friends are forbidden to come with you.

Consider the safety and the needs of your pets when moving from South Carolina

Next, think about the safety of the area. Are there any aggressive neighborhood dogs? Will your pet have room to roam around, or will they need to spend most of the time inside? Your decision will also depend on the pet’s needs. If you have a cat, you probably want to find a place that has room for you to build vertically. Kitty blocks on top of the furniture are often enough for your feline friends.

However, if you have an old dog, a puppy or a dog that has trouble with house training, you will want to take them outside as much as possible. That is often hard to do in an apartment building. In this case, you might want to search for a home with a nice yard for your pet to explore and play in.

What to do when the moving day comes

A cat in a box.
Exclude your pets from the packing activities.

Once you have decided on the suitable location for your new home, it’s time to figure out what you will do when the moving day actually arrives. A lot of pets are scared of change – and the moving process will be stressful for them just as it is for you. Look at it this way – your furry friends have no clue what is happening around them. One day, you will just pick them up and transport them to another place. They have no idea this will be their new home, so they might be petrified or curious about it.

What you can do is try to exclude them from all the packing, and help them ease into their new lodgings. You can do pretty much the same things as you would with kids when moving with a family. First, bring the moving boxes prior to the moving day into your house. This will help your pets adjust to the smell and the shape of these items. Then, during the packing process, either give your pets to a friend for a day or put them in a familiar room. Close the door on that room (so they won’t run away) and plan to pack it the last. When movers arrive, there will be a lot of unfamiliar people and noise, so try to block this away from your pet.

Transporting your pet

The next thing you need to think about when leaving South Carolina is how you will transport your pet. First, think about the mode of transportation you are taking. If you are going by car, decide whether your pet can travel with you in the seat, or if they will need a crate. When you are traveling by plane, you will need to figure out what the airline’s rules are when it comes to the animal transportation.

A cat sitting in a crate.
Make sure your pet is used to their crate.

If they need to travel in a crate, you should take a couple of weeks to get them used to it. Give them treats when you place them in their crate and walk around the house with them in it. You can also take a short ride around the neighborhood so they can develop an idea of it. They need to realize that the crate is not dangerous and that you will be free once more once the journey is over.

Adjusting to the new house when moving from South Carolina

You might think that after the move is complete, your job is done. You survived! Now your pet can run free, explore and have fun! You’re wrong. Being in a new surrounding, filled with new sounds and smells can be petrifying for your pet. This is why it’s important to help them develop an understanding of their surrounding step by step. First, place them in one room and let them get used to it. This will be their “home base” – a place they will sleep, eat, drink water, and where their favorite toys will be always waiting.

Once they are comfortable with this room, start introducing one room at a time, and letting them adjust to it. Only after they have grown used to their home you should consider taking them out. With these steps, your pets will overcome moving from South Carolina in no time.

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