Moving to Georgia as a musician

As a musician, your goal is to write songs that would be listened to by many. Your songs would bring joy to the people and you would have so much fun performing them to the live audience. You imagine yourself financially independent, but not filthy rich. That is not why you are into music. You write and perform music because there is something within you that needs to come out. It is a way that you communicate with the world around you. Everywhere you look there are many people around you and all of them are possible patrons of your music. Still, you are thinking about moving to Georgia as a musician in order to quicken your rise. But is it for you? Best Cross Country Movers are here to offer you some guidance.

It is difficult to bring joy to people through music if your audience is limited. That is why you are moving to Georgia as a musician. You know Atlanta is becoming more and more important in the music industry and you are going to catch the wave and ride it while it lasts.

Why should you be moving to Georgia as a musician

Music plays an important role in the folklore of the South. You should keep that in mind all the time. Gospel, rhythm and blues, soul, funk, rock and roll, and many more are embedded in the musical bloodline of the South. Georgia is no different. In case you are trying to make a career in certain forms of traditional music, it would be very helpful to be there and live there.

African-American woman in a gown, with the highway in the background.
Moving to Georgia as a musician means that you will experience the Southern glamour

Get exposed to the culture and soak in on it. One of very important aspects of creating a particular type of music is understanding where it comes from and how it came to be. Moving to Georgia as a musician will help you understand that essence of the Southern style. It could inspire you in ways you haven’t expected before.

Is it absolutely necessary to live in a music city in order to make it?

This sounds like an absolutely legit question. Indeed, how important is it to live in a music city in order to make it in the music industry? Well, the correct answer varies depending on what you want to do in the industry:

Musical notes
Is it absolutely necessary to live in a big city in order to make it in the music industry?
  • If you are an aspiring musician, living in a bustling city can have its advantages and disadvantages
  • If you are into production, living in the music city is a must

Moving to Georgia for music if you are an aspiring musician

When you are a musician looking to get your career going, there are two paths you can follow.

Firstly, you could decide to move to a music hub and try making your name there. Given the fact that there will be plenty of options to get your musical career started can sound promising. However, this also means that there will be even more aspiring musicians looking for their chance. We are not saying that you stand no chance. All that we want to say is that the alternative approach could prove more rewarding.

The different approach means that you could stay in your town and make music there in stead of searching for fame somewhere else. You could initiate collaborations with other musicians and invite them to play with you in your local community. If you could succeed in that it should not represent too much of a challenge to grand scale your initiative.

What is living in Georgia like?

Let’s take a look at some common points of living in any place, including Georgia.

Music scene

Just like moving to any place all around the world, there are certain points that you need to know before you decide on moving to Georgia as a musician. First of all, the music scene in Georgia is pretty lively. There are many different towns known for many different types of music. Should you decide to move there, surely you will find a niche for you.


When you are moving to Georgia as a musician you will need to have a roof over your head. We are glad to inform you that housing in Georgia is affordable. Plus, in case that you are buying a property (while it may be a long shot in case you truly are an aspiring musician) the good news is that housing market is recovering. If you can afford to buy a house, now would be a good investment.

Image of a colonial house - a goal to aspire to when moving to Georgia as a musician
The housing market is improving in Georgia

Job opportunities

While you are getting your music career back on track, you will need to work in order to sustain chasing your dreams. Once again, the good news is that jobs are available. In fact, Georgia is home to twenty Fortune 500 companies. In case you have some other hidden talents apart from music, you may even make a career in it as well.

You might want to get into the film industry in Georgia. Film production has been on the rise in this state since the beginning of the 2000s due to introduced tax incentives. If you are moving there for the music, maybe you could get a fresh start by writing music for a film?

Weather in Georgia

Georgia is a hot and humid state where hurricanes occasionally happen. Due to its wonderful beaches and warm weather, Georgia is very popular with tourists. You will find coastal regions swarming with them during the summer. Thanks to its geographical aspects, the weather in Georgia allows for swimming activities to take place during summer while skiing is available during winter. Sometimes, it is even possible to do both in one day.

Traffic in Georgia

Like basically anywhere else in the US, traffic in Georgia gets maddening. Given the fact that you are an aspiring musician moving to Georgia for music, you will appreciate the fact that road bicycles are all around. This means that, while you are getting your career on track, you can use the same to move around. Still, owning a car is very helpful.

Atlanta or Athens are your go-to cities in Georgia

There are two major musical cities in Georgia that you should go to if you are moving to Georgia as a musician. City of Atlanta or Athens are the two top spots for music and that’s where you should be heading to if you want to make a career in music in Georgia.

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