How to simplify military relocation

Military families move more than other people. A lot more than others actually. The service has you moving every two to four years. That is a lot of time spent just to pack stuff, a lot of time wasted. Let us help you simplify military relocation for you and make it as simple as possible.

Make a solid plan and stick to it

If you have some experience with military relocation you know what we are talking about. A solid plan is critical for this to be as painless as possible. Over time you are used to it but it is always the same old stuff and hard work.

Luckily for you, you are used to hard work. Then moving is just dull and you need to get it over with. For a solid plan to work, your entire family needs to make it. Depending on one’s abilities and free time, assign jobs to each of the family members. Write the mandatory stuff down and assign them to your loved ones to simplify military relocation.

A man writing down a plan to simplify military relocation
Make a good plan in order to simplify military relocation

Rely on your movers

Since moving happens often to you, you need to rely on long distance moving companies South Carolina a lot. Unless you want to overwhelm yourself and your family members, witch we do not suggest by the way. A great deal of packing can be taken care of by the professional packing services. That is a lot of weight taken off from your chest.

a cartoon man loading his van
Your movers can help you a lot

Moving companies specialize in working under pressure just like you. So you know you can rely on them to do the job swiftly and perfectly. Doing everything on your own isn’t an option when you need to simplify military relocation. This happens too often for you to manage it alone.

Buy functional and multi-purpose furniture

Since you move a lot, a special style of furniture and décor might not be possible for you. Buying furniture every two years is not an option either. That is a lot of money spent in vain. With every new home, new furniture is out of question. That is not the way to simplify military relocation.

a folding sofa
Use folding furniture in order to save space

Buying multifunctional furniture is the right choice. These types of furniture are often very stylish. Yet they are simple enough to fit into every space. Aside from them being great looking, multifunctional furniture is easy to assemble. Cross country movers will do it quickly enough. It won’t take you or your moving company much time to make it functional again. And when you are constantly moving, that is a huge deal. Saving time with multi-purpose furniture is how you simplify military relocation and make it easier on everyone involved.

Simplify military relocation by getting rid of unnecessary items

With moving around a lot you can’t have the luxury of owning a lot of unnecessary items. We mean, you can, but that will not simplify military relocation. Instead of piling up whatever comes as you, try to be picky about your belongings.  And keep your house free of clutter. You need quality items that can withstand moving around a lot. That is why it is not a shame to pick out more expensive linens or furniture. Quality over quantity always.

bunch of items in the room
Try to get rid of some items you do not need anymore

This principle is not something only military families should abide by. Hoarding stuff will only make it harder for you to live, clean and move. So pick carefully and pick right something that every family member can enjoy.

Save your packing supplies

Just as with furniture when moving you can’t always buy new packing supplies. For now, it may seem like a small amount of money, but trust us, it is not. When you are moving every two years, buying supplies every time can be a great expense.

Instead of using cardboard boxes that are for single-use, buy plastic containers. Plastic may not sound great for the environment, but it is not a single-use object. To simplify military moving means you need something durable. Throwing out cardboard boxes is not the solution either. That is why plastic containers will work better for military families. Like your furniture, they are multifunctional. Use them in your everyday life not just when moving.

man hodling cardboard boxes
Save some boxes from your previous moves

Another pro of using plastic containers is that they keep your items safe from impact. We talked about quality over quantity. Well, they will protect those important items for you much better than other packing options. Durable packing supplies will also save you a lot of money. That is if you save them after you move and take care of them for the next one.

Pack your emergency bag

Your emergency bag should not be that hard to pack. In fact, you should always have one packed.

The essential bag you should use to simplify military relocation should hold:

  1. Clean change of clothes
  2. Toiletries
  3. Basic documents
  4. Relocation documents
  5. Some food and snacks
  6. Maybe a first aid kit

This is not a must. What your bag should contain  is matter of your personal needs and preferences. To sum up, it is all the stuff you regularly use and need. If you want to save space, pack all the family members’ emergency items in one bag. If your car is spacious enough, then every family member can pack their own bag according to their liking.

a travel bag on the floor
Pack the most important items in this emergency bags

Be ruthless when decluttering storage areas

To simplify military relocation means to avoid storage areas. We already mentioned that the fewer items the better. Not just in your house but in general. Use your inner house storage areas for necessary items. As we mentioned before, do not let furniture and garbage pile up. This will only make it harder for you to move.

Military moving is less frequent than other types. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be more painful and stressful. We hope we have helped you simplify military relocation as much as we could. The rest is up to you to finish.

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