Traits of reliable cross country moving companies in Florida

Searching for an ideal moving company for your upcoming cross-country relocation can be quite difficult, at times. The main reason for this is due to the fact that there are so many movers out there, and all of them will try to convince you that they are perfect for the job. However, you can always turn to professional moving matchmakers, such as Best cross country movers. That way, you will not need to worry whether a moving company is reliable, or trustworthy. But there are situations where you might want to conduct the search on your own, and that is what we are going to discuss in this article. We will present you with a list of traits of reliable cross country moving companies in Florida, so getting to the optimal choice will be a lot easier.

What are the traits of reliable cross country moving companies in Florida?

Here are the main traits that you need to look out for:

  • Years of experience and well-trained employees
  • Professionals always pay attention to detail
  • One of the traits of reliable cross country moving companies in Florida – Accurate estimates
  • Insurance
  • A good moving company offer storage services
  • Testimonials/customer reviews
  • A wide spectrum of moving services

Of course, you may want to get as many recommendations from your friends, family, and colleagues. Even in this day and age, personal experiences are still “king”, as the internet can be full of misinformation. That being said, if you spend enough time and effort on finding the best cross country movers in Florida, you are bound to have a satisfactory relocation experience. However, do note that the process is still going to be a lengthy one, so you might want to start sooner rather than later. But for now, let’s take a deeper look at these traits, starting with:

Years of experience and well-trained employees

The fact of the matter is that a company that has years of experience in doing relocations poses far less risk than a newly-emerged one. Movers that have been “around the block” for decades usually streamline their operations and are much more efficient than their fledgling counterparts. Of course, there are outliers but they are few and far between. In most cases, you will be better off choosing an experienced mover, such as New Leaf Moving Group for example, than an unproven moving company. Furthermore, companies that have been in the business for a long time usually have extremely capable employees.

male with a face mask, loading a moving van with cardboard boxes
Experienced movers will always take extreme care of your belongings.

But these traits are not enough to ensure that the mover in question is amazing. We will still need to take a look at few more things, such as:

Professionals always pay attention to detail

When you talk to your moving company, try to note their attention to detail. Usually, a mover that wishes to “scam” you will try to make it so everything you want can be done, no questions asked. However, that is not really how complicated relocations work. Professional movers worth their proverbial salt, like Alliance Movers, for example, will ask you numerous questions, to ensure the smoothness of the moving process. They will take note of your entire situation, and ensure that everything is accounted for. This attention to detail is extremely important, as it will create a stress-free and efficient moving experience.

One of the traits of reliable cross country moving companies in Florida – Accurate estimates

Now, this is something you can’t really know for certain until you go through with your relocation (or if you schedule an in-home estimate which is a far better option), unfortunately. But you can ask your social circle for their experiences to figure this one out. All the top moving companies, such as American Top Moving, for example, will provide you with really accurate free estimates. Of course, there will be some divergence but their estimates will be, at most, 1-5% off. The divergence increases with distance, however, so for long-distance relocations, you will always want to schedule a home inspection and get a binding estimate.

person using a calculator, dollar bills on the table
Every great mover will offer an estimate that is almost 100% accurate.


You will also need to take a look at the company’s insurance options. Moving companies are not actually allowed to sell insurance policies, legally, but they do offer some valuation options. Basically, the more options they have, the better. Additionally, all of the best movers will partner with a third-party insurance provider, so you can finish everything in one place.

A good moving company offers storage services

Similar to insurance, you will want to go with a mover that can provide suitable storage units. You should be looking at a company that is an expert in a particular area, anyway, and they need to have a sizeable selection of storage units. For example, South Florida Van Lines Inc is a company whose headquarters are in Miami, and that can offer a vast selection of storage units in the city. You should always try to go with a company that is based in or near the city you are relocating to if you can.

storage facility
A good selection of storage units is the hallmark of a good mover.

Testimonials/customer reviews

Moving companies “live and die” by their customer reviews. Whenever deciding on a mover, you need to read as many of their reviews as possible. However, you need to be careful of fake ones. Since they are so important, most companies will add in a review or hundred of their own. Knowing how to distinguish between the “real deal” and a fake review is an essential skill. But, once you master it, this is perhaps the best way to figure out if the moving company is the right match for you.

Another one of the traits of reliable cross country moving companies in Florida – Wide spectrum of moving services

Lastly, all the top companies will offer numerous moving services. The more they offer, the better. That means that they are fully prepared to tackle any moving problem. This is one of the traits of reliable cross country moving companies in Florida that you can depend on, actually. If your movers can deal with literally any situation, that means that they are good. Simple as that.

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