Downsizing before a long distance move

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your moving costs, downsizing before a long distance move can really help. Furthermore, it makes the entire process much simpler and faster. Of course, downsizing on its own takes time and effort, but the results are worth it. The key to success is to start early, even earlier than hiring professional movers Florida. If you do this right, your move will be cheaper, easier, and you might even earn some money along the way. All in all, downsizing is very beneficial in many ways, both in terms of commodity and finances. If you’re still not sure if this is the right way to go, we’re here to help. Keep on reading, and we’ll explain the benefits of downsizing in detail.

family home with a gray roof
Over time, we all accumulate a lot of items we almost never use

The benefits of downsizing before a long distance move

Before you start the process, you need to understand just what makes it so good and convenient. The first reason to simplify your move, and the most obvious one, is that relocations are tricky. Even if you do everything by the book and hire the best moves, you’re still not in the clear. Moving is a long process, especially if you have to prepare for a long journey. Secondly, downsizing lowers the moving costs. Movers charge based on the size of your inventory. So, the less you have to carry, the less you will pay. Just the same, having fewer items to pack means you save on moving supplies too! If you don’t declutter, you’d have to pay around $100 only for boxes when packing a 2 bedroom apartment. Lastly, there is the benefit of profit. If you sell off the times you don’t need, you’ll boost your moving budget!

Effectively deciding what to get rid of before the move

Now that you understand the benefits of downsizing before a long distance move, we can discuss how to approach it. As we’ve said before, downsizing is a process that takes time. You simply can’t start everything a week before your residential movers FL arrive and expect good results. In some cases, deciding what to get rid of before relocating can be very difficult. The reason for this is very often emotional attachment, although sometimes it can be of a financial nature. Given that fact, you have a few tough decisions ahead of you. One of the biggest hurdles on your journey to a clutter-free move is emotions. If you run into emotional issues during your decluttering, think logically. Do you really use all of the items you have? Are there any items you haven’t used in over 6 months? If some items bring negative answers to these questions, discard them.

boxes after downsizing before a long distance move
It is very important to remain determined while downsizing

The other way of approaching the subject is from a financial angle. This factor applies to both the items you want to get rid of, but also the ones you want to keep. It goes without saying that selling unwanted items will earn you money back and help with the budget. On the other hand, there are certain situations where you might want to throw away even the items you initially wanted to keep. Take a look at your items and see if they are in a good enough condition to survive the trip. Also, think about the packing services you will have to invest in. If your items aren’t in such a good condition, it might be better to discard them and buy new ones at the new location.

Ways to downsize your home before a long distance move

After covering the “why” and “what” of downsizing before a long distance move, it is time to tackle the “how”. There are a few ways to get rid of your stuff, and it all depends on both the conditions of the items, as well as your own preference. What you can do is:

  • Organize a yard sale or sell your items online if you have enough time to do so.
  • Sell your furniture to a local furniture retail store.
  • Donate your items to a charitable organization.
  • Give up your items for recycling if they are in bad condition.
people going through a yard sale
Yard sales are the best way to get some money back when moving

There are many ways to sell your items and boost your budget

If you want to earn some cash from your surplus items, a yard sale is the best way to do so. Keep in mind, however, that organizing such a sale, planning it, and organizing it, is a big task on its own. However, if you manage to do it successfully, the benefits are surely worth it, especially if you’re moving on a budget. On the other hand, people sometimes don’t have enough time to plan a full yard sale. In this case, the internet is your salvation if you want to sell some items. There are many websites made for this, so you shouldn’t have a problem making some quick cash. Lastly, if you’re really in a rush, you can visit a local used furniture store. You probably won’t earn much, but this is still a good way to get rid of bulky items in a pinch.

Do a good deed while downsizing before a long distance move and donate your items

In case you still have some good items left over which are in good condition, but you don’t want to sell them, consider donating them. This can be done by contacting a charitable organization in your area. In some cases, these organizations will come and pick up the items from your home. Donating during a move also makes you eligible for some tax deductions as well. All in all, you’ll declutter your home, do a good deed, and maybe even earn some money back.

Keep your relocation green and recycle

The last option when it comes to downsizing before a long distance move is the recycling center. After you sell or donate all of your good items, you’ll be left with all of the things which aren’t in such great condition. Collect them all and take them to the nearest recycling center. Of course, you won’t earn any money from this, but you will be satisfied, knowing that you did your part to protect the environment.

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