Should you trust recommendations when hiring movers?

Are you looking to hire movers, but you’re not sure whether you should trust recommendations? Best Cross Country Movers are here to help you distinguish between quality, trustworthy companies, and those that you better avoid. When you start your relocation journey, you want it to go smoothly. Oftentimes, at the beginning, we start encountering challenges. To overcome the challenges that relocation poses on you, people often hire movers. In the rush, they hire the wrong ones. This, in turn, causes them more stress and anxiety in an already stressful situation. But how will you know whether you should hire certain movers? Should you trust recommendations when hiring movers? Find out this, and more, in the text below! 

What does “quality movers” mean?

Let’s first tackle the meaning of quality movers. That way, when you search for movers and read reviews and recommendations, you’ll know what to look for. First, the quality movers will get everything done on time. Secondly, they will respect you, your wishes, and adjust to you as much as possible in the given moment. In the end, they will treat your items carefully and know how to approach the vast majority of the item types. This means that the movers know how to organize and how to pack and handle others’ belongings. It also means that they treat their customers with respect and they tailor the move to their customers’ specific needs. That’s what any quality moving company should be able to do. Of course, during the peak season when companies have many clients, adjusting to each one of them is hard. That’s why you should book your movers as soon as you can and avoid moving during the busy season. 

a man carrying cardboard boxes
Quality movers are licensed, insured, show up on time, and have your best interest in heart.

Credentials that a moving company should have

First of all, you want to know whether your moving company has a licence, and whether it’s insured. When you first encounter movers, whether live or online, you want to ask the movers about their credentials. Of course, licenses and regulations can differ from state to state. That’s why you should research your local laws. If you need a reference point, call the reliable and trustworthy moving company and ask them. Some states have different standards for estimates, liability, etc. One thing that you should definitely keep in mind is that interstate relocations require a special kind of license, federal licensure. In the end, keep in mind that a moving company should be insured. This isn’t the same as when a moving company offers the service of insuring your items, so be careful.

Should you trust recommendations when hiring movers, if they come from reviews?

“Should you trust recommendations when hiring movers?” basically boils down to whether you should trust moving reviews: 

  • Don’t trust the moving reviews if they’re all stellar, or very bad. It’s impossible that everyone has had the same experience with the company. 
  • If most of the reviews are negative, it’s possible that the competition companies are leaving them to reduce the number of people who hire the company you’re looking at. 
  • All positive reviews usually aren’t legit. There should be at least a few reviews that rate below the perfect. 
  • Look at the style of writing. If the style is similar in terms of length of sentences, vocabulary, it’s likely a lie. 
Should you trust recommendations when hiring movers
“Should you trust recommendations when hiring movers?” – Don’t trust reviews blindly, always double check!

Pay attention to the way they conduct a free quote

Another way that you can easily check whether the moving company reviews are true, is by getting the free quote. If everything’s stellar as it seems, they should do a proper estimate. This means that they will send someone from their company over at your place to estimate the price. Without seeing your home, the challenges that the movers might face, the amount and type of items, it’s hard to offer a realistic estimate. If you only need to fill in the questionnaire and they get you the estimate, don’t hire that company. It’s one of the first steps that people will reach for if they want to hire a company, and if they don’t do this right, it’s simply better that you stay away. 

 Should you trust recommendations when hiring movers, if it comes from word of mouth?

Short answer to that question is: yes. But be careful who it’s coming from. If it’s coming from someone who can benefit from you hiring that company, then you should do a deeper research. If it comes from someone who has no business related to relocation, then yes. Nothing beats the word of mouth when it comes to recommendations. You can ask the person about their experience, and they’ll tell you everything exactly as it was from their point of view. They’ll let you in on how they felt, how movers behaved, exactly what they did, and you’ll be able to have an objective picture about their services. Ask whether movers were on time, whether their items were delivered in a good state, and also, whether there were any hidden costs in the contracts. Hidden costs can greatly change the price you have to pay. It’s definitely not a question to avoid. 

girl giving thumbs up
Most reliable recommendations are those you get by the word of mouth.

Do you need reliable movers?

To finally answer the question “Should you trust recommendations when hiring movers?”: no. You shouldn’t trust any recommendation without checking it out. Do that by conducting an online research. Dig through the forums, call the company, and get the free estimate. Set up a meeting and if you like the company and they make you a contract – don’t sign it. Take it home and make sure that you understand everything that’s written there. If not, ask a company, or a lawyer. Look at each sentence regarding the font size. Reliable movers don’t have to be hard to find – we’re always at your disposal. You can give us a call, and we’ll gladly explain the way we operate, what services we offer, and our reasonable prices. There’s no reason to hesitate – book a move that you’ve been dreaming of, today! 

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