How to prepare your car for an interstate move

Moving can be quite a challenge. No matter if you want to use a professional moving company or do it on your own, you will have to plan ahead and get prepared. One of the main questions is whether to drive your car to another state or use a vehicle relocation service. No matter which option you choose you should know how to properly prepare your car for an interstate move. By knowing ahead how to prepare, the relocation of your vehicle and the whole home is going to be much easier. And less stressful of course.

Things to consider when you prepare your car for an interstate move

Planning your relocation is really a big job. You have to organize everything and deal with a lot of other moving-related tasks. Finding reliable residential movers is one of the most important things you should do. Here are the things to consider before you start scheduling everything:

  • Size of your move
  • Relocation costs
  • Overall costs when driving to your new home
  • All the documentation you need to prepare your car for an interstate move
prepare all the documents
Be sure to prepare all the necessary documents.

In case you do not have that many belongings, you can prepare your car for an interstate move. On the other hand, when you are moving the entire household moving everything by car may not be possible. In this case, you want to consider hiring a reliable moving company who also offers a vehicle transport service. That way you won’t have to organize two different moving companies, which can take more of your time. Reliable movers will give you all the necessary information you need about all the paperwork requirements. So you can prepare yourself.

What to pack and move in your car?

In case you have to move big items such as furniture and appliances they have to be well-secured during transport. You can always hire professionals to do the packing for you. Most of the moving companies offer packing services that will prepare everything for you. For every relocation, you have to prepare a box with essential items. These items may be valuable and your movers may refuse to transport them for insurance purposes. You should pack cash, important personal documents, jewelry, family photographs, and special valuable collections. Those items go with you.

Keep your cash with you.
Keep your cash and important documents with you during the relocation.

Packing the essential items in your car is the best way to keep them secure for the move. When moving and driving your car, you should also take your electronics with you. Make sure to pack your electronics the right way and save space while you prepare your car for an interstate move. Among those consider packing the essential belongings you will use for the first few days after you arrive. Those items will come in handy before your other things arrive. On the other hand, if you have numerous moving boxes to unpack, it is best to have your essentials already unpacked after you arrive at your new home.

Prepare your car for an interstate move

You want to prepare your car in advance before you drive to your new home. It has to be secure for long-distance driving. You should make an inspection of your car a month before the scheduled moving day. Consult your mechanic and do all the necessary check-ups before you go on the road. He should check your engine, oil status, and water levels. Safety should be your number one priority before you decide to pack and prepare your car for an interstate move. Safety is and always should be your top priority before you decide to pack and prepare your car for an interstate move.

Mechanic engine check.
The mechanic should check your engine, oil status, and water level.

The space of your car is also an important aspect. You should make a packing plan before you put the boxes in your car. That way you will be able to save some space on the big moving day. Also, a thing you might consider is storage units. In case you don’t have enough space in your new home for all of your belongings. Most of the companies are offering storage services. So you can store your items until you need them again.

You should avoid packing dangerous items and materials in your car. Any flammable items, dangerous materials, cleaning supplies or similar items can endanger you and your family. Also, all the mentioned items are forbidden by the law for transportation. That is why you should check which items you can transport in your car when crossing state lines.

Find the right moving company

The easiest way to transport your car is to find a vehicle shipping service. Before you do that, make sure to know your budget and how much can you spend. Contact at least 5 moving companies and compare them. That way you will get a better overview of the prices and services. After you find a reliable service you should be acquiring all the necessary documentation for the car transport. Those documents usually include:

  • Copy of the owner’s ID and other information like a driver’s license or passport
  • Information about the vehicle- car model, the estimated value, VIN#, etc.
  • Documentation from the moving company that will relocate your vehicle- contact information and other details
  • The information about the shipping company
  • Proper ownership documentation – these requirements may differ depending on ownership.

Before you prepare your car for an interstate move, acquire all the necessary insurance information. Acquire all the paperwork before your movers arrive. During the move, you should make a few stops just to relax. And also grab a snack to boost your energy. Even if you are having your vehicle shipped by truck from doorstep-to-doorstep, you should at least check the interior for loose objects that can damage the car while it’s on the move. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! After the relocation, you can then finally relax.

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