Moving from NYC to Florida

Any long-distance move is an exciting and stressful adventure. And if you’ve made up your mind about moving from NYC to Florida, one might say that you can expect both excitement and stress. Actually, many people move from the Big Apple to the Sunny State each year, and the reasons are numerous. So at least you don’t have to worry about being the only one! Whatever your own personal reasons might be, there are things to know before you move. It’s nice to know what you can expect before you begin preparing for relocation. Interstate moving is never a simple task, so get ready for the ride.

Moving from NYC to FLorida is the choice of many movers
According to many movers in the USA, Florida is the place to choose

Hire professional movers and make your relocations a bit simpler

If you think there is a way to do this without the help of interstate movers Florida, there’s a chance you might be wrong. Interstate relocation is a serious matter that takes a lot of planning and extensive organization. This means that in order to avoid being at the edge of your nerves before and during your moving days, you should hire a professional moving company. Your interstate move will go more smoothly and you will have someone to take care of any problems that might occur.

Experienced and reliable movers can be found and you will most likely need them. They can take care of your entire relocation, including packing, storage, and transport of your possessions. So there is a way to make moving from NYC to Florida much simpler than you originally had imagined. Let professionals take over your move. You have other moving issues to think about. Before you start moving, make sure you take the following steps:

  • start planning well in advance
  • find storage for the things you are not taking to Florida (consult professionals such as interstate movers Miami for some help on the matter)
  • pack and label everything
  • have a box or a bag of essentials ready – and now it’s time to…

Get ready to kiss the winter goodbye

You must know this already, but New York City and Florida have very different climates. You are probably used to the four seasons of the Big Apple, including the autumn foliage and winter snowy streets. This will all change once you move to Florida. Here the weather is warm and sunny almost throughout the entire year. Well, except for the hurricane season. You might want to wrap your mind around the whole hurricane season as soon as possible. And if you plan to live in the coastal part of Florida, humidity is something you will need to learn to live with. But the weather is not the only difference between NYC and Florida.

Forget about the cold New York City winters
Florida offers warm weather and sunny days

Owning a car in NYC is optional, in Florida, it’s almost mandatory

Hailing a cab on your way to work or running towards the nearest subway station might be how you rolled before moving from NYC to Florida. However, living in the Sunny State pretty much requires you to have a car of your own. So brush up on your driving skills. You are going to need them. Public transport in Florida is okay, but it’s no New York City. Your life will be easier once you buy a car and start driving more regularly. A car gives you a chance to visit the most beautiful places in Florida, but you must be worried about the costs of owning a vehicle. But. don’t worry, you can save money by moving, too.

Buying a real estate property in Florida is quite cheaper than doing the same thing in NYC

On average, you can buy a home in Florida for somewhere around $200,000. And this is a bit higher than the average home in the USA. However, it’s nowhere near the median home price in New York City, which is currently closer to $600,000. So if money is your issue, let it not be. You can save a bunch of it just by moving from NYC to Florida. For the price of your average New York City apartment, you could buy a big house in Florida. And although Florida is not generally considered as cheap, you come from what might be one of the most expensive cities in the USA (and the world). So no, Florida is not cheap, but according to a New Yorker’s standards, it’s a bargain.

Try not to worry about the long-distance relocation

There are easier ways to leave New York City
Leaving New York is never easy, but you’ll manage

It’s easy to get carried away and start panicking. After all, your lifestyle is about to experience some major changes. But try not to worry. Florida’s numbers are there to show you that more and more people think it is the perfect location for their new home. So why would it be different for you? Sure, New York City is captivating and magnificent, but the Sunny State does have its advantages. You will do just fine.

So, what do you think? Does moving from NYC to Florida still sound like something you are ready to do? Well, we say why not. Interstate moving might sound a bit intimidating, but it is an everyday thing nowadays. And you could have professionals give you a hand at any moment. Leaving NYC is never easy, but with a bit of help, you will be able to do it in no time. If you have decided to move then you shouldn’t wait any longer. Start planning as soon as you can. Make lists and schedules and don’t let anything surprise you. This might as well be the best decision of your life. Florida is not the perfect destination for the retirees only, it could be your dream state as well. So good luck and enjoy the sunshine!

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