The Best US Cities to Start a Business

Starting a business is difficult and needs a lot of planning, financial stability, and courage to take risks. However, what better place to start such an endeavor than in the United States of America. For that reason, we at best cross-country movers have decided to help you out. We made a list of the best US cities to start a business. Every city has its own appeal and its citizens have different needs. Above everything, a good business serves the needs of a community, therefore if you can do that, success is the only option for you.  In conclusion, every city has its appeal to welcome new businesses, but here are just our favorites.

The Best US Cities to Start a Business – Orlando, Florida

Living in Florida has its perks on its own. Well, your business will have them too. For example, Orlando hosts a huge number of venture capital funds and investment groups. The city also experienced a huge population boom, so it’s in need of great business ideas. If for moving there are best cross country movers Orlando, then you can be the next problem solver for another branch of the industry. Depending on what type of business you want to open up you’ll have some tax cuts and overall stability that only Orlando can offer.

Orlando Disney world
Orlando is home to Disney World, but also to many businesses

Austin, Texas

Austin got to the top of the business lists pretty quickly. And how wouldn’t it because there is no personal income tax and even no corporate income tax? Obviously, that fact is true state-wide. So why is Austin so special? Firstly, a population boom means that there’s also a boom in business. A lot of capital has been pumped into the city, so who knows? Maybe your idea will be the one that attracts investments. There is a lot of competition whatever your niche is, but Austin, Texas is a city that will welcome you with open arms.

Denver, Colorado

Like many other cities on this list, Denver too had a population boom over the years. For that reason, good ideas and money follow. But what’s really special about Denver? Well, the first thing you can hear from a business owner is the cost. Running a business isn’t among the cheapest, but living costs, for example moving with our best cross country movers Denver is very cheap. Obviously, the cost of living is low too, so it makes Denver a perfect place to work and live. Another positive side is a highly educated workforce. You won’t be short of good workers if you start a business in Colorado in general.

Starting a business in Miami, Florida

The city of Miami is best known for its sunny beaches. But, many big businesses have their place there and small businesses are opening up every day. Also, many venture capital funds and startups have their home in Miami. We know that if our best cross country movers Miami bring you here that you won’t only enjoy the sun and the beaches, but also the opportunities this amazing city has to offer. Be prepared for competition, as not every small business that opens up is an instant success.

View at Miami at night
Miami has great beaches, but also great business opportunities

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you’re more into breaking into a fresh market that people are still discovering, Oklahoma City is the right place for you. The city has many start-ups that put it on the business map in the first place. There have been many investments in earlier years, so it seems it’s finally paying out. Also, having two big medical research centers is always a good sign that starting a pharmaceutical or medical type of business can potentially be a great success.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Maybe Charlotte isn’t one of the cities that has the best weather, or the appeal of other bigger cities on the list, but its perk is the fact that it’s a very business-friendly city. One of the parameters that show it, is that from all the cities on the list you have the best chance ”to survive” on the market for more than five years. Its low cost of living is also a bonus that is worth considering. Obviously, it’s not a coincidence that Bank of America, Lowe’s, and Honeywell have their headquarters here.

The Best US Cities to Start a Business – San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is a city that is starting to bloom with startups. Many entrepreneurs are starting to call the city home seeing that it had a spike in its population. For that reason many people expect it to rise to the top cities to start your business in the near future. Texas has obvious advantages and our best cross country movers San Antonio know all about them. We already talked about taxes, but we can’t underline how much it can mean to pay minimal to no taxes for a business that is just starting. Take advantage of everything San Antonio has to offer!

San Antonio
San Antonio is a great place to start your business adventure

Atlanta, Georgia

Not many places offer a highly-educated workforce and low cost of living at the same time. One of those places is Atlanta. It hosts many universities so it’s no wonder that many people stay to work here. Another thing that is important to the city is the number of tech hubs. There are around 10,000 tech businesses in the city alone. You’ll need to fight with other businesses for the talented people in Atlanta so be ready to offer great conditions for potential workers from the start.

Whenever you’re starting a business you need to include many factors. From the cost to the organization, everything needs to be in the right place. It’s unfortunate but many people fail because they romanticize doing something different and want to be on the BBB list, but don’t think about the problems that can occur. For that reason, we gave you the list of the best US cities to start your business so you can have a good starting position. We wish you all the luck at starting your business and hope you’ll have tons of satisfied customers.

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