Moving from Michigan to Florida

People up north know how to handle winter, that is for sure! However, that does not mean that you have to like it! Living by the Great Lakes offers a lot of benefits, many of which are reliant on its natural beauties. However, it is completely understandable why someone might want to experience a change in scenery and go somewhere warmer… a lot warmer. How about to the only state with a tropical climate in all of the United States? Well, if you are moving to the great state of Florida, you are in luck. Here we will be covering all that you need to know about moving from Michigan to Florida with ease!

Moving from Michigan to Florida – long distance relocation

There are two main categories when it comes to moving. A relocation is either a local relocation, and is taking less than an hour, or is a relocation that requires the engagement of the best cross country movers Michigan – a long-distance relocation. These types of moves are obviously more complicated. They are also more expensive and require more planning both on the part of the client and on the part of the moving company that is expected to deal with the move. And, as you might suspect, in no way can moving from Michigan to Florida be considered anything less than a long-distance, interstate relocation.

moving from Michigan to Florida - fort lauderdale
Be it that you are moving to the sunny beaches of Lauderdale, or to any other place in Florida, – it will be a long-distance!

Should that worry you? Not necessarily. Just because it is inherently more complicated it hardly means it is impossible. Millions of Americans relocate each year and a very good chuck of these relocations are those that can be classified as long distance.

But what exactly does this mean for you, specifically? How should the fact that moving from Michigan to Florida is a long-distance relocation impact you and how does it change the parameters of the move? Well, on the first note, you should start planning early in order to deal with all the necessities the long-distance relocation entails. Setting the budget, picking the mover, etc should be organized as early as possible, ideally around 9 to 10 weeks before the date of the move.

As for the second point, the way that the move is classified will impact the price formula. In a long-distance relocation, it is the weight and the volume of items you have that make up the most of the price. Be mindful of this.

How to set a budget

So, how do you go about the budget set for your best cross country movers Florida?. Well, honesty is name of the game here. Many times people are just way too optimistic about the budget they have for the relocation, not taking into account the possible losses in financial state and setbacks that can cost more. Be sure not to fall into the traps of wishful thinking. When setting a budget, you should be straight with yourself.

Florida and USA flag side by side in Miami
How much will moving to the Sunshine State cost you?

Furthermore, you should base your budget on the least optimal situation, the most pessimistic one. That way, you can never be surprised or subverted by future events!

Here are three main things to keep in mind.

  • Inventory – You should take an inventory before even planning for moving from Michigan to Florida so you can know what you have and what you will move, setting the future price of the move.
  • Honesty – You need to get the best cross country movers possible, but also need to be sure that you can afford them. Therefore, be honest with yourself when making a budget.
  • Estimation – Finally, there is the matter of estimation of the price. You can ask the moving company to estimate the price of the move, and most of the time they will do it for free. That way you can know where you stand. However, sometimes these estimations are not binding, so be careful (though if the company is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration they will be bound to the 110% of the original estimation and not a penny more, so be careful when reading the lading bill).

Picking out the right mover for the job

And, finally, the big question. What long distance moving companies Florida should you trust? Obviously, the relocation from Michigan to Florida is not a simple one, so it should stand to reason that you would need a competent company that is actually capable of doing this. And yes, that is exactly the case! Hopefully, you have started planning this relocation on time, but just in case you haven’t, this particular part will help you. When someone is moving to Florida last minute there is no much time give to selecting the movers. That is because the time for it is lacking altogether. Therefore, we can present you with something of a shortcut.


a highway in state of Florida
What mover can take you the distance?

First and foremost, make sure that the company is actually registered with the FMCSA. This body regulates intestate movers and has a simple interface that will help you find the mover you want to use for your move to Florida. There you will also find information about the number of their trucks, making it easy for you to evaluate their logistical capabilities. Finally, you should also read reviews in order to gauge their professional experience.

Bon voyage

This has been all that we wanted to inform you about before you embark on moving from Michigan to Florida. Hopefully, this article will serve you as is intended. That would be as a guideline for your planning of the relocation. Just to summarize – make sure to start planning as early as possible! Furthermore, make sure that you have good movers and that the moving budget is matching the estimated price of this long-distance move! Prepare for some headaches by preserving your health through the process, and be sure to research all the paperwork you will need after changing states. Things like healthcare insurance or voting registration… All in all, we wish you a bon voyage.

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