The Ultimate Moving Checklist

A smooth, stress-free relocation is something we all want. But, is moving that way even possible? The answer is pretty simple actually. Yes, of course, it’s possible. However, you need to be prepared for it. And when we say prepared, we mean it. Our team is here to help you figure out exactly what you need to be doing before, during and after you move takes place. And with our ultimate moving checklist at your disposal, you will have everything done before your big moving day comes! But keep this in mind at all times – it will come. Sooner than one might think because time is a luxury when moving. This is something you will learn very soon. So, keep on reading and get ready for your upcoming relocation day!

Moving is a process and as such, it has many layers to it. There will be so many things for you to do, and most of them on a tight schedule. That is why you need to get ready on time. Your belongings won’t just appear in your new home. If they could, you would move in a heartbeat. But they won’t. And that is why you need our ultimate moving checklist. Because moving can be simple and easy. All you need to do is to break down the tasks to smaller ones.

Laptop, map, notebook, camera and two people planning.
Relocation is a complex process, and it should be treated as such .Our ultimate moving checklist can make it simpler.

Juggling your tasks won’t get you anywhere. And it certainly won’t help you move in no time. There are just so many things that need to be done before your move takes place. On the bright side, we are happy to share our expert moving secrets with you. Follow our ultimate moving checklist as a guide and avoid moving problems, mistakes, and the stress it brings.

Why is having an ultimate moving checklist in place so important?

You already know it. Everybody does. It is just easier to remember what needs to be done if you sit down and make a list. It gives you the opportunity to check off items as you go, and even more importantly – it will make you remember small things. Small things that if forgotten can cause large problems. And as you already know – these small things can cost you a lot of time, energy and money.

But, with our ultimate moving checklist – you have a real chance at moving with a smile on your face. Keep on reading and learn how to enjoy your new beginning!

Start early

Deciding to move was hard. But, that wasn’t the hardest part. By now, you have probably notified your friends and family members about your move found a new home, applied for a job or even found a new school for your kids. However, planning a move can be even harder.

The most important thing you can do at this point is to start as early as possible. It really is. Why is that? Well, there are many things that need to be considered, planned for and eventually completed. On the other hand, we all get quite forgetful when things take a chaotic turn and when we start feeling preoccupied. That is just the way things are.

Be prepared

Deciding to move was the first step. But, what’s next? Moving is challenging and even more – confusing. So, be ready for what’s to come. Stop for a moment. Take a deep breath. Relax. You need to give yourself enough time and space before everything else. Because your wellbeing is what comes first. And if you don’t come into this ready (physically and psychically) you won’t be able to complete your tasks on time. Or even start completing them in some cases. Think about everything in advance and make a strategy. But first – take care of your needs. Don’t forget to breathe. Or eat and sleep. Go for a walk, have lunch with your friends. Do what makes you happy. Because you will need all the strength in the world. And taking care of your needs first is what will allow you to do that when the time to move comes.

Let’s start the countdown!

Monthly planner
You have to take adequate time to plan out the timeline of your relocation.

Two months before you move

Time starts now! And your moving day is close, however, you are in luck – it is not too close. Use your time wisely and start completing your tasks one by one. Our ultimate moving checklist will help you do just that:

Start small

Some things are easier to take care of than others. However, they can take some of your time. These processes can last longer than one might expect and that is precisely why you need to start at this point.


Knowing what you are getting into is a good start. There will be many things to do your research about. Start investigating your options and add tasks to your ultimate moving checklist one by one. Also, it might be a good idea to create a moving folder, document or drive where you can keep track of things you researched (potential hires, quotes, etc.) and conclusions you came to.

1# Look for movers

Yes. There are many of them out there. And in order to hire the best cross country movers that you can get for your move – you will need to do some research. Where to find movers? And ones that can satisfy all your moving needs at once? It is easy!

  • Look for movers online
  • Check out ads in your area
  • Ask the people you trust for some references

Finding the right mover for the job is more than important. And that is why you need to give it some time. And some thought. Think twice before you make any final calls. Be creative and explore your options. Americans move a lot, so getting references from your friends and family members won’t be hard. On the other hand, you might not find what you are looking for. And that can happen for one of two reasons.

  1. Not enough information. Getting a reference just isn’t enough. You need to know what you can get, and at what rate.
  2. The mover you got in touch can’t provide you with what you are looking for. And that can be a problem. For obvious reasons.

That is precisely why doing a bit more research can come in handy. The second thing you can do at this point is to look for ads in your local newspapers. And if that fails as well – you can finally start looking for movers online. And if you ask us, that is your best option. It will not only help you create a much clearer picture of what’s on the table, but it will also help you come to the best decision. Faster.

2# Learn about your rights and responsibilities

Your safety matters. And that is why you need to add this task to your ultimate moving checklist. There are many moving companies on the market. But, are they all fully insured and properly licensed? No. And that is why you need to know what you are getting into. Learn more about what you can get, not only as a service but as a person paying for assistance. Also, signing a contract with your mover comes with certain responsibilities, so it might be good for you to know what they are.

3# Compare movers

You need to protect your move. And the best way to do so is by hiring the best of the best. You don’t only need it. You deserve it. How to do that? By comparing movers.

  • Is the mover in question properly licensed? It doesn’t matter if you are looking for long distance movers Georgia, or packing professionals – you need to ensure your own safety.
  • What services is the mover in questionable to provide you with? Can they be customized?
  • How about the rates? (The most expensive moving service isn’t always the best one.) Are there any discounts?
  • Are there any red flags?
  • Will your items be insured during the move? If the answer is yes, make sure you read the agreement.
  • Read online reviews and, once more, make sure your mover is a reliable one.
4# Ask for estimates

Moving estimates are more than easy to get, and in most cases – they are completely free of any kind of charge. On the other hand, getting a moving estimate can help you to compare movers (and maybe come to your final choice) and to prepare your moving budget. You can get your customized moving quote in one of 3 ways:

  • Over the phone.
  • Over the internet.
  • In-house.

If you aren’t looking for a precise number getting an estimate over the phone is the best thing you can do at this point. It will save you some time and give you a little clearer picture of your next steps. On the other hand, if you found yourself a mover that offers a precise online moving estimate – you are in luck! Not every mover offers this option, but if yours does – use it wisely! And if everything else fails – you can always ask your movers for an in-house moving estimate. This way you will get an estimate that is precise, and in most cases – written. One more way to ensure your safe relocation.Infograph showing the main factors for moving costs.

And then – more research and more decision-making!

After you do your research, you will need to do some more. But this time, you will have to make some calls that can change your life, not only your address. Make sure you stay focused and write everything down. Your ultimate moving checklist will help you stay organized at all times, however, you need to help yourself to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

Calculate your moving budget

Yes. You need to add this task to your ultimate moving checklist. And for many reasons. You need to know how much you are willing to spend on your relocation. And even more importantly – how much are you able to spend on it. Compare your income to your expenses. Make a strategy and put everything down on a piece of paper. And keep that paper close by. It will keep you from overspending. Moving can get expensive, but with a good plan, you can save some money along the way. And who doesn’t love that?Infograph showing average costs for moving services.

Find a new house

Your mover can help you move your household goods, but – they can’t help you move your house to another state. And that is why you need to find yourself a house or an apartment. Finding and eventually renting or buying real estate is a process, and as such it requires some time. That is why you need to start your search as early as possible. It will all pay off in the end.The elements of how long it takes to find a house.

 Job search

Give it some time and thought. Make sure you come to the right call. Because finding the right job isn’t only a task on your ultimate moving checklist, it is also something that can and will affect your everyday life once your moving day passes by. Look at your options, ask your current employer for references, apply for different positions and use all your resources to land the right kind of job.Statistics regarding job searches and hires.

 School search

If you are planning on moving with kids – it is time for you to start looking for schools. No matter where you are moving to, you need to make sure your kids get the best education possible. That is precisely why you need to devote yourself to this research and give it your best.Infograph showing high school rankings on state and national level.

 Organize medical records, school and tax records
  • Go to your doctor’s office and arrange for your records to be transferred. It is easy, however, it can take time.
  • If you are planning on moving with children you will need to transfer their school records. But, before you do that – you need to organize them.
  • Different states have different laws and regulations, and that is why it is really important to keep track of your tax records when moving to another state.

One month before you move

Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it? Here are some tasks that you need to add to your ”one month before my move ultimate moving checklist”:

Update your information

This task will require your concentration. And a lot of it. Here is what you need to do in the following days:

  • Update recurring bills
  • Notify your (gas, electricity, phone, internet and other) service providers of your move 
  • Update your bank/credit card accounts
  • Alert the U.S. Postal Service of your address change
  • Obtain a new driver’s license and vehicle registration
  • Notify the federal revenue agency and your state tax agency of your move
  • Notify your employer about your change of address

And most importantly – notify the people you love about your move!

Sort your belongings

Moving everything to your new house might seem nice, but you don’t really need everything you own at your new place. That is why you need to start sorting your items. By doing so you will be able to decide what can stay and what needs to go!

Make an inventory list and keep track of your belongings, every step of the way.

Say goodbye to some of your stuff

Yes, you probably don’t need anything. And that is why you need to add decluttering to your ultimate moving checklist. After you make an inventory and finish sorting through your belongings you will be able to see the bigger picture. What does that mean? It means that you will be able to decide what stays and what needs to go. What are your options now?

Give away

One man’s trash is somebody’s treasure. It really is. Even if you think that it is trash, your friends might think otherwise. Ask the people in your inner circle if they’d like to take some of your unwanted belongings with them. You will be surprised by the answer you’ll get.

Garage sale

Finally, it’s time for some good news. What are they? Well, simply put – you can make some money during your relocation process. And with ease. All you need to do is to sell some of your belongings at a yard sale. Display your belongings nicely, advertise your sale on social media, wait and see! If you play it smart you will make more money than you are expecting right now.

Online sale

Yes. If you don’t like people coming to your house and going through your house – selling some of your belongings online might be the right thing to do for you. Take a few pictures, post your belongings on Amazon – wait and see!


Another option you can choose is to donate some of your stuff. It won’t only help you declutter and pack faster for your relocation, but it will also make you feel better. Helping the ones in need really is the nicest thing you can do in this situation.


We must think about the impact we have on our planet. And that means giving some of your items a second chance. Not everything needs to be in the trash by tomorrow. No. Some of your things can be recycled. So, why not?

Get packing supplies

Once you sort, list and declutter you will be able to calculate the number of boxes and other packing supplies that you’ll need on your moving day. And that step is pretty important. If you buy too much – you will overspend. On the other hand, if you buy less than you need – you will find yourself in a bad situation. However, if you hire a full service moving company – professional packers can take care of this task for you.Infograph for different types of packing materials.

Two weeks before you move

You are almost there. And this is where things tend to get messy. You need to be focused on. Really focused. Here are small tasks that people usually forget about when moving house:

  • If you haven’t hired movers, you need to consider ways to pack fragile and unusual items.
  • Label moving boxes with their contents, and mark the ones with fragile items inside.
  • Take photos of your electronic device before you unplug them – this step will help you a lot once you start unpacking.
  • Take measurements of your furniture and compare them to the measurements of your doorways, stairways and elevators. Some items can turn out to be too big and need to be disassembled. And it’s better to know it before your moving day comes.
  • Pack a little every day. Start with items that you don’t use as much.
  • Pick up your clothes from the dry cleaner and return borrowed items.
  • Make sure your pets are ready to move (consult their vet and gather their records).
  • Dispose of items that can’t be moved (corrosives, poisonous and flammable items). But, before you do, check with your mover what can and what can’t be moved to prevent damage.
  • Use everything from your freezer and refrigerator.
  • Start using things that you don’t want to move (cleaning products, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Hire a babysitter and look for a person that can take care of your pets on your moving day.
  • Cancel or transfer your memberships (gym, magazine subscriptions, etc.).
  • Put in for vacation time at your job if you need it.
  • Confirm major details with your movers – like moving dates.
  • Gather valuable items (money, jewelry, family heirlooms, and important document) and keep it close to you.
  • Take photos of things that look like they can get damaged during transport.

One week before you move

  • Unplug your freezer and/or fridge to defrost as soon as it gets empty.
  • Empty gas and oil from grills, snow blowers, heaters and lawn mowers.
  • Go through your house once more and check is everything ready to go.
  • If you are moving to a state with a different climate you should take your car to a mechanic and consider what needs to be done in order to get it ready.
  • Pack an essentials box (it should contain items that you’ll need until you unpack in your new house).
  • Protect your floors and walls to avoid damage.
  • Hire a cleaning company that can help you prepare your new home for you.

On the moving day

Inforgraph that shows the time it takes to move house.Now, if you followed our ultimate moving checklist – you are ready to go. And all you need to do is to let your movers handle everything for you. Enjoy your new beginning and learn what moving with a smile on your face is all about!

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