Decluttering before packing: why is it important?

If you are moving in a rush, you probably do not have enough time on your hands to properly sort out your belongings. Like millions around the world, you might have been keeping bits of memories around your house. A scarf from here, a teacup from there; your favorite sweater from ten years ago… Even though you have not been able to put it on since you gained just a few pounds, you are still hoping that someday you will manage to fit it on. Too bad that it is not going to happen anytime soon. Now, as we were speaking… If you are moving in a rush, then this behavior is somewhat acceptable. But, if you have enough time for decluttering before packing, then doing it is a must. We are here to point out the most important reasons why decluttering before packing is crucial.

Limit emotional reaction before packing

Let us begin with the emotional attachment to items that all of us feel. When people travel they usually take some souvenirs with them to remind them of that place. After years of traveling our homes become full of items that are just gathering dust. Those items even tend to lose the sentimental value as the time goes by. Simply, we get used to having them. We have seen them so many times so far that the feeling of delight that used to arise in us disappears after a while. The same goes for all of the items that we do not use on a daily basis. If you do not need them, you probably do not need them.

Decluttering before packing allows you to let go of your emotions instead of screaming inside a bubble like this person
Let go of your emotions and decide what you need from a rational aspect

When you are decluttering before packing, you are approaching this chore from the rational point of view. You should take advantage of this situation and your resolve. If you leave it for the last moment, you will feel like you do not have enough time to declutter. Ultimately, you will take all of your belongings with you, including those that you actually do not need. Therefore, do it early and get it over with. You will enjoy the sense of space that you will get in your home afterward.

Get moving money back by decluttering before packing

You are going to spend a fine dollar on your move. One of the ways to cut the expenses is to sell some of the items that you do not need. Look around yourself. Surely you will see plenty of items that someone else could put to a better use. Even if you are using them on a regular basis, there might be a better way to take care of those chores. Therefore, organize a yard sale and sell excess items. Those that you cannot resell, such as old clothes and linen, you can donate to charity. There are items that charities need throughout the year. If you have them, give them away. Sharing is caring.

Shrink the moving load by decluttering before packing

Another way to save money on moving is to shrink the load that you need to carry. One of the ways to do this is to declutter before packing when preparing for a cheap cross country move. Why should you do this you ask? Well, when you will be choosing the size of the moving truck the size of your load is going to play the crucial role when making this choice. If you manage to shrink the load that you will be carrying with yourself, you will be able to rent a smaller moving truck. Smaller moving truck means a cheaper nationwide move.

Also, given the fact that your load is going to be smaller, it is quite possible that you will need fewer workers to assist you with the move. After all, if you hire best cross country movers, they will provide you with the optimum number of workers.  You will be saving wherever you look!

A line of sneakers
Sell what you can, donate the rest

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Ask the right questions while decluttering before packing

When you start decluttering before packing you will want to take a neutral approach. Being biased in this case is not a good idea. Therefore, in order to make the best decision on what you are going to keep with you and what you are going to leave behind, you need to ask the question in a right way. Usually, people ask themselves whether they would like to throw something away. Be smarter than that and use common sense. Ask positive questions instead of the negative ones. Negative questions will make you feel like you should be on the defensive. Positive and open questions will make you think and imagine.

Glowing question mark on a wall - ask the right questions when decluttering before packing
Ask positive and open questions instead of negative ones

Therefore, instead of asking yourself whether you would like to get rid of your old souvenirs, for example, try asking one of the following questions:

  1. Is this something that will make me feel delighted when I open my moving boxes?
  2. Am I really going to feel genuine happiness when I put this on the shelf of my new home?
  3. Do I really want to wrap this item in order to protect it for the move, place it in one of the numerous cardboard boxes and them unpack it once I get home?

If answers to these questions are yes, then keep those items. If the answers are no, then declutter before packing and save yourself the trouble of unpacking them again. After all, you will end up cleaning dust off of them if you take them with you while you do not need them.

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