Cheapest way to move cross country

Well, let’s say you need to move cross country, that is, from one country to another. Is there a cheap way to do this? No. Let’s get that out of the way immediately. Moving cross country takes time, money and nerves of steel. But, if it has to be done, let’s check at what is the optimum here. Without further ado, this is the cheapest way to move cross country.

There is no single cheapest way to move cross country

If you're looking for the cheapest way to move cross country, you need to cut costs whenever you can.
If you’re looking for the cheapest way to move cross country, you need to cut costs whenever you can.

And this is primarily because no two people are the same. Moving cross country is much easier if you’re moving from a small country such as Panama, than from a large country such as the USA or Canada. It largely depends on the social, geographical and economic situation of the individual in question. It depends on how many stuff you need to move. It also depends (largely) on how extreme are the steps you’re willing to take to get where you want. So, to sum it all up, the cheapest way to move cross country is the one that suits you the best. In order to achieve that, some steps you will need to take…

But there are some pretty good ways to reduce the costs

In order to find the cheapest way to move cross country, you must first adopt a more fiscally conservative attitude, and that means cutting costs wherever, whenever you are able to. In order to do that, you must start from the process itself to unpacking at your new home. Here’s what you should do in order to find the cheapest way to move cross country:

Pack the boxes yourself

When you pack your stuff in boxes like these coffers, you're reducing the cost of moving.
Packing your own stuff contributes to reducing your budget deficit.

Moving is something you just cannot do without packing. So, in order to have a good move, you will need to pack your stuff properly. Usually, a moving company will do this for you, but such services do not come free of charge. Therefore, you can find the cheapest way to move cross country if you would only pack the boxes yourself. It may seem difficult, however, there are some pro tips and tricks to do it:

  • Grab the boxes at your local supermarket – they will usually have some of those lying around in the storage. If they do not, check at another time, or at another supermarket;
  • Label the boxes – this is something you should do for that period after you’ve moved. You could move it without labeling, of course, but then you will not know what goes where, which can and will take quite a bit of your time;
  • Put some old clothes or socks inside to protect the fragile materials. This way, you’re cutting down on space, and most probably costs too!

Move a few things by yourself

If you have a car, you will use it to get to the cheapest way to move cross country. In essence, having a vehicle of your own means that you can bring some of your stuff with you. Most movers charge depending on how much stuff is there to be moving. Having a car can significantly reduce that amount. If you do not have a vehicle, your friend or family member could do it for you just as well, however, do not forget to reward them with a gift! Sure, there are the fuel costs, but those are minuscule compared to what you could be saving. Your long distance movers Georgia will be more than happy to offer you a discount.

Pick the right moving season

And, by that, we mean winter. Sounds counterintuitive? That’s because it is! Most people move during spring and summer. That’s when all the summer holidays, as well as vacations, take place. However, that is also when the prices will jump quite a bit. You see, supply and demand apply even when you’re looking for the cheapest way to move cross country. You see, the supply remains relatively the same. However, the demand varies.

If you live in an area with unstable weather (such as areas with volcanoes) you might wanna think twice before picking the right moving season.
Moving through snow and rain is fine. Moving through volcanic ash? Not so much. Be careful when picking the right moving season!


It is highest in summer, and so are the prices. During winter, the demand for moving services ceases to be as shockingly high, and the movers are willing to cut down the prices so as not to run out of business for the season. This works to your advantage. Economics may be boring, but they’re also useful sometimes. You will find that, if you move during winter, the prices fall as much as 50%!

Find a reliable moving company

Yes, we know how counterintuitive this sounds. “To hire an expensive moving company to find the cheapest way to move cross country? What are you on about?” Allow me a minute to explain. You see, reliable moving companies will never let your stuff break (massive expenses) or get stolen (even bigger moving expenses). So, as a result, there is a lot of stuff that can easily get awry with “cheaper” moving companies. Just make sure you pick the best cross country movers.

Now, there is a silver lining in here too

And that silver lining is mostly about the fact that you can reduce moving costs by applying the steps mentioned above. For example, you can hire a reliable moving company that will protect your most sensitive items, but you can also move some of them by yourself. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to move cross country, you can’t really afford to be picky. So, since there is no specific combination for moving cross country in the cheapest way possible, you should take your chances with a reliable moving company and also make sure that you’ve done everything in your power to protect your items. This especially applies to DIY-moving situations.

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