A cheap way to move your stuff across the country

If you’re looking to save some cash while moving to Florida or anywhere else for that matter, then you’re probably also looking for a cheap way to move your stuff across the country. Now, we both know that moving anything across the country is expensive. Doesn’t help that the US is a huge place, either. However, don’t despair, there are ways to do it. Now, there are no rules when you’re looking for a cheap way to move your stuff across the country – you have to cut corners every now and then.

To find a cheap way to move your stuff across the country, do a part of it yourself

Now, moving companies offer different services to different clients and customers. Some of these services also include packaging, cleaning, storage, among others. Now, what you’re probably thinking is that you could do some of it yourself, and you’re right – that is precisely the point. These services will burden your budget by more than just a little bit. So, it’s a good strategy to save money, especially if you’re looking for a cheap way to move your stuff across the country. So, how do you do it? Well…

Pack all the boxes by yourself

Now, this sounds like a difficult job. Hate to break it to you – yes, it is. If you’re in a situation where you can’t be too picky about the ways to save money (and we’ve all been there, don’t worry), you’ll do whatever you can. And packing by yourself is one of those ways. The good news is, that this is actually tolerable if you take some certain steps and precautions. For example:

Packing your boxes properly - like this guy with a cart - is key to finding a cheap way to move your stuff across the country.
Packing your boxes properly is integral to finding a cheap way to move your stuff across the country.
  • Label everything, and I mean everything. Put a sticky note on it. Use a black marker. Anything that will help you figure out what goes where once you’ve finally moved;
  • Use old socks, blankets, clothes, what have you. If you have fragile items, use the items mentioned above to dampen the bumping. This is very effective when you’re trying to protect silverware;
  • Use plastic wrap extensively. It’s cheap and extremely efficient. It would be frankly ridiculous not to use it;
  • Get some boxes from your local supermarket. Ask the nice lady working at the counter, and you will have found yourself a cheap way to move your stuff across the country. Well, cheaper, at the very least.

Pull off a DIY move

Now, it’s really hard to pull this one off. First, you’ll need a car – the bigger, the better. If you’re rolling with a Smart ForTwo, buy a used trailer. You’ll need to plan your route – including the breaks and the sleepovers. You’re going to be incredibly tired when you arrive. However, it is a way to save money. You will also have to be extremely careful, because, chances are, you’re not a professional mover or truck driver. If you are, good for you!

You can hardly pull of a DIY move without a camper van, like this VW Transporter.
When you’re doing a move across the country, a camper van is your best friend.

DIY moves are not for the faint of heart, because the essence of it is to pull off by yourself the amount of labor that usually takes a professional moving company to pull off properly. That’s why you should, for example, plan in advance. However, there are a few neat tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Ask family and friends for help

If your best buddy drives a GMC or a Silverado, perhaps you should go see him. If your dad (or mom, for that matter) is a professional truck driver, just ask nicely and often, they’re bound to say “yes” at some point. The essence is, get all the help that you need, because, let’s face it if you’re DIY-moving, who doesn’t? Anyone willing to help you along with your move should, by all means, help. It’s not just about money – you also want to save your time and energy.

Find a reliable moving company

Best cross country moving companies know that their services are good, so they’re more likely to charge you more. Seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? It’s not. You see, reliable moving companies will do their best to protect your stuff against all incoming harm, thus (potentially) saving you a lot of money. Being careless when it comes to stuff like this can cost you thousands of dollars.

This is why it’s always better to pay for something that is predictable and easy to control – these are the rules of risk management, and they apply to relocation. Paying a reliable moving company may not sound like a cheap way to move your stuff across the country, but, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, you can use seasonal discounts

Moving during winter is great for finding a cheap way to move your stuff across the country.
Moving during winter is great for finding a cheap way to move your stuff across the country.

These represent a cheap way to move your stuff across the country. You see, most people move their stuff during summer. When it comes to moving, summer is when the action happens, and that is because the kids are on summer holidays, and managers are more willing to give days off. It’s also the period during which the prices are the highest.

It’s supply and demand economics – the greater the demand, the greater the price. The greater the supply, the lower the price. In this case, the supply stays the same. However, the demand is a variable which is lowest during winter, which forces many moving companies to lower their prices – even artificially.

Winter is a tough period for moving, and that’s why people avoid it. However, moving during winter (or even late autumn) is a cheap way to move your stuff across the country. That’s when moving businesses consider themselves lucky to score even a single customer, and the prices go down as much as 50%. When you take into account that you’re moving across the country – think of it, it’s a win-win situation!

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