Corporate packing tips

Moving is going to require that you pack all of your stuff and unpack them once you arrive at your destination. In order to do it as efficiently as possible, you should try to cut corners where you can and should. Bear in mind that there are certain aspects of the move that you would not want to mess around with. However, there are some corporate packing tips that you can follow in order to maximize the use of your space. This will allow you to move efficiently and in as few goes as possible. Therefore, pay attention to details. Do all that you can in order to make the move as simple as possible. When you finish, feel free to reflect on the process. Maybe write a blog about your experience. Others who are in need of a move will take know how to appreciate it.

Make a thorough moving plan

Before you even think about moving your office, start making a plan for the move. Good organization is key for a successful move. Since you will be moving offices, this is even more true in your case.

In the beginning, make a timetable. Divide your office into smaller sections. In case you are renting a multistory building, you might want to base your move on moving floors. If the floors are large, divide them into wings. Move one wing, or one floor, at a time. Take it all out and load all of those items into trucks. Take it all to your new office space and unload.

Man writing down a careful plan of the move.
Corporate packing should be one of the top priorities on your planning list

Your team of movers should also be divided. Preferably, you will divide it into three teams. Team number one will be in your current office doing the corporate packing for the move. Team number two will consist of very few people. Driver and his assistant. They will do the transport of your items from your old office space to the new one. Team number three will be in your new offices. When the trucks arrive, they will unload them, take your stuff to their designated spaces and assemble them while the trucks go for a new load. If you are going to do it in many loads that is, which we presume you will. This way, you will maximize the efforts and minimize the time consumed on the move.

Take apart everything that can be taken apart

Corporate packing is so much different from ordinary family packing. First of all, there will be no beds to be moved. Secondly, the bulk of the heavy luggage you are going to be moving is going to be comprised of desks and chairs. With some other electrical appliances, these are going to be the bulkiest items that you will need to move. In order to do is quickly and easily, you should take them all apart. However, before you do that, make sure you make notes of what belongs where. You would not want to arrive in your new offices only to find out that you have a load of undone desks and chairs that you do not know how to put back together.

Image of two monitors, one of many other IT devices corporate packing includes.
Make sure you pack your computers and monitors well so that they do not touch each other

Secondly, pay attention to those electrical appliances. Printers and copiers, for example, should also be taken apart, if possible. Some of them are very large and heavy and cannot be undone. You will have to deal with it. Disassemble those that you can.

Corporate packing – computers

Computers are usually one of the simplest appliances to pack. All you need to do is to put them into a box and ship them. However, there is a step between putting them into a box and shipping them. You need to protect them. Make sure all of your computers are wrapped in bubble wrap before they are on their way to the moving truck. Best cross country movers will make sure this is done the right way. If you are packing them yourself, make sure you do the same. In case you cannot obtain any bubble wrap for whatever reason, you can use blankets instead. Whatever you do, make sure computers do not get in touch with one another. There should always be a delimiter between them.

Corporate packing – computer cables

Cables running from computer
Your cables should be unplugged, marked and wrapped together before being placed into a moving box

While computers seemed pretty straightforward to pack, their cables are even easier to pack when you know what to pay attention to. In order to make sure you know which one belongs to which computer, therefore make sure you mark all computers and their cables. After you have marked them all, you might want to put all the cables from one wing into the same box. Feel free to separate them from computers and ship them just like that. Afterward, you will easily pair them according to their numbers.

Move simply – hire moving company to take care of it for you

No doubt about it, you can move your items yourself. It will, however, take time to do that. Plus, if you are not a professional mover, you can expect to miss a detail or two about the corporate packing of your items. In order to play it safe, and in the case you are moving between states, we would suggest that you hire reliable interstate movers Florida for your move. They are professionals in their trade and will know how to prepare your items for the move.

Now that we have reached the topic of hiring moving companies, it is very important that you make sure you are hiring trustworthy ones. There are several guidelines you should follow in order to make sure you are doing business with the good guys:

  • Ask for written estimates and compare them. Choose not the cheapest one, but the one that offers to take care of the most moving processes
  • Ask to see their license
  • Check if they have insurance
  • Try to find information online about them. AMSA and BBB should be your go-to services for online checking

Make your choice

You can take care of corporate packing yourself for sure. Follow the guidelines we have provided you with and you will be fine. In case you decide to ask for professional help, make sure you are dealing with the best of the best on the market. We’ve got you covered there.

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