Packing Supplies You Need For The Move to Atlanta

People are usually afraid of so many things they need to do before moving, but also which packing supplies to prepare. That should not be a problem since there are so many things you can make on your own. When moving is planned properly, you will be prepared for all unexpected things.

Packing supplies

These are things that primarily need for packing. Usually, people think that we only need a lot of big boxes and nothing else. It is actually a big mistake. Packing in larger boxes than it is needed could make problems to movers. Long distance moving companies Georgia surely know how proper packing is important. They could provide you with a few pieces of advice. They also know how to use the official schedule and packing categories.


So, we start with the boxes as the most important packing supply. However, people use the largest boxes they can. That could be a problem because you will put a lot of different things in one box. It could be hard for moving company to protect your stuff when they do not know what is actually in the box. On the other hand, it is hard to pack them in the truck. Movers company love lot of different boxes so they can pack them as in-game Tetris. The best is when you can choose large, middle, small and medium boxes, together with plastic containers for small items.

Boxes are one of the most important packing supplies
Packing supplies presume to have a lot of boxes

Rope, twine

It is obvious that you cannot pack your items properly without protections, like rope or twine. However, many moving companies say that it is not always a good resolution for packing, especially if you have big boxes. It is better to have it just for the case and nothing else.

Coloring markers for labeling

Have you thought about the unpacking of your boxes? Not knowing what is in every box lead to serious confusion when they arrive at the destination. On the other hand, moving company cannot put boxes in the truck properly if they do not know what is in boxes. That is why coloring marker is one of the very important packing supplies.

In case that you have a low budget for moving, you can prepare much cheaper packing supplies:

  • Visit grocery and wine stores and ask them for empty boxes, or ask people for used boxes (however, do not use them for the wardrobe!);
  • Newspapers, bathroom curtain, and old paper can be great packing supplies, too;
  • Make cloths from the old wardrobe and fill boxes with them;
  • Recycle old packaging for moving, like TV box, or wrapping papers;
  • Make a DIY paper box for small items.

Packing supplies that are intended for protection

Packing of your stuff is not finished when boxes are closed. It is also important to protect them from damage, but also protect other people and object. That is why you should consider of using a couple of these helpers.


We already said that boxes must be protected and closed properly in order to safe items inside. However, the tape is one of the most reliable and used things for that purpose. It is especially important for boxes with small items. As the opposite of the rope, which is not always safe, the tape is evidently much stronger. People usually use duck tape, proven as the strongest. You can use whatever you want, or ask in a hardware store for advice.

Packaging process start with good packing supplies
Packing supplies include everything for packaging

Bubble wrap, packing paper

Long distance movers like cross country movers Atlanta know how bubble wrap is important packing supply. The reason is obviously pockets filled with air which protects items that are wrapped with. Packing paper is perfect for wrapping fragile items made of glass, like vases or glasses. Thanks to its structure and thickness it protects everything during traveling. Make sure that you have chosen a reliable moving company.


Regardless you use the blanket from the bed or borrow an old one from a friend, blankets are one of the packing supplies you need. It is not only about blankets, but you can also use pillows, bedspread or even mattress for larger things. Put them on the bottom of the box and you have a perfect protection. Plus, you would pack blankets in boxes anyway.

Felt pads

This is one of the packing supplies that protect homes where you are moving in and moving from. The reason for using it is possible damaging of the floor during moving. Movers are professionals and they are careful. However, nobody can prevent the floor from scratching and damaging.

Other packing supplies

There are things that cannot be put in any of these categories. Those are important, too. Some of them protect you, other protect, and other people during the process of moving. Some of them are small but important helpers.

Scissors and box cutters

We usually think that we will manage packing and opening the boxes. Sometimes it is not that simple. It is good to have a sharp blade for every situation. You will need them to cut the paper, for example, or adjust the size of the plastic for wrapping.

Packing supplies can be cheap
Packing supplies do not need to be expensive


Gloves and special wardrobe

Yes, we know, that is all your belongings, but they can harm you, too. Joke on the side, you will need to protect arms from the sharp object when cutting. It is also good to have a special wardrobe for packing. That can be an old tracksuit or a special work suit.

Sponges, cleaning tools

You know that you will clean everything in your new home. Cleaning tools are obviously packing supplies that you need to prepare. It is also important to prepare a lot of detergent and cleaning products for cleaning of every part of the house.

Trash bags

People usually forget about cleaning and removing the trash after moving. Nobody is thinking about all those boxes and plastic which will be ripped from your furniture. On the other hand, you will need a trash bag while packing. There are many things that do not go with you. Things like the old packaging of the shampoo or receive and papers are not important anymore. However, you do not need to throw out used boxes, plastic, and paper. Consider recycling them.



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