The cross-country job hunt guide

Cross-country job hunt is very difficult. It will take a lot of time for you to find a company that you like. Also, working in a field that you are into and finding a job in it can also represent a challenge. You should be ready to fly to the city that is designated as your future home in no time. After all, if an opportunity arises, you must do whatever you can to seize it. In order to put yourself in a situation such as this one, you need to be competitive on paper. Luckily, there are ways that you can improve your odds. Today, we have got Skype to help us with interviews. Just imagine what it was like 50 years ago when all that you had was a telephone connection. Therefore, prepare masterfully and do not let anything surprise you.

Okay, before we begin, let’s make one thing clear. We’ll assume that you have certain work experience in the line of work that you want to be employed in. This text is going to be written from such a point of view. If you do not have any experience, you might as well follow these suggestions. However, make sure that you tweak them to suit your particular situation. Now that we have got that straight, it is time to take a look at tips on the cross-country job hunt.

Pick your favorites for the cross-country job hunt

Alright, so you know what field you are experienced in. Surely you have made a shortlist of companies that you would like to work for in the city that you are moving to. If this is not the case, you have to make it be the case. This means that you should find out exactly what companies operate in the city and decide on your top choices. Once you have done that, look for a career section on their website. Here you will find all the job listings available. Try to find some that you like. If you do, apply as soon as possible.

Passion led us here written on the pavement
Choose who you want to work for the most and get in touch with them first

Hopefully, they will get in touch with you and you will have an opportunity to work for one of those. If that is the case, the next step is to find a reliable moving company to assist you with your move. In case that you are moving to Atlanta, Georgia, cross country movers Atlanta are at your disposal.

And then there was Craigslist

The step two in your job hunt is going to be the Craigslist. Surely you already know how to use it, so we will not go into much detail in this section. Still, we need to point out that you should browse Craigslist no matter whether you have applied for a dream job in one of the companies from the previous section or not. Until the very end, and the very end is the moment right after you have signed a contract, you are still in the job hunt. No matter whether you have a job at the moment or not, you need a new one in the city that you are going to move to. Therefore, spend enough time looking for jobs online and apply for all of those that deserve your time.

Referrals are gold

Obviously, you will be talking to the people around you. If you are not used to talking about a job, now is the time to take advantage of your situation and change your habits. See, people are the most important resource that you will ever encounter in your life. Acquaintances can help you so much and you can help them as well. Therefore, be open about your situation. Tell people that you are moving to towns for whatever reason.

A businesswoman sitting at a bar looking at her phone
Talk to your friends since they may be able to put you in touch with a potential employer

Some of them will offer to talk to some of their old friends that they have in the city that you are moving to. Others will suggest you companies to apply at. Some will say nothing. No matter whether they offer to help or not, feel free to ask them if they knew anybody where you are moving to. You will be happy to hear their answers. You never know what journey has been for people from your surroundings. After all, they may have done the same as you are doing no. Cross-country job hunt and moving is a common thing today. Cross country movers Sarasota have been moving people from all over the United States for years now.

Take care of your LinkedIn profile

If you are serious about finding more than a decent job in the city that you are moving to, you have to go all in to win in your cross-country job hunt. This also means that you need to make your LinkedIn profile state of the art. Sort of at least. Here’s what you need to pay attention to when improving your LinkedIn profile for a cross-country job hunt:

  • Your picture should be 100% professional. This means that you should have it taken by a professional in case you are unable to take a good one yourself. Suit and a tie are a must. You should not be facing the camera directly. It is better to sit slightly sideways, turning your head towards the camera.
  • A headline should represent the skills that you can provide your new employer with. This means that your headline should not be giving out information about what you do now, but what you are experienced in.
  • Imagine what you think is important for the position that you would like to apply for and add that to your headline. This will show your potential employer that you are passionate about that particular line of work.
  • Sound natural when describing yourself.
  • Add a video about yourself. Internet for all and access to affordable camera allows us to stand out in the crowd. Use it to your advantage.

Do not lose your spirits

A girl jumping with joy in a demolished factory
Do not let anything put you down, keep your spirit up at all times no matter how hard it may be

Whenever people are on a cross-country job hunt they hope to find the new job quickly. Most of them are aware that it can take time to find the perfect one. Still, some of them who do not find it right away let that get to them. You should not. Job hunting is difficult, but it pays off. Therefore, stay persistent and you will find one for sure. After that, all you will have to do is to find the cheapest way to move cross-country.

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