Choosing the right commercial storage

Commerical storage is, generally speaking, something that you want to use if your business needs some extra space to function properly. This text deals with finding good and proper commercial storage. In the following few paragraphs, we will lay out the main characteristics of a good storage facility for your business.

The right commercial storage depends on what your business needs

And, therefore, it largely depends on what your business is about. Namely, a software development company and a trucking company are two diametrically opposed worlds, and, as such, they require different treatment when it comes to commercial storage. You see, if you’re doing a business which requires only some basic office material, you’ll do fine with low-end storage. However, if you’re hauling all kinds of stuff across long distances, you will certainly want something more spacious. And corporate packing assistance can come a long way in that manner.

Some commercial storage, such as this one with clothes packed inside, is suitable for retail businesses.
What type of commercial storage you need largely depends on what business are you into.

And your need for commercial storage depends on your business model

Now, having the previous paragraph in mind, how your business operates determines what kind of storage you will need. Cross country moving companies Georgia, for example, tend to mostly accommodate small businesses in their commercial storage units. Some of the questions you have to answer before picking the right corporate storage for your business is:

  • Do you have a supply chain?
  • If so, is your supply chain a simple A-to-B distribution system, or a complex network of jobs outsourced to distribution companies?
  • Are you a small, medium, or large business?
  • Do you plan on expanding to another part of town, the state or region?

You’ll want to have a look at the condition of the storage

Let’s say that you’ve found the right commercial storage for your business. At least the size fits. Let’s say you’ve got an accounting company or a law firm, and all you have are piles upon piles of paperwork, so you don’t need that much storage. What you’re going to have to look at are the conditions inside the storage. You see, there are several key elements for the commercial storage to become good storage if it’s going to accommodate your business…

A good sign of competent commercial storage managers are ordered containers, such as these four different containers stacked neatly on top of each other.
You will want your commercial storage in perfect order when you arrive.

Said commercial storage must be clean

Now, this doesn’t sound all that important at a first glance. Anyone can clean it up before you set up your supplies inside, right? Wrong. You see, the hygiene & cleanliness of the storage units that you’re using is extremely important not purely because of the sake of convenience, but also because nobody likes to operate in an unclean environment. A corporate storage unit that has seen better days hygiene-wise is more prone to laxity when it comes to other standards too.

Of course, a drive-up is always useful

This, again, depends on your industry. If you’re going to be using that storage regularly – then yes, you’re going to need a drive-up. This will make the approach to the commercial storage unit – as well as your business operations – that much easier. This also reduces the total amount of time that the employees will spend in the storage. If you’re a company that uses the storage often or to haul heavy stuff, make sure it has a drive-up, otherwise, you’ll be in for a long and tedious haul.

Maybe the single most important thing about business storage is the security system

Now, this is where deals are made (and broken, but let’s not dwell on that). So, if you want your business to be absolutely safe, you’re also going to need a commercial storage unit that is not only affordable but also secure. If you have to pay extra for additional security – do it without hesitation! You should definitely find the best cross country movers and storage facilitators, and ask them for the most secure unit that they have – even if you’re looking to cut costs!

What’s the reasoning behind that?

Well, let’s say you’re being fiscally conservative for the time being. As a result, you’re looking to cut costs. Paying an extra sum for corporate storage security that you might not ever need seems simply counterintuitive. However, it is not. You see, we assume that you’re going to store all your vital data into said commercial storage. An additional protection minimizes the risk of much, much greater losses. So, in the long run, it is a very good idea to keep your important data under additional protection.

Some businesses require more spacious storages, such as this one on the open field.
Some businesses require more spacious storages.

Finally, you’ll want to look at the overall condition of the commercial storage units

Does it look dilapidated? Then it’s a no-go. Is it infested with insects? Then it’s likely not a good spot to keep office material – or anything else, for that matter. Is the flooding in the storage units? Better pack your stuff and leave because water can actually damage a lot of stuff, especially electrical equipment. Is it imperative that the storage facilities you’ll be using to house your business will be:

  • Clean and in a good hygienic state overall;
  • Sealed tight and not exposed to atmospheric elements;
  • Secured with reliable electronic and physical systems;
  • Not leaking, infested or otherwise in a dilapidated state.

You’ll also want a good location and working hours

You see, many storages are typically open during the 9-5 hour working cycle, however, not all businesses conform to these working hours, especially if they’re doing, for example, delivery services. This is why it is so important to find a storage that suits your working hours the best. Some businesses work fewer hours (this is generally not a problem) some work longer hours or even third shifts. It is for this reason that you must seek not only a convenient opening and closing time but also a convenient location. A good commercial storage will let you figure out the details with the storage management.

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