Best neighborhoods in Savannah

Georgia is a state that is very popular among tourists. The Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, Stone Mountain are only some of the places you can visit in that state. Most of the tourist attractions are, of course, in the capital Atlanta. But, when it comes to moving to Georgia, there is a city that is more popular than the capital. People usually look for best long distance moving companies in Georgia to move to Savannah. But, Savannah is not a small city, and you should know where to move exactly. So, in this text, you can find the list of the best neighborhoods in Savannah.

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But, first things first – let’s explore Savannah

Why should you move to Savannah anyway?

Savannah is a beautiful city that makes people fall in love with it because of its charm. But, that charm cannot work for long. So, there must be more reasons why anyone would like to hire cross country movers Savannah and move there.

1. Amazing views

If you are a fan of the ocean and ships, then Savannah is definitely for you. Sitting on the shore, you can enjoy never-ending views of large ships floating by. And not to mention long walks along the Savannah River.

2. Plenty of job opportunities

Coastal Georgia has a very low unemployment rate, only 4.6%. With a huge airplane manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace, two major hospitals and a military base, Savannah offer a wide range of job opportunities for everyone. And since tourism is very important for Savannah, there are also restaurants, hotels and tour agencies that hire many people.

3. Friendly people

If you are not a grumpy person, you will most likely fit in there easily. People in Savannah are very friendly and want to help their neighbors. So, if you are not used to people smiling in the street, you will be pleasantly surprised.

4. Pirates and supernatural stuff

No, we are not saying that you can see pirates, ghosts, vampires, or demons there. But, there are plenty of legends about supernatural creatures, and you can hear a lot about them. In fact, there are so-called ghost city tours that show you the houses where people have reported a presence of a ghost. But, don’t let that freak you out. Savannah is a perfectly safe place to live.

5. The weather

If you don’t like winters, then Savannah is the place for you. The average temperature during the winter is around 50 degrees. Summers are very hot and humid, of course. But, if you have time to head to the beach, you will be fine.

6. Affordable living

The cost of living in Savannah is very low, below the national average. The houses are some of the most affordable ones in the country. You can find a decent house near the beach for $200,000.

7. The architecture

Savannah has residents whose ancestors came from various parts of the world, and that certainly affected the architecture. A lot of different Savannah’s architectural styles are something that attracts almost anyone.

What are the best neighborhoods in Savannah?

It is hard to decide which are the best neighborhoods in Savannah since they are all appealing. But, we gave our best to find the perfect places for you and your family.

1. Historic Downtown District

This is the heart of Savannah, Georgia, an area of 2.5 square miles of old houses and squares. Housing styles come in all tastes, from the Federal to the Italianate and Queen Anne. The prices here are a bit higher because it is a part of Savannah that everyone dreams about. Most homes in this majestic district run from $100,000 to $500,000, depending on whether they were restored to their original grandeur. Your neighbors here would be professors, artists, designers, hotel owners, students, managers, professionals in the service industry.

Fountain in a park in Historic Downtown - one of the best neighborhoods in Savannah
Historic Downtown is number one on the list of the best neighborhoods in Savannah

And if you decide to live in another neighborhood in Savannah, visiting this district is definitely one of the things you should do in Georgia with kids.

2. Victorian District

This neighborhood in the center of the city is a wonderland for preservationists, which attracts creative types. Houses decorated with gingerbread and sunbeams, and a walking area not far from the city center, and Forsyth Park make this area desirable. People that usually live here are urbanites, graphic designers, and industrious couples.

3. Isle of Hope

This community on the riverbank has become a magnet for young couples who crave the childhood in the countryside for their children. The area is not really an island, but it sits on a peninsula that projects into the Skidaway River, so there is water on three sides. The main downside is that a trip to the nearest supermarket or pharmacy is a minimum of three miles. If you cannot afford to buy a house, renting still gives access to this unpretentious and cohesive neighborhood. This part of Savannah is best for families that want good schools and paths for pedestrians around. A large contingent of tenants with aspirations called the Isle of Hope home. As well as families of the ruling class, who own picturesque houses overlooking Skidaway.

4. Dutch Island

Located on the coastal waterways near Savannah, the Dutch Island is a closed community with about 480 homes. The island extends to a scenic 500 acres and is surrounded by coastal waterways and swamps of salt water. This small community is meant for a pleasant lifestyle, which makes it one of the best neighborhoods in Savannah.

5. Skidaway Island

Closed community on a 6500-acre barrier island 12 miles south of Savannah. Deep-sea docks, six golf courses, and four clubs are its privileges. Restrictive environment, when it comes to the color of the house and yard art, can be a disadvantage. Here, children drive golf carts to the club pool or visit friends. This is a bit luxurious neighborhood. So, it is a homogeneous mix of wealthy retirees, company executives, lawyers, and wealthy families.

6. Habersham Woods

This territory of the mid-20th-century ranch houses has long, quiet streets in the heart of the bustling city. This family-oriented area is less than five minutes from two major hospitals, several private schools, the YMCA, and the Memorial Stadium. That defines it as a central location in Savannah. Residents of this area are real estate agents, middle-income families, doctors, nurses.

How to choose between the best neighborhoods in Savannah?

Riverside in Savannah
Enjoy your life in Savannah

Every neighborhood has its pros and cons, it all depends on what you are looking for. Whatever of the best neighborhoods in Savannah you choose, you need to hire movers. Find the best cross country movers and transport everything stress-free.

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