Items you should transport personally when moving

Moving is a stressful process and by having some items close to your heart moved with you, you will make this process somewhat easier, because at least you will know at all times where are your valuable items. When you are moving and you find a great moving team such as our cross country movers New Mexico, you are probably thinking you are good to go, and that is it. However, this is not the case. There are items you should transport personally and not by using any moving service. Just you, and those items on the road. There are many reasons why there are items you should transport personally, and we will try and explain some of those reasons.

Items you should transport personally are not just items

When we say that there are items that you should transport personally they are not all items. One very important being in your life should definitely travel with you. That’s it, you have guessed it. It is your pet. Dog or cat, or whatever kind of a pet you have. They are like family members and that is exactly how they should be treated. You wouldn’t let your child, parent or anyone you love to travel in the back of a moving truck, so you should do the same for your pet.

a dog
Your pet should travel with you

Keep in mind that this moving process is not only stressful for you, but for your pet as well. So, at least you can make this ride to your new place fun for them because they will have to get used to the new surroundings as well. Make this moving process with your pet stress-free for him.

Other living beings

So, now that it is confirmed that your pet will travel beside you, there are other living beings that should travel with you as well. Those are some specific plants that wouldn’t make it in a moving truck in a dark. Of course, it all depends on how long is the trip from point A to point B. But you should definitely reconsider to have your plant travel with you. Of course, if it is a short trip, it won’t be a big deal to have them in a moving truck, but only if it is a trip that will take less than half an hour.

Perishable things

So, when it comes to perishable things we are all probably thinking the same. Food. Any food won’t last the trip you are about to take should travel along with you. This is not because of some illogical reason; this is because you should eat it as soon as possible. If you have the little portable refrigerator, that is great. However, there are foods that wouldn’t last on a long trip in a refrigerator either.

food on the table
Never pack food with other items

Also, there is a huge chance that movers company will reject to transport any perishable things, because they refuse the responsibility, which, when you think about it, is very logical. So, if you have some meat that you don’t want to throw away because it is good and, why would you? Then make sandwiches for the trip and problem solved.

“Dangerous” material

This “dangerous” material is somewhat not dangerous when used in the privacy of your home. Things like:

  • Deodorants
  • Sprays
  • Batteries
  • Any type of paint

Anything that you cannot carry on a plane, you shouldn’t ask the movers either. For example, you cannot have some medications with you on a plane, but you should definitely have the necessary medications with you. Chances are that movers won’t be allowed to transfer these items for you.

All items under high pressure are in this group

So, the best thing that you cannot do, it to make hand luggage contain these items, and put them in a car with you. Of course, you shouldn’t just throw the bag in the back of your seat. You need to put this bag somewhere dark and cold. So, put on that air condition in the car and cover it. Of course, this doesn’t apply in winter conditions.

Personal items

When it comes to items you should transport personally, the first item that comes to your mind should definitely be your documents. This means that you should always have handy these things. Your ID, Passport, drivers license, and similar things that you don’t want to get lost somewhere in the transport. That is why you have to carry these items with you and not putting them in some bag and then in a moving truck, because the chances that you will need something from these documents are huge.

Overnight bag

The overnight bag should contain things for the first night that you will spend in your new home. It is way easier for you and your family to have an overnight bag which keeps you from having to unpack everything in order to find a toothbrush. Therefore, this overnight bag should contain several things. Toothbrush, paste, change of underwear and other things that you may find useful for the first night in your new home. This bag should definitely go under items you should transport personally.

So, these are the thing that should ride with you to your new home. Of course, under this list, you should put other things that you may find relevant to be near you at any time during the moving process. Another great tip would definitely be to create a checklist. With a help of a checklist, you will always know what you have packed. And what you have that rides with you on the way to your new home. Don’t forget to check interstate moving companies Colorado for an easy and smooth move.

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