Tips for moving plants across the country

Moving plants across the country can be very challenging. In many cases, even impossible. So, before you even think about it, consider leaving them. You should be able to buy almost every plant once you relocate to a new location. Because moving plants is not as simple as we may think.

  • There are many federal laws that forbid the moving of special types of plants – you could face serious troubles at the board;
  • Moving plants across the country could also be very expensive, especially when they are rare;
  • Some plants cannot live in a different climate, so moving them to another country could be worthless;
  • You should spend a lot of time preparing these plants for moving – many of them simply cannot travel long;
  • There are studies that plants never recover from changing location. So, maybe it is better to leave them to the new owners of your old home.

If you have taken all of these in mind and still want to take plants with you, you should prepare them for moving. They are not like pets and surely will not cry if you hurt them. However, you should know that they feel pain, thirst and mistreatment. So, be sure to handle them with care.

Moving plants across the country becomes easier with water - river
Plants need water, too


There are many legislations and law obligations for moving plants across the country. Many people do not know that there are countries that forbid the moving of plants. You should know if the country you travel across allows importing plants.

Florida has special legislation for plants

Moving plant across the country seems like a simple task. However, you should know that there are special obligations when passing the board. Florida, for example, does not allow taking citrus out of state. It also means that you must prepare documents for moving plants across the country, too.

You may not relocate plants for selling

There are legislations that forbid moving plants for selling. It means that you can take your plant with you, but with special proof that it is your own house plant.

Soil for plants must sterilize before moving

There is legislation that forbids moving soil from one place to another. That way, you could move small animals like bugs or eggs to a place where they do not live. Plants from Miami should be relocated by professional moving companies Miami. Because of that, your plant must be planted in sterile soil. Do not just dig it out from the backyard. It also means that you should remove all pests and bugs from it.

Tips for moving plants across the country

It sounds like an easy way to take your favorite plant with you. On the other hand, you should prepare yourself for long traveling. It means that you should prepare your plant, too. They suffer as you are. That is why you should consider a few types of moving plants across the country.

Find reliable movers to handle this task for you

The easiest way is to ask experienced moving company to take your plant with you. No matter your choice of interstate movers Tampa choose, you will make a good decision. However, prepare yourself for possible rejecting. There are no many moving companies that will accept to move plants. In the end, they could ask much more money than usual.

Do not just put plants in a truck

Even if company accept moving plants across the country, do not just put in a truck. It will surely kill the plant. Keep in mind that it can fall down, break or loose soil on that road. Make sure that you keep plants in front of your eyes.

A yard with gras and a tree
You should not take soil with you when moving plants

Consider takings just a piece

If it is possible, cut a piece of the plant for taking with you. It will save money and time. On the other hand, it will be a new plant for your new home. Just make sure that you have put it in the water. After moving put it in the soil, but not before a week after moving. Within that period of time, your new plant is ready for living in a new home.

You can pack plants with you in your vehicle

If you are moving, take your plants with you, literally. The best way for moving plants across the country is actually by a car. Considering the expenses, this is also a great solution for moving from Florida on a budget. You can put it in front of the seat, or in a trunk. However, make sure that you open the trunk often for air and sun. You should not put a lot of water in the soil before traveling, thus.

Packing plants properly is essential

It is very important to pack plant properly when moving across the country. It is for sure that they need air and water. However, you can pack them so well that they actually do not feel any inconvenience during that traveling.

Wrap the plant in a piece of paper

The best way to protect plant and the pot is to wrap it. Paper is the best solution. Nobody can breathe wrapped in plastic. Paper allows you to open holes for air, too. However, do not wrap literally the whole plant. Leave the top of the plant opened.

Fixate the box

If you are traveling by car, you should fixate the plant. It is best if you can put between the seats. However, make sure that you have not squeezed the pot. If you hire one of moving companies in Orlando, they will know how to help you.

Do not soak the plant before moving

It is obvious that you must give water to the plant. However, moving across the country makes watering harder. It is better when the soil is dry so it will not come out of the pot. You will easily soak the soil after moving.

Take time for the plant as for you after moving

Moving plants across the country does not finish with unpacking from the car. They need time for accepting the new conditions. Plants feel changes as human, too. It means that it will not be easy to adapt after moving. That is why is important to take time for adapting. The best is to not move or change a soil a week after moving. It will accept new climate and conditions during that time.

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