How to Make Moving with Dogs Easier

Leaving your old home and moving to the new one is exciting but also stressful. And not just for you. Your whole family will feel the same way you do, but you know what? Your dogs might feel even worse! Keep in mind that our pets don’t know what’s going on doing during the move and this might stress them out. So, if you have a dog and you’re getting ready for your move, you should follow our tips that will make moving with dogs easier for you, and for your best friend, too.

Find a new veterinarian before the move

One of the first things you should do after you find a new home is to find a veterinarian near your home. You will have to be ready for the worst, so don’t postpone this. Who knows what might happen during the move. Keep in mind that you will need to take your dogs one more time to their old vet. Use this chance to ask a veterinarian for pieces of advice that will make moving with dogs easier. You can also ask whether they have any recommendations for a reliable vet in your new city. This will make the search for a good vet much easier for you.

Stick to your dogs routine

If you want to help your furry friends, you’ll need to stick to their routine. Take them for a walk, play with them and remember to feed them at the same time. Sticking to dogs routine will probably make the move more difficult for you, but it will also calm your pet down. So, it’s for a good cause. Since you’ll be playing with your pet on a moving day, remember to put their toys in a separate moving box. Dogs toys and treats are something you should pack last on your moving day and unpack first.

Two dogs sniffing each other.
You will make moving with dogs easier if you manage to stick to your dog’s routine.

Tire them out in order to make moving with dogs easier

If you want to make moving with dogs easier, here’s what you’ll have to do. Get up early on your moving day. Have breakfast and start playing with your dogs. Play frisbee, hide and seek, use a flirt pole… or come up with a game that will entertain all of you. It is very important to try as hard as you can to tire your pets before the arrival of your movers. Having many strangers inside your home will make your pet nervous, but if your dog is asleep, it won’t get stressed out. Another great thing about this early play is the fact that you’ll be pumped up with energy and ready for the relocation day.

Give them lots of attention and love

When preparing for a move and during the move, you will need to give your dogs lots of attention and love. Its the same as having to entertain your kids during a move so they can handle it. But dogs can’t understand what is going on even though they can feel that something is about to happen. This state of not knowing can make your pets nervous, confused and stressed. So, in order to avoid all of that, you’ll need to be by their side during the whole relocation. Talk to them, pet them. It’s only important to be together.

Man playing with a dog.
On a moving day, you should entertain your dog as much as you can.

Make certain areas off-limits during the move

Even though you love your pet, you should make certain areas off-limits for them during the move. As you already know, your interstate movers Alabama will be coming in and out of your home during the whole day, and this might scare your dogs. There very some situations in which the owner’s dogs ran away during the move so their owners had to look for them instead of dealing with the move. We’re guessing you don’t want to deal with the same situation. In order to avoid it, you should isolate your dogs in a specific room. Pick the one that is the quietest. And don’t forget to leave enough water and food. Check them regularly and everything will be fine.

Or keep them out of your home

If there are no rooms that you could use as a dog room, then you should consider taking your dogs out of your home. This is probably the best solution for keeping your pet calm because they won’t feel the moving stress. Find a pet-sitter and leave your dogs at their house. You can also ask your friends or neighbors to take care of your friend only for a few hours.

Help them adjust to the new home

If you think your job will be done after you move, you’re wrong. Even though you’ve managed to move your dogs without stressing them out, you’ll have one more thing to do. After cross country movers Alaska relocate all your belongings to a new home, you will have to help your dogs adjust easier and faster to the new surroundings. Here’s how to do it:

  • Don’t buy your dog new things right away – adjusting to a new home will be faster if your dogs can smell familiar scents.
  • Be patient – moving is a big change in everyone’s lives. So, if you want to make your dogs move easier and adjust to a new home faster, you’ll have to give them some time for it.
  • Have their favorite treats with you – keep their treats by your side during the whole relocation process. Don’t forget to bring these treats to your new home.
  • Explore together – do it slowly, so your dog doesn’t get nervous about being in an unknown location.
Man and a woman walking their dog.
Explore new neighborhood with your dog. Everything is easier when you do it together!

You’ve probably noticed how every single step for making your pet feel better is easy. Remember to give them lots of love because they deserve it. You will make moving with dogs easier and your dogs will know that they’re safe.

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