What to pack last on moving day

Professional movers suggest which things to pack last on moving day. All those things that people usually tend to forget. Many of them are not aware of the importance to have that bag when the moving starts. You can find that professional movers call these essentials boxes, insinuating of things that could happen during transportation. Many of those things are unplanned but could be resolved with one simple box of items. There are many reasons to have it:

  • If you check your rights and obligations when moving, you will see that there are situations when you are the only one capable to avoid or resolve;
  • It should contain things that you will need for the first 24 hours, including things for the first night in the new house (or a hotel);
  • If you are traveling with the children and pet, you know that they usually ask for their toys or food on long journeys;
  • It is good to have a first aid kit in case of injuries (God forbid);
  • You should also have things to ensure proper hygiene;
  • This is particularly important for people who have chronical problems with their health, their medications are surely things which you should pack last on moving day.


This is surely a very important part of the essentials bag for the moving day. It is not just for those who have health problems or chronical disease. You know how often your kid falls and hurts its knees? It is also worth having for the pets, who are especially gentle when it comes to health.

You can ask your doctor for advice what to pack in your emergency box for traveling.

First aid kit

This package should not include bandages and alcohol only. Although those are things that you should pack last on moving day, there are many other things for that particular bag. It should also have serious helping for every type of situations. If you are traveling with the children, you know that you should have a crème for rash and cleaning tissues. However, keep in mind that even the pet could fall or heart itself. Prepare the special gazes and other tools for disinfection. This kit should also include pain relief pills, like Aspirin.


You may hire our best cross country movers Columbus, for example, but still feel uncomfortable if relocating to another state takes hours. Wherever you travel and no matter how long that travel takes, there are things for hygiene that you should pack last on moving day. After all, we love to be clean during stressful and difficult journeys. You may not be able to find the time and place for a shower during it all. However, there are things that will protect you instead of that.


Well, you know that during traveling you will go to different toilets, in restaurants and gas stations. There will not always be perfect conditions for using the toilet. That is why you always should take a practical bag with you. It includes wet tissues, dry tissues, but also soap and razors. It is good to prepare things for that first night in a new home or hotel.

Trash bags

It maybe sounds unnecessary, but you will need bags for small and big trash. You will maybe have small stops near the road, for eating or walking with the pet. On the other hand, when coming to the new home, there will be a lot of bags, papers, and boxes. For all these situations, trash bags pack come last on moving day among the other things.

After moving, you will need trash bags to throw away the empty boxes.

Small (but also important) things to pack last on moving day

Besides those crucial and lifesaving things that you should pack last, there are a few other small things you should consider. Not only will they help you when it is needed, but they will also make some situations easier. Traveling with the best cross country movers Savannah to any part of US could be stress-free when you are well prepared.

First night bag

Many moving companies’ advice is to have an overnight bag when moving. It is not easy to find pajama or slippers first night after moving. On the other hand, you will maybe be forced to sleep in a hotel first night. This bag should include sleeping attire, toothbrush, slippers etc. Separate those things when packing and pack them last on moving day.

Small tool

We are sure that you have considered using the services of our long distance moving companies South Carolina recommends. They will surely be able to help in packing and unpacking. However, you will need your own tool for opening and removing packages from your stuff. This includes items such as: box cutter, scissors, screwdriver, hammer, and other similar things. Remember to take work gloves, too.

Food and drink

Whatever you travel with kids or pet, you will need food and drink for them during traveling. On the other hand, you will also need coffee or tea for relaxing on pauses. That is why instant coffee and coffee maker you should also pack last on moving day. Besides that, take sweets and food your kids or pet love.

Talking about pets and kids…

You know that they love to have something familiar when traveling. It is also important to pack last when moving things that they love to play with. When they become nervous you can simply give a favorite toy. It will calm them and your traveling will be easier and relaxed. Do not forget a blanket, especially if they have their favorite ones. Kids and pet lover to have something familiar to calm nervousness when traveling.

Pets and kids need special attention when traveling

Take a map with you

If you have chosen one of our long-distance movers Georgia, they will easily find the address you gave to them. However, if you are traveling on your own, separately from the moving company, you will need a map. Before even start with the packing, research the area you travel to. Look for gas stations, rest areas and parks nearby your final destination. The map is surely an important thing that you should pack last on moving day.

Be prepared for your new home – it may not be prepared for you

It means that you will maybe need to take light bulbs, batteries, cables, extension cord and similar things. In case that you go into a dark and empty house, you will be prepared. It is not hard to pack last on moving day those things.

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